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Obama: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is on Cuba


Obama: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is on Cuba

Marjorie Cohn, Art Heitzer

Millions of Americans believe that President Obama has normalized relations with Cuba and ended over 50 years of U.S. efforts to strangle its economy. They might have been puzzled when the United States stood up against every other nation save one, in opposing the UN General Assembly resolution which passed, 191-2, on October 27, 2015. That resolution condemned the continuing U.S. commercial, economic and financial embargo against Cuba. According to the Christian Science Monitor, "when the vote lit up on the screen many diplomats jumped to their feet in a standing ovation." The U.S.


This is a good analysis of the neoliberal strategy that continues to vex Cuba (and many other nations). While it does vary from the ordinance-heavy-handedness of the neocons in the Middle East, the contrast is like the difference between a spotted skunk and a striped skunk.


Obama has never put his money where his is mouth is... from the moment he was sworn in, he has pandered to
corporate interests, the military industrial complex, the Pentagon....the list goes on.
Don't expect him to change his spots now, and do something courageous with his executive power.

Given the hope and public endorsement for change that elected him, what a miserable disappointment this gutless
President has been.


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