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Obama Regrets 'Taking the Joy Out of Teaching and Learning' with Too Much Testing

Obama Regrets 'Taking the Joy Out of Teaching and Learning' with Too Much Testing

Jesse Hagopian

In a stunning turn of events, President Obama announced last weekend that “unnecessary testing” is “consuming too much instructional time” and creating “undue stress for educators and students.” Rarely has a president so thoroughly repudiated such a defining aspect of his own public education policy. In a three-minute video announcing this reversal, Ob


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Obama Regrets ‘Taking the Joy Out of Teaching and Learning’ with Too Much Testing

Crocodile tears duly noted.

… and now he’s going to close all the “charter schools”, re-hire all the teachers fired because their students “underperformed” on standardized tests, re-open all the public schools closed because the students “underperformed”, give back to local school districts the hundreds of millions of dollars wasted, etc, etc ???

… Of course! Right after the war crime trials, and the bank fraud trials, and the end of the War on Terror, and all the troops are out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, and Peace has been negotiated in the Middle East …


My work centers on the BIE releasing its stranglehold on Native American education and helping tribes acquire full sovereignty in education for their children. This would help them shift the focus in their schools from high stakes testing and competing for grants based on test scores, to developing child-centered, culturally appropriate curricula and programs. This needs to happen everywhere in the US, but as sovereign nations, tribes might have the opportunity to actually accomplish this shift and bring us back to the reason we have our children educated in the first place. Turning them into work units ain’t it.


This is about far more than greedy testing corps. What’s left out of this piece is the raison d’être for “education reform”

To align education policy with corporate desires.

They don’t want critical thinkers. They want drones - that is, the students lucky (?) enough to be hired. And they want beaucoup surplus labor to make goddamn certain that folks are too frightened of starving or being homeless to worry about luxuries like worker safety and a just wage.

Please keep that in mind the next time some “liberal” pundit lauds Bill Gates for his “philanthropic bent”.


Obama’s “regrets” are easy to explain.

There is an election coming up next year, and the Democrats need to get back into full-on posturing mode.

Don’t expect any real policy changes, other than the purely cosmetic.


Bill Gates is one of the biggest supporters of routine male infant genital mutilation (aka “circumcision”).

No kidding! I opened it just to see the comments.

Obama “hopes” and “regrets” and bla bla bla while he drones, ruins ed, ruins food, feeds the MIC, cuts Social Security, etc. etc.

As I was reading this article I was struck by how similar the Military Industrial Complex and the Education Industrial Complex are – none of the corporations care what happens to their ‘guinea pigs’ as long as they keep making billions!

I think the technical term you’re looking for here is “racket”.

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