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Obama Rejects Keystone XL: This Is Big.... And Just the Beginning

Obama Rejects Keystone XL: This Is Big.... And Just the Beginning

May Boeve

This is a big win. President Obama’s decision to reject Keystone XL because of its impact on the climate is nothing short of historic -- and sets an important precedent that should send shockwaves through the fossil fuel industry.

Just a few years ago, insiders and experts wrote us off and assured the world Keystone XL would be built by the end of 2011. Together, ranchers, tribal nations, and everyday people beat this project back, reminding the world that Big Oil isn’t invincible--and that organized people can win over organized money.

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Let’s let the people kill the beast. The politicians have not proven their merit, now have they? Drive less, drive smarter, wear sweaters in winter, ceiling fans vs. AC… Progress with acknowledgment of limits–OR ELSE>>>

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This decision is a significant step in steering our energy infrastructure away from oil pipelines and it is an emotional victory for those who have dedicated their time to protesting KXL.

However, the impact that OPEC had in making tar sands oil economically unfeasible can not be discounted when considering the influences behind this decision. While Obama gave the nod to environmental concerns, there is no doubt that once the tar sands oil stopped making dollars the KXL no longer made sense.

All in all, Obama gets a notch on his environmental record, the US citizens avoid an environmental threat to the lands and waters the pipeline would have crossed, and humanity gets the benefit of the tar sands carbon moving into our atmosphere at a slower pace.

Ironically, we likely owe our thanks to an oil cartel.


It is clear that activism via social media and sites like Common Dreams contributed to this rejection of a bad idea. I applaud Obama in this decision. I applaud even louder those who researched and found the facts of KXL, then reacted by posting facts and rejecting rhetoric. Support real science and join me in acting locally to improve globally.


Yeah, I’ll celebrate when Obama now comes clean of the truth of the TPP (and other “free-trade” scams) and calls for defeating that atrocity!

I’ll celebrate when the Canadian tar-sands oil stops running thru the US in other pipelines and endangering our environment air&water - refined here for export elswhere and oil profits elsewhere (or Koch Bros)

It has been the pattern whenever Obama “gives” a token to environmental protection (a subject he is tragically ignorant of and doesn’t really seem to give a shite about) he gifts much more to corporate/banker/financial parasite thieves. I’d like to not be so damn cynical and contemptuous of him but every time I think he will do the right thing for the right reason “this time” he screws us - again! So I have given up on that and just remain contemptuous…


The cons are shting bricks. Ha ha

So, he should have approved Keystone? Or are you just never happy?

I’ll sell them petrol-soaked wipe-ems!


Maybe it’s NEITHER.


One would have to a have pulled a Rip van Winkle and slept through the last three years not to realize Obama isn’t a climate hawk. From improving energy efficiency of vehicles to stimulating growth of renewable energy to regulating carbon emissions of power plants he has proven that he is leading the fight against climate change. He even got China on board. His series of speeches about the threat of climate change make the consequences of inaction crystal clear. Wake up!

superb post, brother maxwell.

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binary thoughts for a binary mind, sadly. the D v R dynamic at play.

Liberalism = Conservatism + Time


OK. Such as?

Okay, logic 101. It could be that Maxwell’s failure to celebrate Obama’s “rejecting” Keystone does not in any way indicate that he is “just never happy”.

This post is spot on and I second the scorn visited on liberals for falling for Obama’s empty gesture. Obama’s betrayal of his followers has all but destroyed the progressive wing of the party because most of them are so charmed by his speeches (ripe with proper sensibility) they fail to notice how he’s taking them to bad places. Barry’s Maxim: Watch what I do, not what I say.
I’m a lifelong leftie, but didn’t learn that in school. It was the abiding rule in the Marines.