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Obama Requests Expanded Military Authorization, Paving Way for 'Another Endless War'


Obama Requests Expanded Military Authorization, Paving Way for 'Another Endless War'

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

President Barack Obama on Wednesday formally asked Congress for expansive authorization of the U.S.-led war on ISIS, including a green-light for open-ended and geographically limitless military operations.

While lawmakers in Washington debate details of the proposed authorization for use of military force (AUMF), analysts point out that meaningful debate about the war itself has been left completely off the table.


There seems to be a very obvious effort to shadow, no hide, the connection between our warring country and the human struggles in our nation and communities. We are destroying, by neglect, our health and home while destroying our international good name by physical, active and callous destruction of other nations and their communities.


Well said…thank you…and I totally agree!


Nothing like ensuring the profits and shoring up the balance sheets of all manufacturers of armaments, drones, ammunition, and all manner of war weaponry that have long-standing contracts with the federal government (Boeing and GE come to mind) by declaring perpetual war to allegedly knock out an ever-expanding, amorphous enemy whether it be ISis, the Taliban, Ukraine separatists, or “terrorist group of the hour.”

"The tail (military industrial complex) is indeed “wagging the dog” (DOD,. Pentagon, and US govt.)

Preventing loss of life, ensuring environmental safety, funding health care for all, funding K-University PUBLIC education, and shoring up social safety nets are obviously not prioritized while Congress (House and Senate with the blessing of the Executive branch) siphon off those funds that would do the most good across the nation and then pour them down the ever-open maws of DoD, State Department, and Homeland Security (a bottomless pit).


This is insane. Only in Video games and very bad sci-fi movies, do people wage ENDLESS war. The very concept itself is pure nightmare fuel. What is going on here?


“What is going on here?”

In a nutshell:



We must defeat the betrayal of silence and speak with the words in our hearts for future generations and call for radical departures from the death and destruction of wars upon wars and the cloak of neglect they throw over all of us.


“Ground troops” or “Boots on the ground” are neccessary to secure oil fields, oil pipelines, refineries and other oil related services. This is why there is no debate about the use of ground troops as the real objectives may come to light. Even though the U.S. could relentlessly bomb the entire country into the stone age, this would do nothing to ensure that the oil remains in the hands of U.S. multinationals. By contrast, when the objective is only the “war through terror”, the U.S. will bomb incessantly as they did in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Millions died in those massive bombing campaigns, but there were no strategic resources that the government was after.
The situtation is different in the Middle East as these are ‘resource wars’ waged with the primary purpose of securing corporate objectives. As for a timeline, it is not an endless campaign, but rather a limited one which will only last until the resources are completely depleted.
Obama must now worry about his future as he is about to lose the only good paying job that he’s ever really had. Obama does not want to die in poverty like some of his predeccessors (Ulysses Grant for one) and instead hopes to make a killing in the private sector ike his pals the Clintons. By slaughtering thousands or perhaps millions of peole now who threaten U.S. oil companies, he can prove to the private sector that he is still beholden to the special interets that elevated him to the presidency in the first place.
The gloves will be off during the final months of his presidency as he must now prove corporate allegiance even after he leaves office. With the MIC, Big Oil and Big Agriculture behind him, he is building a nest egg for his post political career.


Uh…Nobel Committee? Could you perhaps remind the President that he was awarded the Peace Prize and should keep that in mind? Failing that, could you give his Nobel to someone who is genuinely promiting world peace?


Interesting Comments ‘Community Guidelines’ here: ‘criticize ideas, not people’. How so?
It is exactly ‘People’, and their (Im)morality that so needs criticism, not their ideas. Ideas may imply anything. Idea Proposers often do not even believe in, or follow through with, their own ‘Ideas’. How about ‘Change you can believe in’? Now , there’s an ‘Idea’ for you!
It is People acting maliciously, selfishly, disingenuously, Violently, that are the core of most of the World’s problems; far more so than the ideas they offer from their Lying Mouths . And these People desperately need both, exposure and criticism


Have you loyal Democrats had enough "hope’ and ‘change’ yet? Ready to face the fact that you have been in error to vote for the Democrats believing that they are the lesser of the two corporate evils? Ready to admit you made a serious error by voting for a continuation and escalation of all the evils of the Bush family? We must never again vote for either a Democrat or a Republican. There are other candidates on the ballot. Look around your district and find a good person that has morals and ethics and get that person to run to replace the greedy creature that claims to be your ‘Representative’ when, in truth that person votes as directed by the extremely wealthy and doesn’t give any attention to what you want or what you say. You want this endles war? I don’t either—but we are going to pay for it and our children will pay too and hopefully they don’t come home from the war in a plastic bag.


Sounds like it will be limited to just 80 years then. What a relief!


Every nation that has been destroyed since 9-11 (Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya) owned its own central bank and controlled its own currency. There are only a few such nations left (Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Somalia, etc.) and they are in the cross hairs. What Obama is asking for is massive funding to bomb any country where the international banking cartel (which owns the U.S., NATO, and Israel) chooses to take down the government. This will be done by stationing ISIS or Al Qaeda (both of which were trained by the CIA and remained controlled by the CIA, with no problem recruiting rabid Islamo-fascists that U.S. military aggression has induced) wherever an excuse is needed, such as Syria.


Obama shames the Nobel Prize by his actions. He never earned it in the first place and his acceptance speech was actually militaristic in tone. Look at this appalling decision, people. This is the REAL Barack Obama.


Your comment is very important to help understand why the U.S. continually states that it has “national interests” in this area of the world. Obama reveals himself, along with his ardent support for the TPP, as an imperialist and a corporatist. “Hope and Change” lies in ruins thanks to his shameless hypocrisy.


“Guns or butter.” Eisenhower regarding the industrial military complex.

I’d say…roads, bridges, health care, education, etc. instead of guns and wars.


And a policy of no negotiations for hostages… no ransom or trade for an American Angel. Message: USA does not value American lives? But instead, inflames the media and uses the life and death as reason to escalate more aggression. What is the cost of saving a life? Trivial compared to the expense of waging new war and the mortal wounds to the soul of our nation. Evil policy.


Monetary warfare enforced by military wars seems to make sense-don’t forget the Euro and the Ruble. Who are the international banking cartel?


War has existed in men and all other animals and plants since life began. Ending war would separate humans from the beasts. But are we meant to be separate?


Yes, unfortunately Obama is just another owned and operated politician, just a pawn in the red and blue charade, which keeps folks from focusing on the root cause of global dysfunction: private control over money creation. Until we take back control over money creation, which was unconstitutionally usurped in December, 1913, with only three Senators present on an evening during Christmas recess, nothing will ever change, and we will remain serfs to the banking cartel. See coloradopublicbanking.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-view-from-top-of-power-pyramid.html