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Obama’s Approval of Arctic Oil Drilling is a Bitter Betrayal


Obama’s Approval of Arctic Oil Drilling is a Bitter Betrayal

Miyoko Sakashita

The news came swift and sudden, though not unexpected: The Obama administration had approved Shell’s permits to drill for oil in the Arctic this summer.

It came like a punch in the gut. How could he?


This is the problem I have with single issue politics, even if that single issue is planetary in scope. Anyone who has even casually followed Obama’s reign of error has known for a long time where his allegiances are.

They’re going to keep doing this until you stop them.


Every Democrat, sooner or later, stands revealed as a Lieberman or a Hillary.

In 2011, when Obama bombed Libya, that was when any doubt I had vanished, that was the moment I realized that giving money and pounding the pavement for any Democrat was strictly a sucker move. Obama, with his elegance, and status as a member of an oppressed minority, had played me for a chump.

The Democratic Party is a vast, insidious machine which takes good intentions, grounds them into powder, then forges them into bullets or barbed wire.

Given the chance, Sanders will betray us just as surely as BHO.


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Until YOU stop them? What is it that separates YOU from the human race?


The guy was a nobody a decade ago… so this idea of Obama’s list of betrayals going back decades is a hyperbole.

And to turn the betrayal of a politician who FEIGNED concern for this issue with the usual “completely dumbed down citizenry,” is a means of placing blame on those who haven’t the power to alter the calculus… and by that I mean, a very specific set of policies being imposed by banking and corporate and military-govt. powers. (Think: TPP)

The routine and deliberate nature of always turning every issue into this same false indictment is why I assert that individuals posting here follow the SAME agenda… as in trolls.


This is politics AS team sport made to make Democrats, in particular, look like the party that betrays.

A far more honest and informed analysis would say that given the nature of politics today–and by that I mean the phenomenal costs required to mount a successful election since campaigns that reach a lot of persons require lots of face time in mainstream media and that costs a bundle of money–is by its very nature, sold-out.

In order to access vast sums two things are generally required: 1. The individual comes from big money and thus identifies with the interests of the 1%. 2. The individual must convince those with lots of $ that if they write him or her big checks, they will get more than their money’s worth in the form of future policies, bills, and “law” making endeavors.

To draw from this tainted mix the idea that Democrats, in particular, sell-out; and to take the systemic flaws and insist that as a result, Bernie Sanders is a sell-out suggests prejudice. For one thing, there are mavericks, anomalies, and permutations to EVERY system. No one is saying that Mr. Sanders is perfect on every issue, but at least he’s emphasizing some of the greater issues of our times.

Those who think they are going to get a socialist hero at this particular point in time are dreaming. The events taking place in Greece show that Big Money (i.e. the Central-European banks) hold politicians’ hands…tied!

Until such time that society is not fueled by Big Oil and Big Capital, any leader from any party must conform to some of the existing logistics.

Those who have always occupied these threads (and others) while taking aim at Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, Dennis Kucinich, Amy Goodman, and so many others… now take aim at Sanders.

Their logic is three-fold:

  1. Insist that the person working hardest to improve some critical component of society (or our world) is a sell-out
  2. Insist that the people are sheep who could care less (regardless of all the evidence of all the thousands committed to a wide-array of causes)
  3. Use 1 & 2 as pretext to demanding that people FIGHT back

This is no different from the lesson that can be drawn from the infiltration of PETA: those who scream the loudest for using force to FIGHT back typically work FOR the system. They want to create a pretext for arresting anyone who might take their “fight back” strategy to heart.

How many so-called Terrorist plots were cooked up by the FBI?

How many so-called home-grown assassins have been stopped by all the surveillance?

Heck, there’s nary a week that goes by that some lone nut doesn’t take aim at people inside a post office, movie theater, military base, church, or school!


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Nice comment on Holygeezer’s observations SR. You are in a particularly foul mood today, are you not. Give it a rest.


Your comment is considerably more pertinent than the authors’.


I’ve absolutely no idea who E V Debs is but that quote rings loud and clear.


Three million green jobs. Forty acres and a mule.


Hi SR. How’s the weather at Langely today?


It came like a punch in the gut. How could he?

…wrote Sakashita, apparently asleep since 2009.


What did Obama’s supporters/voters really and truly expect from him?


The mass murderer in chief, the Planet destroyer, the corporate puppet, has betrayed all, since his election as chief executioner! Is he as evil as never-elected bush/cheney? All should be tried for terrorist acts against humanity, and the planet. Yet, time is running our to save Mother Earth from evil greed; and obomber’s continued destruction must take center stage!


Seems the slide into the abyss for the imperialist amerikan empire must continue. The masses still back the sorry offerings like war criminals obomber, killary, or ugh repubs…Viva La Revolucion!



I guess we share a name {I’m johnm). I understand your ignorance of E.V. Debs. I was born in 1932, and I was oblivious to any knowledge of Debs until I was over 50 yrs. old! I attribute blame for that on suppression by the the msm (main stream media) of any mention of the history of Socialism in the USA. If I didn’t accidentally stumble upon that history I’d still be ignorant. Luckily I’ve survived long enough to make such stumbles. As long as one is alive one can participate in “live and learn”.

I grew up admiring Woodrow Wilson for his role in establishing the League of Nations. That admiration was greatly diluted when I found out that he made a political prisoner of Debs. Wilson had established a sedition law in regard to WWI. Debs broke that law by publicly speaking his mind on opposing US participation in that war. He was imprisoned by Wilson, and later pardoned by Wilson’s successor (Warren Harding). Debs got over a million votes when he ran as the 1920 Socialist candidate for US president while still in prison.

Common Dreams won’t allow me to put links here. Just go to Wikipedia and search for Eugene Victor Debs. Also History of the Socialist Movement in the USA. I’m sure Google could supply even more info.


Money talks, Obama listens.


JJ: Your continued absolute clarity and accurate perception gives me hope that sometime
and somehow, we may be able to fight our way out of this conundrum. It has to happen and
heads have to roll. That is our human way.