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Obama’s ‘Biggest Mistake’ Is Still Wreaking Havoc

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/03/obamas-biggest-mistake-still-wreaking-havoc

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Obama – a real POS. (That goes for Samantha Power and Susan Rice, too.) I wonder whether we will ever learn what, if any, his mother’s and his links to the CIA were?

Thank you again, Stephen Kinzer. Obama was a “constitutional law professor” who did more damage to the Constitution than any president except Dick Cheney (“W”).


Let’s call the destruction of the most-prosperous nation in Africa what it is: an outrageous Neocon war crime.

And let’s call Obama, Clinton and their enablers what they are: war criminals, murderers, psychopaths, and some of the worst humans on the face of the earth.


Obama was a Rhodes Scholar. He was groomed by the Global Elite to be a “player”. Turns out, he played very well…


It wasn’t a mistake, it was a war crime! Perhaps the most undeserved accolade ever was the Nobel given that POS! A great talker with forked-tongue but a moral zero!

Hillary, his SOS’s scum comment and evil cackle at the ugly murder of Qaddafi will forever be remembered - rotten feckless cow!


Hi Emphyrio:
Yes. Hillary Clinton is an inhuman harpie. Who can ever forget her message of,
'We came , we saw he died."
But I think people in the news overlooked that other thing that got him killed. He wanted to work wth other African nations in an independent banking system with gold as his base—and of course, GOLD would trump Americas paper money------and that was his true crime. America’s empty stores of gold would have been ruinous to so much of the US government.And so, America made a mess of not just its own nation, but of so many others too. :frowning:


Exactly so stardust! I really loath that woman - and her husband. Clearly millions of others did as well as trump was able to win the presidency and screw us all royally!
There are often other things of an economic/financial/monetary nature behind some of the worst atrocities.
We should go back to a gold/silver standard/based currency instead of the paper rubbish they can just print at will as now backed by empty air. Peace.


My fear is that if biden is elected he will make susan rice his secretary of state (or some such position in the state dept.), because I have no doubt she will continue to poke at the bees nest that is the Middle East (and probably elsewhere). It’s as if they WANT to create more terrorists so they can then justify all their ridiculous military budgets and having to have some 800 military bases all over the world, even in countries that don’t want them there.


Which is why the US and Hilary in particular despise Julian Assange so much.

Wikileaks released emails that clearly showed the attack on Libya was about ensuring the Dinar never got off the ground and that foreign Multinationals could gain control of Libyan oil. Any that made this suggestion prior were dismissed as “Tinfoil hat Conspiracy theorists” . After that dump by wikileaks all of this was confirmed.


When I read the title, I thought this piece was going to be about Obama’s Drone Slaughter program, or his use of computer algorithms to massacre of crowds of unknown people, or his keeping Guantanamo Open and his backing the use of brutal torture to stop hunger strikes, or his use of government power to shovel loads of money to the wealthy few in order to ‘Save’ capitalism. He’s responsible for a lot of “mistakes”.


The Obama quote that most clearly defines the Nobel Prize winner’s foreign policy:

“Turns out I’m really good at killing people…Didn’t know that was gonna be a strong suit of mine.”


AND Obama is still the De-porter in Chief too…The Orange One has some catching up to do on that one to beat Obama’s record…


I am not knowledgeable on the laws of war which is already quite disturbing enough whether or not a particular action fits definition of a war crime meaning it can theoretically be prosecuted by some court outside the US. But the choice of the word mistake for the headline was likely not Kinzer’s (as we all know about headlines) but was plucked by an editor from his last paragraph:

Obama has described his failure to anticipate the after-effects of bombing Libya as his “biggest mistake.” Many people in North Africa would agree.


Clearly, endless war is the driving force behind our foreign relations efforts. Money made on the war machine is what remains of the skills we still do well. In fomenting and committing death and suffering, we are unparalleled.

Good at ordering others to kill for him is more like it. Pencil-necked geek couldn’t kill anyone man-to-man.

A really sad part of the campaign against Libya was on the French side as they spearheaded the attack. Polls in France at the time found support for the bombing at about 66% - with almost identical support coming from people aligned with the left-wing and right wing parties
The left was solidly against the invasion in other Western countries - but I guess the infectious paternalism of colonial powers doesn’t end easily.


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It’s worth noting that your link points out that the 66% of French people surveyed supported the bombing of Libya AFTER it had begun.

Prior to the actual attacks, only 36% “of [French] people surveyed backed a military intervention of the United Nations in Libya.”

I must also note that there’s a minority of leftie commenters here who supported our contribution to regime change as the Syrian Civil War unfolded, making the same mistake as Susan Rice, Samatha Powers, Hillary, et al: Leaving a power vacuum that is worse than the ousted dictatorship. That seems to be the US SOP far too often – remove a bad guy and then act surprised when chaos ensues.


Kinzer only wrote the Western opinion of Libya under Gadhafi.

The country had one of the highest standards of living in Africa.
The first thing Gadhafi did way back in the 70’s was pass an equal work for equal pay act.
His government subsidized or provided free services (health, education, housing, and basic foodstuffs) ensuring basic necessities. A very low percentage of people were without access to safe water, health services, sanitation, with a relatively high life expectancy.

He was a Pan African, working to develop a bank to get African nations out from under debt peonage to US controlled World Bank and IMF.

Now there are open air slave markets for the first time in over 400 years!
Thank you Obama and Clinton.


Yep - it seems they wanted French bombers over UN bombers. The French dominated the arial bombardment part of the invasion as far as manned aircraft - while the US dominated the drone side of things. US politicians are less likely to get our own people in a fight - they prefer robotic killing and economic dominance as tools of aggression.

Or maybe they didn’t want any intervention at all.

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