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Obama’s Bulwark against Torture: Will It Stop Trump?

Obama’s Bulwark against Torture: Will It Stop Trump?

Steven Barela

Just after President Trump’s Inauguration, a draft of an executive order was leaked which indicated his intent to seek a formal review on whether to resume ill-treatment.

* One of whom was John Yoo, IIRC, who is STILL Teaching Law at U.C. Berkeley!!  Teaching LAW of all things, instead of serving time in prison along with fellow War Criminals Cheney, Rove & Rumsfeld.

But not to worry – Yoo will probably be Tweetle-Dumb’s next nominee to the SCOTUS when Ginsberg retires.

And was the ‘unauthorized leaker’ protected by whistle-blower laws?  More likely prosecuted by the O’Bummer administration rather than honored as the hero that he or she is!!

        Uncle Sam wants YOO
           To Serve Hard Time
        Nearest Federal Prison

  — James Montgomery Flagg


I am just an ordinary human, but I don’t need a government commission to tell me that torture is immoral. As far as the law goes, despite the sophistry of Yoo and Gonzalez and others, we had the moral high ground with the Nuremberg trials. And 18USC2441 deals with it, and was in effect when Bush violated it, and when Obama refused to enforce it.

Gunslinger Barack with his drones is no moral paragon. His response to the torture issue could have been worse, but not by much.