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Obama’s Credibility Crisis


Obama’s Credibility Crisis

Robert Parry

Like the old story of the little boy who cried wolf, the U.S. government is finding out that – just when its credibility is most needed – it doesn’t have any. With all its “soft power” schemes of “perception management,” funding “citizen bloggers” and sticking with “narratives” long after they’ve been discredited, the U.S. government is losing the propaganda battle against ISIS.


Truth telling is anathema to winning and serving as president.


If this:

"Truth telling is anathema to winning and serving as president."

is true (and it seems like it is.), there's something about our whole system that
breeds for this kind of thing, and it has to be changed. Changing society as a whole is the only way to go. I've said this in another thread, but it bears repeating.


Parry closes with:

"But it’s become painfully obvious that Obama does not have it in him to give that speech or take such actions. It would require defying Official Washington’s neocon-dominated insider community and “allies,” such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel. To appease those forces, he will continue to play word games and to spin propaganda narratives. He is too much of an elitist to inform and empower the American people.

"Thus, the Obama administration’s credibility gap won’t be closed. Indeed, it will widen into a chasm, with Official Washington sitting on one side and the vast majority of humanity on the other. The undeserving winners will include the terrorists of ISIS and Al Qaeda. There will be many losers who deserve better."

Parry - whose reporting and analysis stands out like a beacon in the dark swamp of US media - has been dragged kicking and screaming, and it's taken years, but he seems finally to be losing the last vestiges of his illusions about Obama.


"From this experience, many Americans see “guv-mint” to blame for their plight, enticing them down the right-wing path that seeks to negate government power. What these Americans don’t grasp is that this Tea Party ideology is further selling them out to the corporatists and the speculators who will be put in an ever stronger position to gouge what’s left of the Middle Class."

The sentiment related above is prominently displayed in this forum's message threads only it purports to come from the Left and attacks the likes of Clinton-era triangulation specialists AS IF they represented genuine Progressive-Left positions.

It's right wing infiltration by stealth.


"Though that “false flag” scenario became increasingly likely – as the case against Assad’s forces essentially collapsed – Obama and his administration have never corrected the record. They just left what now appears to be a false narrative on the record, so it can still be cited by neocon opinion leaders or “human rights” advocates and thus be used to mislead the American public."

The State Department in cahoots with Pentagon top brass (and the weapons firms they court in order to make use of the revolving door to enter said firms after their "tours of duty" are completed) runs the foreign affairs course. Leaders lie in order to present cover for already planned imperial operations.

The State Department Allen Dulles loyalists never forgave JFK for not providing "back-up" in the form of an all-out invasion of Cuba during the "Bay of Pigs."

Many intelligent people recognize 911 for the false flag that it was. False flags are the coin of the realm to those who have arrogated licenses to kill... to themselves.

Those who WANT war have no respect for life, liberty, truth, or the rule of law. Their mistakes are now so apparent to so many that their lies ARE transparent. Still, without a legally binding institution that can hold these powers to account, the public's knowledge does not in and of itself translate into remedial action.


"To say that such a division is not healthy for a democratic Republic is to state the obvious. Indeed, a democratic Republic cannot long survive if government officials insist on managing the people’s perceptions through propaganda and disinformation. Nor can it long survive if a significant part of the population believes the craziest of conspiracy theories."

Mr. Parry's attempt at dividing the nation into 3 camps is laudable if only for its deviance from the one size fits all frame typically trafficked under the heading of "we."

I would argue that more dangerous to any operating Republic is popularly-embraced religious delusions that do all of the following:

  1. Argue that religious freedom means telling others how they MUST live (and believe)
  2. Embrace, as the purported will of God, the right to murder others under the banner of Holy War
  3. Argue that the nation is a Christian Theocracy
  4. Use #3 to eviscerate public education and in its place institute Christian schools
  5. Argue against Evolution
  6. Argue against the obvious signs of global warming/chaos when the FACTS are washing up all over

I am going to repost this EXCELLENT discourse by Chris Hedges on this subject. I notice that apart from the reflex to make gender invisible in all discussions, particularly those that touch on the disproportionate representation held by males (usually white males) in ALL decision-making bodies; next in line is remaining mum on the dangers of this nation being fully taken over by those so deluded by their version of muscular Christianity that they are willing to consign us all to Armageddon to fulfill their "faith."

Here it is:


Naivete, thy name is Robert Parry.

C'mon, Mr. Parry... these types of lies and false flag operations go WAY back.

If Obama were to "level with the American people" about this Deep State habit for deception, surely he'd have to bring up the post W.W. II plans to begin a Cold War that demonized Russia--the ally that enabled the "allies" to defeat the Nazis--and use the premise of "fighting Communism" to knock every writer/intellectual/activist who promoted benefits for all persons and genuine justice for all... OUT of the ballpark. (The book is: "The Devil's Chessboard" by David Talbot.)

How about the Nazi infusion that took place via Project Paperclip?

How 'bout that thar Gulf of Tonkin incident?

How about the cabal that killed JFK? RFK? Malcolm X... and how many inconvenient 3rd world leaders?

Reading the book on all the damage that can be traced to Allen Dulles in particular, and recognizing the climate that he and J. Edgar Hoover not only set up, but essentially ENTRENCHED into the State Dept., FBI, and CIA... it's obvious that their dark acts, planted in fertile soil and long-watered... continue to recapitulate yet more dark acts.

This black hole goes a lot deeper than Obama talking about Assad and the origin of the Sarin gas.

This only scratches the surface. The old European empires require resources and are looking for pretexts to take back their former "colonies." In addition, there are millions of Fundamentalist Christians who believe that a Holy War is not only imminent, but necessary. Quite a few citizens of Western nations support these felonious wars of aggression:

"But it’s become painfully obvious that Obama does not have it in him to give that speech or take such actions. It would require defying Official Washington’s neocon-dominated insider community and “allies,” such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel. To appease those forces, he will continue to play word games and to spin propaganda narratives. He is too much of an elitist to inform and empower the American people."


What a way (for an empire) to go.
Obama, whose perception management has reached down to the middle school level.
Hillary, the butcher of Libya and enabler of the Honduran dictator, running for president.
John McCain, who wants to slaughter one more batch of brown people before full blown dementia sends him to the nursing home.
And the death stroke of mercy, El Donito Loco gaining among voters.



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So very true, Siouxrose1, well stated. I must admit I wait for your response because you're much better at it. Thanks.


Thanks UnclePo, my sense is that an American Mussolini is about to be "elected." Karl Rove must be very pleased.


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The problem in a nutshell is the US has been playing a double game - on the one hand backing ISIS (along with Turkey, Israel, Saudis, Qatar), on the other hand pretending to fight it, and lying to make up the difference.

It's that simple.


Reading the comments on this perceptive article you realize the liars that Parry points to have a far more cohesive belief system and policy outlook than the opposition. Put the opposition in the same room and they would soon be at each others throats. Point, the same cohesion and energy that drives the powerful elites is lacking in the opposition. Nothing will happen until that changes.


Not really. He's finally where I was in late 2008- that Obama is too incompetent and weak to do what he really wants to. By 2009 I had realized the truth- Obama is doing exactly what he wants to.

Maybe Parry will finally wake up to that some years after Obama is reaping the awards of his presidency like the Clintons have been doing with Bill's.


Isn't saying that Obama or the US military has a credibility problem a bit like saying that an alcoholic has a falling-down problem?


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Okay, but here's another point: Many, if not most of the American people don't mind being lied to; inotherwords, they don't want to hear the truth, if one gets the drift.


Parry has hardly lost the last vestiges of his naivete regarding Obama. This is a very typical piece, not only for him: point out a long list of discrepancies between official foreign policy objectives and the outcome, and then claim that Bush or Obama "won't admit their policy is failing." Seems to me it's the likes of Parry who won't admit that it possible for a sociopath to be President (indeed there hasn't been a non-sociopath in office since Carter)--note that sociopaths lie constantly--and come to the obvious conclusion, which is that the results achieved are in pretty good accord with the actual aims and that's why they don't change course. What if the aim is to devastate any country whose leaders don't take orders from Washington? And to keep a steady flow of little wars going to benefit the MIC? And to prevent the appearance of democracy in the Middle East, which could threaten oil supplies and Israel's hegemony? And to spur jihadi groups to occasional acts of terrorism in industrial counties that can be used to erode civil liberties and the threat of domestic rebellion? The refusal to countenance such obvious possibilities is like the refusal to notice the pattern in which the conservative party wins an election when polls--including exit polls--showed a different result, and the voting is done electronically. The obvious explanation will not be mentioned even in alternative press. Parry refers here to those who believe "crazy" conspiracy theories. Once again, a guy in a cave in Afghanistan, on dialysis, can organize a major strike in the US but it's unrealistic to believe that US officials who benefited hugely from it could have done it; the strike in Paris which resulted in exactly the same immediate changes in France, and an excuse to allow only polluters and not activists to speak at COP-21 which has been hooplahed to be THE last chance for a real treaty, well the timing and location was of course coincidental, and the fact that it helps Saudi Arabia, big oil and gas and coal companies, etc, well they just got lucky.