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Obama’s Curious UN Farewell Address


Obama’s Curious UN Farewell Address

Joe Lauria

The Barack Obama of 2008 reemerged at the United Nations on Tuesday, bookending his presidency with an uplifting address somewhat critical of American power and calling for an end to economic inequality at home and abroad.


(with apologies to Jesse Jackson Sr.) Barack Obama's UN speech:
"When there is too little time left to actually do anything, what time is it? It's legacy time!
When it's too late for anyone to impeach you or have you tried for war crimes, what time is it? It's legacy time!
When it's time to redeem all the chits owed you by war profiteering 'defense' contractors and Wall Street bankers, what time is it? It's legacy time, it's legacy time. it's legacy time!!!"


So--what--are we supposed to feel better that this schluck waited until it was safe to develop a conscience? Which basically indicates he never had one and doesn't now.


Pity that Obama didn't listen to Obama.


Let us also not forget the "damage control" aspect of this speech, four days after the act of war committed by US-led fighter jets massacring Syrian soldiers and letting ISIS regain a strategic stronghold. Legacy time indeed.


The history book is starting to close on O'Bomber. And the record will show he's just another War Criminal posing has a Nobel Peace Prize winner. I am waiting for President Putins speech
coming in the next few days at the UN. I hope Putin lambast the US military and President O'Bomber. For there illegal occupation of Syria and the planned attack on the Syria army that murdered almost 100 Syrian soldiers and left over a hundred wounded. President Putin is a real world leader. O'Bomber is just a puppet.


This new Obama is wishful thinking for what he thinks he should be but isn't.
Who's this for? For his daughters to not hate him when they realize what he is? To clear his conscience, they always do that when they are out or leaving?
Is he trying to rewrite history for his legacy?
This man has been one of the worst presidents we've had to suffer under. Not only is he just like the rest of the Neoliberals, but he knows what a good president would do, it's just not him.
I've become so sick of his high minded soaring speeches right before, or to cover for, some horrible atrocity he knows we know about. He's worse because he tries so hard to appear good when he's as corrupt as the lot of them.
There's a special place in hell for him.


Pity that O"bomber didn't listen to Obama


My favorite example of chutzpah reeking hypocrisy was when he used the occasion of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize to announce the expansion of the war in Afghanistan. I guess the Scandinavians are too polite to boo him off the stage during his lecture and rescind the Peace Prize award.


First four paragraphs of the section, Surreal Tone, are what I'll remember of the Obama administration.

From Inauguration Day in 2009, there was always a scripted collusion with Republicans, with the appearance of a competition. His namesake project, Obamacare, is a Republican plan --thanks, Newt!-- that Democrats unanimously delivered to us.

Oh, and thanks for closing Guantanamo Prison, as you promised.


High quality demagogy, brought to you
by Lesser Evilism!©


I stand in awe of this master course in dissemblance.

Regulars here know my schtick - pluck a quoted line of propaganda and rebut or interpret it in some fashion. But unpacking just the snippets provided in this excerpt would be akin to cleaning the Augean stables.

As I read Obama's quotes here and contemplated replies, it felt like trying to grasp the grand finale of an active fireworks show.


I trust Mr Obama will be awarded another Nobel Peace Prize for his speech. He has said much nicer things than Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger who both won a Nobel Peace Prize, so Obama should be given two of them.


Excellent post, Buster. I agree with every word of it.


The most complete and eloquent summation of Obomber's
8 years that I have read and I have read a helluva lot about the man
and his war crimes and crimes against humanity and utter failure of his
domestic policies or lack of policy. He is a Reaganite, pure and simple,
just as the Queen of Chaos is a Goldrwater girl. Where do we
get these psychopaths? Is this how democracy works?


The real question is why do we elect them when we have repeatedly had much better choices ...


A little reality check:


Certainly an indication that, regardless of what individual is in the role of president, others write the script and no deviating is permissible until it no longer matters.


It's like Nader said before O'B's first election. People don't wait until they are in power to fight the power. A person who fights the powers that be has been doing it all along.