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Obama’s Drone War is a Shameful Part of His Legacy


Obama’s Drone War is a Shameful Part of His Legacy

James Downie

Father Daniel Berrigan died Saturday at 94. The longtime peace activist gained national attention in 1968 when he and eight others, including his brother Philip (also a priest), burned draft records taken from a Selective Service office in Maryland. Decades later, he remains a powerful example of a man who never wavered in his beliefs, standing up time and again for the poor and oppressed.


The Drone-Wars may be described as a "shameful part of Obama's legacy", I might call them despicable war crimes. I find little in his record that can escape the "shameful" label or be described as laudable. Many "parts" can rightly be called a sell-out, pathetic, ignorant, wasteful - all in all a "legacy" of abject failure, collusion, complicity, and capitulation - a person running on "progressive" issues immediately sells out all progressives in favor of corporate, banker, big-pharma, big-insurance, environmental exploitation/pollutions and MICC waste! What a waste!



is very true, Emphyrio. That's also one of the reasons that I didn't display a lot of enthusiasm when he paid a visit to Flint, MI, which really smacked of hypocrisy, considering all the stupid, irresponsible things that Obama has done since he took office back in January of 2009.


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These writers make their case against Obama (and Hillary, other sociopaths) for war crimes, creating more enemies than it is killing, expanding civilian deaths, and then as the end gives them an out. I do not believe he thought this was a better way to conduct war, he's not that type of human. You must have a moral compass, a strict code of conduct regarding human life and he possesses neither. Everyone seems to forget he created that Kill List easily enough. If I possessed a kill list, I would be put away but he's playing golf, drinking non-toxic water, attending roasts, being the celebrity he has become. Using drones has nothing to do with saving lives (ours), fighting terrorism or terrorists (over half the time no one seems to know who the target is/was, and lies about the damage and how many were killed). This is all about hefty paydays for the arms merchants--The manufacturers and the sellers. In my imagination Obama gets a bonus for every strike (good, bad, indifferent) that occurs. Bush 2 took criminal conduct, war crimes to a whole new level. Obama took it farther. Guess what? Hillary will do the same since it seems her drive is to set the whole world on fire as a result of her massive inferiority complex (I need to please daddy!) and her obsession for power and wealth. Sorry. Obama is a war criminal. So is Hillary. Both (and their posse allies) need to be prosecuted and put away in any of those Super Max prisons they support and are so proud of. The US has become the prisoner capital of the world and man are they proud of it.


" In a 2014 court filing, the government admitted that 469,000 people had been nominated in 2013 for inclusion in an additional government database of " known or suspected terrorists."

"Only 4,900 were rejected."

I would like to know who in the hell the fascists are that gets to make these decisions? According to those figures, there is some 464,100 known or suspected terrorists left on that list! That is an awful lot of known or suspected terrorists!

The irony is that the fascists that make up these arbitrary and capricious decisions, of who are known or suspected terrorists are the biggest terrorists of all!