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Obama’s Endorsement of Trudeau Highlights Class Unity of the 1 Percent

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/18/obamas-endorsement-trudeau-highlights-class-unity-1-percent

The NDP struggled coming out of the gate this election cycle but Singh has been impressive and seems to have turned things around.

I expect a minority Government with the Conservatives having a very slight edge in seats. The Conservatives will not garner NDP or Green support in order to form a Government so will try and ally with the Bloq Quebecois.

Now these two parties have nothing in common and these two parties allying will tick supporters of either party off.

“If Barack Obama truly cared about endorsing…”

How about all US politicians just keep their mouths shut when it comes to other countries elections, and allow that countries citizens to decide who they want to govern them, instead of who we want to govern them.


Here Ahuja seems to be coming around to something that he does not completely gather.

He seems to mostly appreciate the observations that he himself gathers before us, though he misses the point that Obamacare was not a provision of healthcare but a baited gambit to protect the insurance and pharmaceuticals industries. Yet somehow he imagines that Obama would not endorse his colleagues, but instead endorse someone with some measure of leftist or populist tendencies.

Is it possible that it is only because of Barack Obama’s race that Siddak Ahuja still holds out such hopes for him despite the record, which he clearly knows fairly well?

Maybe it is time to acknowledge that putting an individual of one or another traditionally oppressed demographic in an office of an oppressive hierarchy does not in itself flatten or reduce that hierarchy.

Obama would be better off keeping out of Canadian politics, but the point about the right-wing threat there is serious as the right wing has already made big gains in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec. The center-right is united but the center-left is divided 3 ways in a winner-take-all system, bad news.
And the post is wrong about Obama’s record as he did a lot to help the environment, labor and reproductive rights, and even on foreign policy improved relations with Cuba, made the agreement with Iran, and largely stayed out of Syria despite serious pushback on all 3.
The post is also wrong about the 1%, they mostly hated Obama and tried to do him in from Day 1. They are also far from united, divided over Trump, Brexit, Iran, climate, gay rights, immigration…

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Ah, to be young and idealistic again! If it ain’t 100% perfect, goes the sentiment, then we’ll take our votes (endorsement, goodwill, high fives or whatever benefit would have been forthcoming) and go home.

According to this mindset, for Obama to endorse Trudeau can only mean one thing: they’re part of an international cabal of the one percent (how much is Bernie Sanders worth, again?) and Trudeau’s lifting out of poverty of 300,000 children is just slight of hand to distract us from…? What? Helping Hillary at the pizza parlour?

I dunno, is it possible that Obama holds progressive views, Justin holds progressive views, they’re great friends and Barack truly believes he’s the best choice right now? What’s he supposed to do? Endorse everyone so they won’t be hurt, like a mom buying all the kids the same toy at Christmas to forestall disappointment?

Jagmeet Singh, a political novice, appears to be a man of great integrity and demonstrated real leadership and finesse throughout his campaign, especially the way he handed Blackface-gate.

However, the idea of Barack Obama endorsing Jagmeet made me choke on my maple-glazed donut. It would be like Barack Obama endorsing Marianne Williamson for President, or doing a commercial for the Segway: utterly bizarre, a pity endorsement. The New Democrats have never held power federally. Ever. Not in my entire lifetime. And Jagmeet Singh is a promising progressive voice, but with almost no experience. Normally, we endorse a product that we’ve used and that we know works. Kind of thing?

Canadians definitely know how our dysfunctional first-past-the-post electoral system works, i.e. almost in complete contradiction to the will of the actual majority, but, in Ontario, after a year enduring the awful embarrassment of Conservative premier Doug Ford, we weren’t about to let Andrew Scheer anywhere near the driver’s seat. We voted strategically, holding our nose about the blackface pictures, for the Liberal Party. This past election was, for Canadians, desperately important. We had endured the Harper years, like your Trump years currently, just quieter, and we needed to send a message about keeping our progressive image and values. We barely succeeded.

I’m also sorry to see that you’ve bought the Conservative baloney about SNC-Lavalin, in which the Ethics Commissioner misinterpreted his own legislation to the extent that, were his interpretation followed to its logical conclusion, every tax break and every other incentive to any corporation would have to be judged a breach of ethics.

The legislation allowing remediation was tabled by the CONSERVATIVES. The execs at SNC had already done their time, there was nothing to be gained by litigation except the probable loss of 9,000 jobs. That was what Trudeau was “pressuring” the AG about. I’m as feminist as it’s possible for a guy to be, and I’ll happily state that Jody Wilson-Raybould was incompetent and not up to the pressures of her appointment. If anything, Trudeau erred on the side of over-confidence in appointing her.

I’m just as disappointed in Trudeau’s broken promises as anyone, but to utterly discount his very significant achievements looks to me like you want to paint that black and white picture which you claim this shouldn’t be. Everyone who fails to keep a promise isn’t part of a sinister cabal or just pretending to be progressive. World leaders have to juggle responsibilities to all citizens, they have to have diplomatic relations with autocrats and engage in other imperfect, messy, reality-based activities that nonetheless have concrete and positive results.

Neoliberalism is profoundly undemocratic. So is revolution.

David Roddis

Considering what he was up against - the Republicans vowing to make him a one-term President as their sole aim - the fact that Obama got the Affordable Care Act passed was nothing short of a miracle. Expanding health coverage to millions more Americans, in a country that screams “socialism” at every social benefit, was a major achievement. And let’s not forget: first black President in a country that has racism embedded in its soul. Michelle Obama touched that nerve when she had the courage to say it: “I wake up every day in a house built by slaves.”

To say Obama and Trudeau are fake progressives shows a lack of understanding of how realpolitik functions, to be more blunt, it’s a shallow and immature attitude. Thank you for pointing out Obama’s very significant, and progressive, achievements.

I’m not quite sure if you are American, Canadian or from further afield, but as a Canadian I don’t think we generally resented his endorsement - Trudeau definitely needed a boost from the classiest, least scandal-ridden world leader in recent history.