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Obama’s Ludicrous ‘Barrel Bomb’ Theme


Obama’s Ludicrous ‘Barrel Bomb’ Theme

Robert Parry

The U.S. government has dropped hundreds of thousands of tons of bombs on Iraq alone in the last dozen years – and even hailed the start of the bombing campaign in 2003 as “shock and awe” – but now has coyly and repeatedly decried the Syrian government’s supposed use of crude “barrel bombs.”


Obama's bombast is a reflection of the neocon rage at Russia's increased involvement in Syria.

My guess is they've added Russia to the list of countries where they want to bring about regime change. They see it as a broke/economically floundering confederation that could be pried apart into more pliable states - absent Putin.

If Clinton or any of the Republicans become Presidents we're likely to see the cold war jump starting into a hot one.

It won't be pretty.


Thanks Mr. Parry. Washington has been bombing for a long time. President Bomb continues in this despicable practice.

Something not usually talked about is that a lot of the barrel mega-tonnage in Viet Nam killed a large number of South Vietnamese. They were the ones to whom we were bringing the Freedoo and Mockracy.



I'm hoping that this article is evidence that Parry is moving away from his usual analysis that Obama is the hapless peacemaker manipulated by the Neo-Cons and the beginning of his analysis that Obama is at the helm of his administration's Neo-Con adventurism and that he is as much a tool of the Empire as Bush was.


We are living in a very strange era. Some voices typically associated with the right side of the political spectrum have come full circle to sound ultra-Leftist. One example is the Economy Trends guru, Gerald Celente. Just in time for the autumn equinox--signaling the arrival of Libra, sign of law, peace and balance to serve as antidote to Mars' preference for war--Mr. Celente hosted an Occupy Peace event in Kingston, New York. One of his mantras is that with peace comes prosperity. He rightly opposes all the foreign wars.

A keen observer of financial trends, prices within global commodities markets, and trading prices on world currencies, Mr. Celente argues that first come trade wars, then come currency wars, and when both fail... actual war takes place.

He and others have pointed out that the stock indices in places ranging from Japan to Brazil, and including Russia, the U.S., nations in Europe, and China are down about 20%. Since wages have been artificially depressed, people are not buying goods and this in turn depresses industry. When industry has no sales, it does not purchase commodities. So there is no way for world citizens to "consume" their way out of the crisis largely engineered by banksters who deregulated the global economy in order to transfer phenomenal amounts of wealth to the top 1% (and that means its friends and its benefactors).

I'm sharing the above to say that Russia entering into the Syrian matter could be framed as OTHER than what it is, and what Putin intends. And too many delusional neocons WANT to start a third World War. Using that as their pretext, they can reset the global economy and as was done in the Iraqi War (and during the quintessential False Flag), hide billions if not trillions of dollars.

Martial law allows these corrupt powers to pay lower wages, cut back on govt. and social programs, and who knows... take the told fillings out of our teeth, too?


... Hey, Ctrl-z... the wording should be: "We're likely to see..." were is past tense of the verb are.


Thanks. Fixed it.


I agree and would add that Obama is a more effective evil than evil dim son Bush because Obama has the ability to be the evil smart son and has fooled so many otherwise politically savvy people like Parry..


We have to plan street demonstrations now, I don't understand the lack of outrage in the face of imminent nuclear war with Russia.