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Obama’s Self-Deceit


Obama’s Self-Deceit

Joe Lauria

There was stunned silence in the General Assembly Hall on Monday as U.S. President Barack Obama warned leaders against falling back to pre-United Nations days, in which strong nations imposed their will by force against the weak. There was apparent disbelief as he said it was Russia and China that wanted a “return to the rules that applied for most of human history and that pre-date this institution.”


Fine analysis, Mr. Lauria. When I heard the President state the following words, I was nauseated. The hypocrisy was strong enough to light up the Richter Scale!

Thank you for exposing the transparent belligerence along with the "Do as the U.S. martial forces say! Not as THEY do,"

"There was stunned silence in the General Assembly Hall on Monday as U.S. President Barack Obama warned leaders against falling back to pre-United Nations days, in which strong nations imposed their will by force against the weak. There was apparent disbelief as he said it was Russia and China that wanted a “return to the rules that applied for most of human history and that pre-date this institution.”

"These ancient rules included the “belief that power is a zero-sum game; that might makes right; that strong states must impose their will on weaker ones; that the rights of individuals don’t matter; and that in a time of rapid change, order must be imposed by force.”

I'm glad the U.N., didn't clap, but rather showed its opposition to this lie via stunned silence.


It's generous to call this self-deceit. I am convinced that Obama, along with the rest of the government engaged in protecting our national interests, are perfectly capable of understanding what a load of BS their position is, but will persist on clamoring their innocence and purity of intentions as they forge ahead. I don't know if the author was reading more into the supposed silence than was actually there, I hope not.


Joe! This is embarrassing! You didn't get the note? That was not President Obama, it was Tina Fey wearing her Obama costume. And her sarcasm was terrific!


“I lead the strongest military that the world has ever known,” he boasted to the quiet hall, “and I will never hesitate to protect my country or our allies, unilaterally and by force where necessary.”
What a megalomaniacal piece of SH1T! I am seriously ashamed to be an American with crap like this shooting off his retarded mouth! Yeah, yeah I know, I'm no better than IT is when I talk like this ... but I'm not president, and I still have my first amendment rights to use as I see fit! [Till tomorrow when he drones my house] :smirk:


A black face

On a very black pot


I agree with you. It might be possible to be deluded about how upside-down those words are, but I doubt it. The guy is definitely one of history's great liars. But that load! I would think he would have to go somewhere private, look in a mirror, and burst into hysterical laughter.

On the other hand, he has proudly claimed "American Exceptionalism" before, in so many words. Disgusting.


your prez has lost the plot, he is certfiable.
why didn't they boo, laugh, walk out ?


Look at his past performance. He always says the opposite of what he is about to do. With rhetoric like that, I start to get nervous.


Astute analysis! Hypocrisy needs to be exposed. Not only is the US government the only one convicted of terrorism by the ICJ; it withdrew from the jurisdiction of the ICJ, and tried to do so retroactively. Of course, it refused to pay the court-ordered reparations. Instead, it engaged in "low intensity warfare" to influence the elections. If there were any justice, the US ruling class would be required to pay for a long list of destructive interventions--Guatemala, Iran, Viet Nam, Kampuchea, Laos, Dominican Republic, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and on and on and on ad nauseum.


He spoke (and continues to speak) "with a forked tongue." He had myriad opportunities to form a presidency that was truly progressive, "transparent" (his words), and productive but failed at every turn...his "advisors" had his ear, not the people. Like GWB, his presidential legacy will be among the lowest. And this speech before the UN reflects just how much he has transmogrified since his first campaign of Hope and Change.


What a total sham! What a shill!
In 2008, very excited by Obama's candidacy, I chaired my precinct, organized, got every door knocked three times. Then I was appalled, after the huge mandate we gave him, by his first two or three moves towards "the center." Dismayed, I sat on my hands in 2012 and haven't been politically engaged since, putting energy into the Transition and divestment movements. I am supporting Bernie, but am realistic. Hillary now says she's against the pipeline, hurrah, but where's her heart? We have an empty shell for a country. Slavery and capitalism have defined it from the git-go. Guess that kind of momentum doesn't turn around. So apathy is a reasonable response, right? How many Americans even listened?


"Self deceit" lets the mass murderer in chief off easy! He knows that he murders for the imperialist amerikan empire! Belongs in a cell next to bush/cheney; for life!


Ahhh, war criminal gwb was NEVER elected...so, not President!


I can't wait for Barack Obama to leave office. He is becoming more contemptible with every passing day, what with his puerile and boring hymns to American exceptionalism and all-around American greatness. I always used to turn off the television sound whenever Reagan, Thatcher or Kissinger were on the air. I have now reached that point with the slimy Barack Obama. He talks pure shit, and he does so in the most pompous, obnoxious way. Of course, compared to George W. Bush, Obama is Cicero and Shakespeare rolled into one. But I didn't mind listening to Bush: any sane person could see that Bush was a consummate idiot and ignoramus. And Bush was also good for comic relief (after all, one might as well have a laugh or two as the ship is going down!) Obama is in some ways more insidious than the brainless New England Texan. Obama seems intelligent and eloquent and decent. His honeyed words are far more effective than Bush's inanities in advancing the cause of the Empire.

Like Bush, Obama has no soul or conscience; no humanity worth speaking of. Maybe he's a great father, but so what? Even Hitler was decent to his dogs. The proof of moral character is how you conduct yourself with those others you deem Other. On this score, Obama, like every other American President, is a complete barbarian, a shameful example of the triumph of bigotry, chauvinism and pride, very typical of those backward human beings who have more power than sense, more viciousness than compassion. The CEO of the American Empire stood up in front of a global assembly and complained of the violent machinations of Russia and China?! As the youngsters say, is this man for real?? He stands there with the blood of innocents all over his hands, all over his lying, hypocritical body, and he has the gall to complain of the murderousness of others?! The man is so far up his own America-first ass that he boasts of having the most powerful military in the history of the universe and he will never hesitate to use American armed forces to defend the American nation, as if ruined Iraq or devastated Yemen could pose any real threat to a monstrous nation of 300 million people. It's shocking--absolutely shocking--that a brutal bully like Obama would boast to his victims that he can take them out any time he wants to and there is not a damn thing that anyone can do about. It's even more shocking that 100 million Americans will swallow this nonsense like its ambrosia. These people have no conscience, no shame, about the harm done by the American empire to millions around the world. For them, it's all "we are No.1" and other Disneyland jingles, better suited for demented children than for supposedly rational adults. In a better world than this one, Obama's boast of military superiority would be a source of shame and embarrassment rather than pride and vain glory. The military industrial complex has sown so much moral corruption, many Americans have no idea how much fascism they carry within their souls.

When you hear American politicians speaking the discourse of the empire, you realize how easy it is for mass delusion and lunacy to take hold of entire societies. No wonder the world was silent at Obama's pontifications. They must have thought they were listening to someone who had gone completely insane. Obama is not insane. He is rather completely unscrupulous. Just like all the rest of them who have tried to rule the world from Washington DC.

PS. The one bad thing about the upcoming departure of Barack Obama from the White House is that Hilary Clinton is most likely his replacement. This prospect appalls. One hopes for a President Sanders. But, of course, if President Sanders were to actually behave like a "democratic socialist," the ruling class and the military would do away with him faster than you can say "assassination."


I'm embarrassed for him. I think he just lowered Hillary's poll numbers. I hope the world sees that Biden is just as bad.


Was that Tina Fey in 2009 telling Americans that "under Obamacare if you like your medical insurance and doctor you can keep them" ?


"Just like all the rest of them who have tried to rule the world from Washington DC."

Then the answer is to not to give away all the people's power for one or 300 persons to rule the world.


He was trying to impress the prick Dick Cheney.


Hello world. I am sorry we lost in 1783. Please blame the French.