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Obama’s Speech, Translated into Candor


Obama’s Speech, Translated into Candor

Norman Solomon

Here is a condensed version of President Obama's speech from the Oval Office on Sunday night, unofficially translated into plain English:


More succinctly:
"I am the government, I'm here to help" (myself).


If Baby Bush was in power, how many folks from the peace movement would be in the street protesting the protracted war in the Middle East?
Where is the Peace Movement when we need one?
Have we forgotten how wars can be defeated?


And this is the truth of it.


Sorry WiseOwl, but I do not believe President Obama expressed, "I am the government, I'm here to help" (myself). Much more accurate is I am the President; as President I am Commander-in-Chief. As President and Commander-in-Chief, I am responsible for dealing with a situation I inherited and have done nothing to alleviate. Despite commanding the most powerful military force on Earth, neither I nor my predecessor, who initiated this nightmare, have found a means of crushing the revolt against the West which has arisen in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Bewildered by my impotence, I am blindly further blundering into the nightmare I have done nothing to resolve. Thank you, and good night.


If Baby Bush was in power, how many folks from the peace movement would be in the street protesting the protracted war in the Middle East?

Many would be, just as many Democrats in Congress would pretend to oppose the Endless Wars, were a Republican the POTUS.

But ugly tribalism keeps the authoritarians of the DNC happy, silent... and complicit.

Go, Team.


Well, it seems Soloman has got this one right.


Translation - there aren't any good options over the short-term.

The only real solutions are long-term and involve connecting the dots and getting to the root causes of the world's ills which are held in common, then doing the long work of transformation.


An enthusiastic thanks to Solomon.

This sort of thing could become habit-forming. Can it become habitual? Can we extend it to politicians facing elections--as opposed to mooning elections, I guess?


This is a good article, and I hope people also train themselves to "translate" other political speeches. I wish I could forget that Mr. Solomon said he voted for Obama reelection and urged others to do so.


Newspeak has always been old hat


Unfortunately Common Sense is severely lacking in the land of the blind.


I suppose Mitt Romney would have been your choice?


This miserable situation lies at the feet of Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush aka 'asses of evil.' They knew Hussein was no threat - the invasion was for unfettered access to Iraq oil fields - Cheney has admitted it.
They shredded the Iraqi army,causing soldiers to lose their jobs and identity - resulting in the resentment pointed at the U.S.. No one will convince me this roiling horror show wasn't the end game of those twisted bastards. Have to keep the stock price of the weapons manufacturers up. There is one way out of this mess. It's controversial and requires real courage. 'Get the hell out of the middle east and stay out.' Force the countries of the region to play ball or face war to the end of civilization.


I agree about your "One Thing". I think another one "controversial and requiring real courage" is to maybe shed real light on this to Sons and Daughters getting ready to make a military life, their life. (Maybe mentioning the sexual assault to Daughters would help too), and just starve the military Beast. Oh and no matter R or D this cycle, NO RE-ELECTIONS. No incumbents stay. All fresh meat. Once the next cycle rolls around, same deal. A message must be sent, regardless of party, you have to go bye bye. Clean house and keep cleaning. Sure, evil springs anew, but incumbent Evil is entrenched evil. That's all. Spread the word !


Hmm...that's a good example of nonsensical thinking. Why in the world would it follow that Romney would have been my choice? Before Obama's first go-round, when he selected the enthusiastic warmonger Biden to be his V.P., I voted for Nader. I then vowed never again to vote in federal election until a pacifist candidate runs (don't hold your breath) because those running, no matter who, must be willing to kill other human beings. It's simple, really--I don't want to support sociopaths.


Only 9? Wow, i thought it was something like 72 ...


It always amazes me when folks assume that when one is not google-eyed over the latest Dem du jour, that one must be a Rep ...


Actually I have been in the peace movement for over 58 years. I am waiting for the rest of the world to join me. The Republicans are part of the people that I am waiting for. Until then may you all rest in peace. The song Universal Soldier says it all.


A peace movement will be met with a Militarized police force.