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Obama’s Trade War Against Warren Wounds His Party – and His Legacy


Obama’s Trade War Against Warren Wounds His Party – and His Legacy

Richard Eskow

Well, this is awkward. A few days ago President Obama literally laughed off Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s concern that his so-called “fast track” provision, which would limit Congressional power regarding trade deals for the next six years, endangers 2010’s Dodd/Frank financial reforms.

“I’d have to be pretty stupid” to sign an agreement that did that, the President said. He was reportedly laughing as he said it.


Thirty years after the Clintons and others formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985 the Party has become just another billion dollar per year business, with most of that billion per year sourced from global corporations.

Like any other billion dollar business, the Party is not going to willingly allow that revenue stream to slow down.

Obama is simply doing what he promised the Party bosses he would do if they enabled his nomination in 2008.


This guy we’ve had to put up with for six-plus years is just a puppet. A god damned puppet!


Kudos to Richard Eskow! When appeals to human decency, constitutional separation of powers, and public unrest over yet another sell-out of the American working person fail, you can always make an appeal to the blimpian egos of presidential politicians by appealing to their “legacy”!
Barry has soiled the diaper of his “brand” and with it the “brand” of those who are his patrons and backers! All that is missing is Jay Z (aka Shawn Corey Carter) making an angry diatribe of his distaste for such a sell-out and embarrassment to the race!
Then everyone from the hordes of displaced factory workers to the teachers unions of Chicago can picket and protest at the site of Barry’s new corporately funded library in that city. Will it change anything? Who knows for sure, but it couldn’t be any less effective than anything tried so far.
Recommended reading assignment: Empire of Illusion by Chris Hedges `


Obama just keeps digging a grave deeper and deeper. Instead of a night light for digging in the dark, he seems to have a mirror at the ready for gratuitously scorning the critics.

  • “They’re making this stuff up,” he added. (the critics are making it up???)
  • They “spin out hypotheticals” - well, hypothetically Obama represents the people not corporations. Well, thats working out well, isn’t it.
  • a self-promoting “politician,” mirror mirror on the wall… Obama as the wicked stepmother - the public cinderella
  • … (but) her arguments don’t stand the test of fact and scrutiny.” Riiiight… like the text of the secret trade agreement.

Too much pacing with mirrors in the oval office, he’s going around in a circular mirror world. Sad to say that office seems to be over crowded with lock-step mirror bearers these days.


Hey, we elected, and re-elected him …


… and so much for the Obama apologist portrayals of Obama as a well-intentioned nice guy who has had his hands tied due to those nasty Republicans. The real Obama has now taken center stage. Can’t wait to see how they explain this one away.


If any of you are wondering why some people are incensed at Obama just read this.

He’s wasted years of the entire country’s time, and that’s not even half of it.


As for the smirking ass kissers in the picture, the fate of the world is no laughing matter.


Back when I was a manager in the business world the comments Obama laid on Warren would have been defined as PATRONIZING and I would have been viewed as a very poor manager.


The “real Obama” was always there - just too many folks didn’t, and some still don’t, want to admit it …


They do NOT respond or explain, they ignore, and continue to “catapult the propaganda.”

It’s our job (with as many allies as we can muster) to generate enough counter-noise that their propaganda becomes widely exposed for the mealy-mouthed lies that it is. And it seems like we are mustering some allies on this matter, this year!


How could Obama a person, an executive of one among many countries, claim to have “improved ISDS” ?

He doesn’t have standing, he’s just an executive of ne of the parties.

that statement just doesn’t sound structurally right. Ive never heard of anything like that. Normally the trade deals are self contained and they are supposed to reign in some international private law world, above the nation-state realm so they are immune to politics and elections etc. Just corporations can bring suits against countries and their taxpayers.


The Achmea v. Slovak Republic investor-state case is illustrative of what a nightmare we are getting into and how little anything that matters to people ends up mattering (not at all) when corporations “inequal rights” become superior to democracies and people and laws and politicians and even presidents.

It all started when the Slovak Republic voted for single-payer in 2006 because they could no longer afford the insurance system… Sound familiar?

The case shows how investment arbitral tribunals can issue huge fines, and how they cannot change laws per se but they can fine countries huge amounts until they do.

http://www.italaw.com/cases/2564 >> click on the award document

There is an earlier case between the same two parties also there. Achmea used to be named Eureko.

Note that although Slovakia officially “won” the second case, (the insurance company won the first against them) that second case’s “win”
seems to have just been because the plaintiff insurance company sued them a bit too early.


Another case of “poor timing” for Obama is yesterday’s decision by the WTO that finally decreed that the US’s Country of Origin labeling for meat restricts trade and is thus illegal. So, Canada and Mexico under NAFTA will now either get $2 billion in retaliatory tariffs against American products, or Congress will simply repeal the County of Origin labeling act so as to please Canadian and Mexican livestock producers. So, our domestic law requiring meat producers to show where the meat comes from will get wiped off the books. Sorry, but our right to know where our food comes from has just been trumped by ‘free trade’ laws, because money.


Crock Obama-LIAR and TRAITOR!