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Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership Promises Echo Clinton’s On NAFTA


Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership Promises Echo Clinton’s On NAFTA

Dave Johnson

NAFTA – the North American Free Trade Agreement – was sold with promises of jobs and prosperity on all sides of the border. What really happened was that an increased trade deficit sucked demand and jobs out of the U.S. economy; workers lost bargaining power, resulting in pay and benefit cuts; and income inequality rose as corporations pocketed the wage differential.

Now the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is being sold with literally the same promises. Here is why TPP is not going to work out better than NAFTA did.


TPP is the complete subversion of representative rule to corporate hegemony. Tyranny and treason all in one.


It’s pretty powerful to see Carter, Ford, Bush, sr. and good ole’ boy Clinton all pushing the bright promise of NAFTA.

20 years later with its fiscal, social, ecological, and moral disasters made clear, is it surprising to see “the usual suspects” arguing for Round II in Asia? (As the TPP.)

It reminds me of the arrogant way that Obama and Kerry talk disparagingly of ISIS and Putin while pretending they are not part of the most grotesque Murder Machine in history.

Or like the generals and media sycophants that pushed the nation into war after war for no good or genuine cause. Yet all of them still have their jobs and keep on “catapulting the same pro-war propaganda.”

In the current money-buys-all accountability Free Zone that the Neocons and various right-wing Libertarian enablers have financed and finessed into place, Truth is made conspicuous by its absence. And in ensuring that Truth will have no place at the media table, any journalist, reporter, or whistle blower that DARES to impart info that’s not consistent with Official Stories will be legally tried, one way or another (if not outright disappeared or turned into a pariah).

I applaud Mr. Johnson for laying out the footage along with the proven track record of these (deferential to the “Business Caste”) policies; but he left out what I take to be more damning and damaging than the employment numbers and the no doubt soon to be inevitably diminished salaries.

It’s this:

A. These agreements coopt existing laws of nations. And that means Environmental laws fought for over decades. At the mere indication that one nation’s environmental laws may set up an obstacle to a corporation’s profits (i.e. plans for plunder), said law will be rendered null and void.

The decision that arguably would place capital on one side and national law on the other will itself be decided by pro-business global courts, trade courts that needless to say will put their clients’ objectives first and foremost.

B. These agreements not only will bypass established law, they will limit the means of available redress and effectively anesthetize legal challenges to the already egregious record of the globe’s greatest for-profit trespassers, including: the arms dealers & makers, Monsanto and Gen. tech allies in Crimes Against Nature, and Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Nuke, and Big Frack.

This is the way the 1% intends to checkmate due process and thereby obliterate the Will of The People in any lands where leaders are willing to sell them out.


What the trade deficit really represents is the Fed’s ability to expand empire’s frontier with newly “minted” money. We all know how it ends, just not when. I wonder if there will be enough soil left to house the worms needed to assimilate us.


“I wonder if there will be enough soil left to house the worms needed to assimilate us.”

Brilliant sadness.


What has happened in the last 20 years is clearly outlined by David but do the facts matter. The ruling elites are not working class people and have no real regard for them. The working class is still as clueless and consent is still as easily manufactured. All you white, solidly working Republicans are going to get spanked again but that’s no suprise. Taking punishment and blaming the wrong people for it is your specialty. The elites who manipulate you are in fact surprised at how easy it is to twist you around. You never seem to learn. Keep on voting Republican, a group as ignorant, racist and gullible as you are deserve what you get.