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Obama’s Two Mistakes That Lost The Country

Obama’s Two Mistakes That Lost The Country

David Morris

Early this year President Obama spoke before the Cleveland Club. After the speech 7th grader Alura Winfrey inquired, “If you could go back to the first day of your first term what advice would you give yourself?” Obama reflected for a moment and then blithely explained he would have worked harder to sell his economic policies.


As Commander In Chief, Obama could have ordered US troops home from everywhere, ending our role in our multiple wars.

But no mention of that here, just like CD politely ignores the fact Bernie Sanders (like Hillary and the rest of the Republicans) has no plans to pull troops out of anyplace.

Just let that fact settle in.

  1. Running for President
  2. Getting elected President

And in foreign policy, had Obama immediately sent Bush and a dozen others to the ICC for prosecution, and Issued an apology to the Iraqi people, backed by reparations, and then declared that Israel would henceforth be regarded as just another country, almost all the strife and particularly the extremism in that region would have been averted.


Excellent article & analysis, Mr. Morris.

If the Energy Cartel is also factored in, one would see that all of the people dealing with oil spills on land and sea, fracking gas escaping to ruin their health and home equity (real estate values), and polluted coastal regions also recognize that corporations are getting their wishes fulfilled while a ridiculously high price is extracted from everyone else.


Yup. Remember the Employee Free Choice (Card Check) Act and how fast Obama and the democratic leadership caved? I wish I could say I was surprised. but I wasn’t - I could see right through the guy going back to his 2004 Convention keynote address. I never voted for him.

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The MIC and Deep State run this country. It’s in slow stages of evolving fascism and fascism ALWAYS involves a muscular military.

By blaming Mr. Sanders for a phenomenon that began after W. W. II… and is now a MONSTER is ridiculous.


Your comment only begins to dig at the truth… although it targets some low-hanging fruit.

Left out are:

  1. Key power players’ very real objectives (most of them already fulfilled) as laid out in the Project For A New American Century
  2. The FACT that the Military-industrial-complex FEEDS on war. Thus is must continue to make war, and create pretexts for those foreign “theaters of combat” in order to justify its gargantuan, continuous budget
  3. The U.S. dollar is propped up by oil sales. That’s why it’s known as the Petro-dollar. With the Wall St. crisis having resulted in many trillions of U.S. dollars printed and/or sold as Treasury Bonds around the world, it’s the muscle of the military coupled with oil sold in dollars that keep this bloated fiction afloat.

So by making Israel and Bush ostensible targets… you leave out the REAL powers.


I have read that 1in 12 children in the USA are prescribed psychopathic drugs for treating “behaviour disorders”.

Many parents that refuse to give children such drugs are investigated as being unfit. Indeed there an instance of a SWAT team sent to a mothers home because she refused to feed her child drugs as prescribed by a Physician.

Some 150000 infants under the age of ONE are prescribed anti-anxiety drugs.

A number of persons describing themselves as psychiatrists claim as many as 40 percent of Americans have mental health problems and should be medicated.

Here is the kicker. A child in a household that has private health insurance is 5 times likelier to be prescribed such drugs than a child in a household with no insurance.

Now one could draw the erroneous conclusion that this means private health insurance a root cause of mental health problems or one could conclude that the for profit motive is driving corruption in the system.

It has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with wealth care.

Obama works for the one percent and did exactly what they demanded of him. He does not answer to the people, he answers to money.


Not blaming Sanders.

Just saying that like Clinton & Obama before him, he will merely be another errand boy for the Pentagon.

You guys want to spend the next 11 months with the fantasy that Sanders will somehow be better than that, you just go ahead.


Good analysis, except for failing to analyze the fact that no way in hell was Obama ever going to do any such thing. These were not Obama’s “mistakes,” he’s just doing his job, on behalf of the looters he works for.



The country was lost. I just knew this would happen when they got it out and started playing with it. Where could Barry have put the silly thing?

Oh, come on - are we decided that the country is lost because it is not clearly for Hillary Clinton? Because there is still a Republican party (of sorts)? Because this Bernie Sanders personage has the temerity to run and actually get votes?

We’re not saying that things are a little out of order because of rampant debt or wholesale environmental destruction or because we moderately literate folk here do not even know in how many countries our country is at war now or which mobsters are paying our politicians’ wages?

All the between-the-lines implications in this article bother me.

I suppose that’s personal. On the other hand, if by “lost the country,” the author means lost favor with, oh, just possibly, some sort of left-of-center Democratic base, and may just possibly not wish to express the matter that way, then yes, something like an objective answer suggests itself:

Obama “lost the country” in that sense by massive betrayal of his base, by betrayal far beyond the usual routine of political dishonesty. This does not show as clearly as it might in another context because the Republicans lack anything in the form of a charismatic leader–Trump’s a horrorshow clown, and Paul blew any chances when he boycotted the big boys’ drone party. It does not show as clearly because there was a natural rally to the party because the election of a man of African descent to the American presidency looked to many like a release of sorts of longstanding Euro-American racism and imperial violence.

This is very simple. Many of us were at one or another time in some state of support of the Democratic Party because it was significantly less violent towards its citizens and others than the Republican party. Obama changed that, with a good deal of help from quite a few other people.


Good points on economics. However, the two points that lost our country were: 1): Bush stealing the 2000 Presidential election with the help (blessing) of the US Supreme Court. Gore’s cowardice in fighting this theft down to his last breath on behalf of the American people and democracy should be a factor not left out, and; 2) Obama’s cowardice in not prosecuting Bush-Cheney, et al, for their many war crimes, especially the lying which they used to attack Iraq and the results of which the US and the entire mideast is suffering to this day, ie, millions dead, more millions injured, more millions still displaced from their homes, legitimate governments over thrown, trillions of dollars wasted and the fact that climate change is ever faster breathing down our necks further denied. George Bush is the biggest war criminal in the history of the entire world. He was unleashed on us by the non-election of 2000 and the rest his history still in the making!


Whatever gave Obama the idea that he was more than the token black president? Negotiator he’s not, like STrumpet says. But who is really qualified to navigate and steer the rusting hulk of our ship of state through plastic filled waters with the occasional toddler floating by? We have 4 or 5 SCOTUS RATS chewing on the steering cables.
We have cars that drive themselves so why not ships of state? Computers will do the job, steering the ship
day and night and seeing to its requirements in a perfect fashion as only computers can.
I’m voting for Bernie meantime

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Two ‘mistakes’? Ooh, I’ll play …

  1. Assuring he would never vote for a FISA bill that included immunity for the Telecoms (i.e., the Cheneybush Get Out Of Jail Free card), then both working behind the scenes and ultimately voting for same — DURING his 2008 campaign, mind you. It was a cynical gamble he “won” and it set the course for everything that’s followed.

2). Stuffing his cabinet with Wall Street execs. Sold as the ‘Team of Rivals’, it functions in reality as the ‘Team of Bagmen My Patrons Submitted’.


The disaster of not only failing to let the bush tax cuts die, but signing into law under GOP’s holding the unemployed hostage is where he lost. Until the FRAUD of raygunomics is repealed, and that only STARTS with killing off the bush tax cuts, this country will never get off its knees again. Reagan is killing this country from the grave.


You’re right about the power of the Pentagon. So just who do you think can stand up to it in any presidential role? Be real here…

Obama can only function within the realities of office. No rainbows and unicorns, no magic wand, just a Congress (many Democrats included) whose primary purpose has been to obstruct Obama’s agenda from the start.

That said, what “lost the country” is actually the Democrats in Congress, and liberal media. To get this, you would need to understand that masses of the poor – and those who get why unrelieved poverty is sinking the country – voted for Obama in hopes that he could launch a legitimate discussion about our poverty crisis. He did raise the issue several times, Democrats and liberals aren’t interested. Lib media spent the years of this administration promoting middle class elitism, while Democrats in Congress only continued to worsen conditions for the poor. This year alone, they had agreed to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled. Liberals shrugged.

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It’s not just the rotting carcass of the Dem. party.

The system is beholden to big money.

The Supreme Court gave the purchase of politicians, and thus policy, its imprimatur.

The corporate media decides who gets face time and who doesn’t.

The whole thing is rigged.

To only mention the Dem. side of the corruption is lopsided.

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Morris is utterly delusional. It should be obvious to everyone by now that Penny Pritzker’s protege never had the least intention of pursuing a populist program, only populist rhetoric.