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Obama’s Two Mistakes That Lost The Country

Sorry, but the blame goes to the American people. Obama stressed from the time of his first campaign that the changes we want would not be possible unless people organized, got to their feet, and MADE Congress listen. They almost did that, too, with Occupy. But almost immediately, Dem pols and liberal media redefined Occupy itself as a Middle Class Movement, and the rest of us walked away.

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The premise of this article is wrong-the people of this country overwhelmingly voted Obama and the democrats into power. The people of this country did their part. Obama should have called his fellow elected congressional democrats together and explained it like this. We have the power today(2009) to change this country for the better and cut our bonds to the corporate interests or we can remain in the grip of these corporate interests. I will guess this meeting never took place-the first thing the democrats should have done was campaign finance reform-cut the ties to corporate interests.

And Americans can see how corrupt everything has got every month,every time a person gets that healthcare bill in the mail. Its amazing how the corporate dems feel Hillary is a sure thing. I think in the next election people will refuse to elect another corporate democrat. But she is a woman right,that’s why we have to vote for her-as she march’s us off to another war and demolishes social security.And as our monthly payments for non existing healthcare skyrocket-the insurance companies will be funneling millions to the democrats.-War is a racket-Healthcare is a racket.

Bill Curry’s comments on Democracy Now about the democratic party are right on the mark.

Bernie Sanders is the real democrat in this election-and this election needs to be about taking the democratic party back from the corporate thieves. Here’s a question the media should be asking-Are the two parties criminal enterprises?


So some want to believe (regarding Gore). There is another aspect to that issue. Clinton/Gore targeted the poor. In Gore vs. Bush, the poor – and those who get why it matters – voted third party or withheld their votes, and the middle class picked Bush. Twice. There aren’t enough middle class Democrats alone to win any elections.

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You should do a comedy act. Always pushing the LIE that it’s the Dems that punish the poor… but it’s the Paul Ryans and the Scott Walkers… you know, repugnant, repulsive, morally revolting Republicans who push this FAR more than any Dems.


Excellent point Siouxrose.

We need to get the GOP carcasses out of Congress and the Senate, before we can even begin to make heads or tails out of anything. Citizens United was the nail in the coffin, because it is allowing Kochs to run the country through the GOP. Last but not least, Democrats need to get off their bums and VOTE in every election.

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Wonder if it’s the same Guido and Vinnie that also told me in that very same lot that it would be “a shame” if I couldn’t enjoy the fruits of my minimum wage job because of my attempts to raise that wage. Those are some busy dudes!


A fine article. But perhaps, Two Mistakes Should be Two Major Flaws or some other and worse terminology. They were on purpose and supported by lots of sub-major flaws.
The question asked by Ms.Winfrey showed more brain power in action than that in the hapless answer by the potus. I’d. want to vote for her, someday.

I don’t want to go into my long list of where and in what I feel the potus and the rulers behind the curtain failed his electorate in January 2009–other than to say the Nation was looking for relief from bushdom and got short-changed and pushed aside. The all important pedigree puppy hunt came first. In 2010 we saw the effect.

Looking to 2016. Bernie Sanders is being to much the gentleman. I’m sure his main thought is that there should not be a GOP puppet or Trumpet win.
He does not want to have a Hill loss blamed on him.
The GOP right is aflame with Fears and Hate–and there are lots of them.
In my HO its a Bernie or Bust for us.

Us being Demos, Greens etc and all the others sitting on the sidewalk. There is no time for a “spoiler vote”. The monsters are at the door
Get up, get moving and Vote, That goes for the angry “H and C” group too.
;Bernie or Bust.

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From numerous anecdotal accounts, healthcare insurance premiums for have significantly increased over 2015. There was a provision in the ACA about insurance companies must spend 80% or more of the funds collected from premiums on actual healthcare. One wonders if people will receive refunds if the money spend does not meet this target. Is this provision really a deterrent to increasing costs?

Obama caved from the git go and the libs and progressives that worked to put him in office left him in droves. As a result of an extremely low voter turnout, Democrats lost both houses and many states.

I’m afraid that nothing that Obama could have done would have stopped or even impeded the rolling right-wing coup that targeted the political infrastructure at both the federal and state levels. These “obscure” midterm and down-ballot races for US House and state legislative seats were effectively beyond all scrutiny and forensic analysis and they were counted on the same laughably riggable computers that gave us Ohio in 2004 and a parade of other highly improbable and anomalous results since. An open invitation to computerized election theft–the only impediment being the consciences of Karl Rove and his ilk, not very reassuring.

We may not want to look at the gore of this particular trainwreck but the reality is that, without an observable vote counting system, we should not be at all surprised by seemingly inexplicable distortions of the public will in our vaunted electoral process. If we want to think of ourselves as the “beacon of democracy,” we might also want to earn that title by investing just the modicum of time and energy that would be needed to human-count our ballots in public. See CODE RED: Computerized Election Theft and The New American Century, available at Amazon (search CODE RED Simon) for a more in-depth analysis.

But,of course. the boxes
The enthusiasm of the 2009 was not only to bring a H and C and a “minority person” into the POTUS but also to gt the expected majority in the Senate but also —with the Pelosi plea --“get us a majority in the House—and just see what we can do”

We got all that. And we got to see What the new Leader of the House could do.
“Impeachment off the table” ,goodby…and good luck.
How can we blame the Obama base for dropping out?
And in his weak and meek reply to Ms Winfrey shows he is either obliviously dumb or faking it.

Obama has a year to change course and maybe pull himself out of the bush muck. But I doubt that he cares, he has his Peace Prize.

Obama was “out of his depth” from the beginning. He knew what had happened when the Clintons attempted to “change” the US health care system to one more alike those found in the rest of the developed world. He wasn’t prepared to take on that sort of a “fight” that would have required someone more secure in his convictions of what was “right” and what was “wrong”.All that would have been necessary would to remove those laws and regulations that made US health care the world’s most expensive. For example, the threat to remove patent protection from their products would quickly bring the drug companies to hell. Stripping doctors of their legal monopoly over access to medical drugs allows people to decide for themselves what medicines to take. Today we have computer software that can effectively almost replace primary care physicians. The AMA has done its best to conceal this fact. We should understand that “ALL” professional organizations are in effect just “labor unions” under a different name, but with the same objectives as any labor union. That is, more and larger incomes for their members at the expense of everyone else. As Obama belongs to a licensed profession as does his wife, why should we think that people of their own class are going to do anything that might reduce the incomes and privileges of their class? There’s where the real problem is!


Yeah, but apparently it wasn’t “obvious” to many at the time - though some of us tried to point it out, just as it is not “obvious” to many now how Sanders is not what he is painted as …

So if Sanders is the real democrat, what’s he doing in the Democratic Party?

Sorry, any vote for s D/R is a “spoiler” vote …

Obama’s first mistake. He got elected POTUS.

Obama’s second mistake. He got re-elected as POTUS.

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Mr. Morris reasons from the demonstrably false assumption the president’s transformation from Obama the Orator to Barack the Betrayer was forced rather than methodically pre-planned. By so doing, Mr. Morris demonstrates he is merely another Democrat Party propagandist (albeit admittedly an effectively seductive one, at least among those who still desperately cling to the Big Lie the Democrats are anything more than a Judas Goat for the Ruling Class). Wake up, people: USian “democracy” was murdered on 22 November 1963 just as the American Dream was slain by the Powell Manifesto of 1971. Such is the infinite malevolence of capitalism in action. And the only way we the people will ever recover what has been stolen from us – or for that matter save ourselves from the forthcoming environmental apocalypse that is capitalism’s ultimate legacy – is by the whole-hearted embrace of socialism.

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He was faking it. Still is.

Well, when the union gets you better wages and benefits, I’m sure since you’re so principled you will refuse them and accept whatever crumbs the master gives you.