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Obama Seeks Broad Powers to Wage Geographically Limitless War Against ISIS


Obama Seeks Broad Powers to Wage Geographically Limitless War Against ISIS

Sarah Lazare, staff writer


The art of triangulation. Clinton taught him well.


Never any talk about how to bring about peace.
Only question ever is where to bomb next.


Hail Caesar Obominus!


Another step on the path to perpetual war.


Just keeping to Brzezinski’s “The Grand Chessboard” script. Eighteen-years old and going strong. Keep the ME in turmoil so that no central Islamic entity can emerge an challenge the Empire’s hegemony. (Ukrainian funny business is also mentioned in the script, along with the pivot to Asia…)


On CBS this morning they produced a graph of where all the foreign fighters joining ISIS come from. Topping the list - Russia. Now, firstly I wouldn’t trust anything those propaganda puppets say or show, and secondly how neatly that dovetails into the bomb everything everywhere mentality of the psychopaths in DC.

So we are to believe that more Russians than others are joining to bring down Assad and the very last of the large Soviet ME client states. Horseshit!


If anything, the power of the Executive, which continues to expand, needs to be severely curtailed. Obama is continuing the neocon vision dictated by his CIA handlers. The next Democrat or Republican will do the same. If one reads the National Defense Authorization Act, one realizes that the Bill of Rights has been suspended, and that the emergency powers of the President create a potential dictatorship. How much more power does the office need and why is it always focused on war rather than on regulating finance, addressing climate change or addressing issues of economic disparity and injustice?


Always remember, anybody who objects to US Fourth Reich hegemony, who objects to Quisling government of his nation, who objects to having his family and friends killed by drones and air strikes, who objects to having his nation’s resources raped and stripped from his nation by the Banksters is, by definition, a terrorist or insurgent and condemned to death, probably by drone.

  • Also remember that Øbama is continually asking for more "Fast track" power. Power to approve the Toilet Paper Plan, designed to wipe us all out; power to wage endless global war; Power to give and forgive the banksters their robberies and depredations of We the People.
  • About the only “Change we can believe in!” is the change from covert fascism to overt fascism, and if we don’t curb it soon it will be too late, if it is not already too late, both here in the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America Fourth Reich and the rest of the world.


From the first gulf war to today what a wonderfully successful foreign policy and all we need now is more of the same only harder and without constraint. It is time we sue for peace.


It’s called “job security”. Unlimited future war(s) = Unlimited future profit(s). It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


This is horrible. Another war for another decade. How could things get any worse?


Yeah, right on! In the above picture, we are looking at the Fourth Reich… Generals and their stooge.


There goes that white house §resident, just doing what he was installed to do. I’m pretty sure that deep down inside, the ownership class do appreciate all he’s done for them.

guess who’s back… back again… sHaDy’s back… tell ur friends


More proof that the United States is a threat to humanity.


“…it is important for Congress to learn from mistakes in 2001 and 2002 and
avoid making war permanent and world-wide and avoid committing to
another massive ground war in the Middle East”

Mistakes, yeah that’s it…mistakes.


Last night I saw for the first time the 1958 film “Paths Of Glory.” Another waning empire extolling the virtues of its military prowess. This morning the news was referring to the decision to try Burghdahl with desertion as “government to try soldier for desertion.” His name wasn’t mentioned because the Obama admin doesn’t want him tried. As expected though Burghdahl will be convicted and sentenced to a very long term. Better than the three grunts selected at random to be shot for cowardice in the movie.

Peace protesters and whistleblowers in jail, and lying politicians who initiate military murder build libraries and get paid for speaking. How do I explain to my 9yr old grandson what’s going on?

The military’s response beyond court martial will be to make improvements so that the programming will be less likely to fail.


One has to ask him/herself what it really is about our whole system that breeds guys like Clinton, the Bushes, Ronald Reagan (to name afew), and Obama, in the first place.


Its high time the American people realized that voting for Democrats or Republicans is an act of terrorism. The so-called terrorists- Al Qaeda and ISIS are trained and funded by US, Saudia Arabia & Israel.Sure these are horrible people but really this is a case of Dr Frankenstein fighting his monster.

The people in these countries have no say and if a democracy emerges , Chile / Iran, the US exterminates it. The people of Iraq, have no choice other than to live under the currently imposed American imposed dictator. The American people have a choice and they choose state terror.

Universal Health care, education, urban renewal, infrastructure repair – or state terror. The American people choose state terror.


right, why don’t you go ahead and hug an ISIS beard-head? watch out now, you might get beheaded !