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Obama Set to Put 'Historic' Limits on Offshore Drilling With 1953 Law


Obama Set to Put 'Historic' Limits on Offshore Drilling With 1953 Law

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Barack Obama is expected to announce as early as Tuesday that he will restrict offshore drilling indefinitely in parts of the Arctic and Atlantic, according to two officials familiar with the matter.


In this case with Mr. Exxon in the Cabinet, "Permanent Limit" actually means "30 day Delay".
"What? We cannot drill? Okay, we will strip mine the ocean floor instead."


Obama's concern for the environment extends as far as his legacy.


A two term president, he waits until he has one month left in office to do this?


Be sure and write that new law on the White house chalkboard. Never mind the dusty erasers in the tray.


He is a bit of a practical joker- collecting his Nobel Peace Prize and then killing American citizens by drone with no trial, telling us how "Affordable" Obamacare was going to be, halving the national debt- I'm betting he will pardon Berniw Madoff on January 19.


can someone point me to a map outlining the area?


This is really an outrage, waiting until he's going out the door to do the right thing. What a joke of a presidency.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


Using Google I found a pdf from the Dept of Interior for the Atlantic:


for Alaska:


What fuckning incredible victory? Obama opened the arctic to driving, opened the Atlantic to drilling after it had been closed for half a century since the Santa Barbara blowout, approved extreme depth driving in the Gulf of Mexico AFTER the BP blowout, bragged that he's approved more pipelines than any president in history (actually he approved more than all previous president) bragged that he supports "all of the above" aka "drill baby drill." Now, in his last weeks in office he wants to make up, somewhat, for his previous crimes by banning drilling in places he previously approved drilling. What's wrong with Nadia Prup's brain to call this a "historic" gain for us?


At least Nadia didn't write the jibberish you just did. Wow, where do I buy the stuff you're smoking?


Really, exactly what is the jibberish I just said. Did or did not Obama do exactly what I said?


thanks.your great.


95 months of "drill, baby, drill" and one month of setting "limits".


Better late than never.


Pretty sad watching Obama, in the waning days of his disastrous Presidency, trying to burnish his legacy.

But again, his supporters will lap this up; something Obama knows full well he can count on.

Please, Mr. Obama, just go away. Oprah's couch awaits you.


And please read the fine print. The "Looking' Great!" president is not concerned with the long term.


Here's an example of another "incredible victory" as the US takes far more than it "gives" - I this instance destroying rain forest on Okinawa to support our global war machine!
I believe Obama only "protected" areas from drilling only (in his last days after 8 years with little or no protections that might last) knowing he could and still protect the fossil fuel industry!

"the US and its officials, from President Obama to members of Congress, have avoided commenting on questions of human rights abuses and environmental degradation. Typical of the muted response to Okinawa's struggle and the conflict between Okinawa and Tokyo over the US military presence was Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard's (she sits on both the House Foreign Affairs and Armed Services Committees), who said: "Of course, the US government is not going to get involved.""


You seem to think we can snap a finger and end oil drilling; you offer a litany of higher fuel costs for American working classes who can't afford $7-8 a gallon gas, and also eat. And, opening a lease doesn't mean it will all be consumed. It is political leveraging, an option, we may never use it. Are you aware that some Indigenous groups are trying to open up land to oil and gas drilling? Go beat up on them, for awhile. We working stiffs must have higher wages to buy hybrid cars, as well. A living wage and other priorities besdes foreign oil wars, et al, would help as well.


Though the working class do indeed need to buy hybrids(or preferably no car at all) does doing so at the cost of destroying the planet justify your affordable gas and consumptive lifestyle?