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Obama Should Release MH-17 Intel


Obama Should Release MH-17 Intel

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

A year ago, the U.S. government issued a sketchy report on the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shoot-down citing “social media” and other flimsy data implicating eastern Ukrainian rebels and Russia, but then – as hard intelligence became available – went silent. Now, U.S. intelligence veterans are demanding release of that intel.


FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

SUBJECT: Releasing an Intelligence Report on Shoot-Down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17


Also see Robert Parry on New York Times group think:


As a jet pilot for 20 years, I look at the MH-17 shoot-down very differently than the public does. MAS (Malaysian Air Service; parent of Malaysian Airlines) was nuts to flight plan this flight only a mere 1,000 feet over an unsafe war zone!

I’ve flown airliners in war zones and conflicts before. Anything can happen. In Desert Storm all our radios quit working (jammed by somebody) and we couldn’t communicate at all. So I wasn’t going to fly close to Iran which popped up immediately after takeoff, and did a wild maneuver over the shore at low altitude to get away from any shore missiles that may have caused this. The captain asked: “Do you know where you are going?” I said: “I have no idea, but I’m not flying the assigned runway heading anymore; since those bluffs on the shore are Iran batteries. The Captain agreed with me, and as I was jetting across Saudi Arabia without any permission, it took some time for him to re-establish communications with ATC on HF radio and get a clearance back to Dubia.

MH-17 was off the flight planned airway for some reason, over a hot war were mobile missile operators can’t tell the difference between an airliner and a bomber sent to do them in. Certain posters here keep screaming “The Ukrainians did it”, but without specific raw data radar data and ATC tapes, it’s impossible for anyone to make such a claim. The other B-777, MH370 to disappear over the South China Sea has a lot in common with this shoot-down. MH370 was off the airway also for unknown reasons over the dueling warships contesting the waters of the South China Sea. An Australian eye-witness on an oil rig saw the flight get hit, break up and crash into the South China Sea. He alerted his company who called all the countries in the region to alert them to the crash position. No one ever returned their calls. No one was interested, it seems, since a bunch of flaky cell phone satellites acars data suggested it flew backwards over Malaysia and into the Indian Ocean.

The moral of the story is don’t fly your flights off airways and don’t fly over warships and missile launchers!


There is something disingenuous about this piece, naively requesting as it does that the administration not withhold whatever evidence it might have as to what really happened to MH 17, as if the US wouldn’t immediately expose, and trumpet to the four winds, any and all evidence implicating Russian involvement in the massacre, if it had any. It additionally fails to mention that with spy satellites eyeing just about everything that happens on earth, the US must surely have footage of what really happened. Russia also does, and has offered it to Western and international governments and media, only to find–surprise, surprise–no takers (as was also the case concerning Western allegations of Gaddafi “bombing his own people”). Finally, McGovern & co. also neglect to point out that the tragedy fits a disturbing pattern of post-911 false flag events, such as the sarin gas episode in Syria, designed to buttress flagging Western public support for belligerent policies on the verge of failure. This version of the event was even corroborated by independent German experts who found that, among other things, the cockpit of MH 17 had been strafed with air-launched weapons fire consistent with eyewitness reports of Ukraine fighter jets being seen in the area. We live in an age when evidence, no matter how concrete and convincing, does not matter. Media and governments have such strict control of the discourse, that they can keep all real evidence out of the discussion, even when a great many people know it already. And so we must live with the ever-renewed Big Lie, refitted each time to each new occasion, almost always to justify more belligerence, death, and destruction. For how long?


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