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Obama Should Stand With Ahmed—at His Mosque in Texas


Obama Should Stand With Ahmed—at His Mosque in Texas

Ali Gharib

On Monday afternoon, an unassuming kid—a nerd, a geek, with his glasses and his NASA shirt—was led away from his Irving, Texas, school in handcuffs, for all his classmates to see. A perp walk.


Irving Texas - Breaking News

The Irving police department announced today that it was necessary for them to raze the school where alleged bomb maker Ahmed Mohamed attended classes.

After being called there Monday to investigate the device brought in by Ahmed, an observant officer noticed a second suspicious device mounted in the wall in one of the classrooms. However, unlike the movie bombs with which we are all so familiar, this device did not have the standard digital countdown display. Instead, it was round and was inscribed with Arabic symbols in a circular pattern. The bomb squad attempted to remove it from the wall, but found that the terrorists had hardwired it into the building. Furthermore, they found that they could not disable it since there was no blue wire that they could cut. Standard disposal procedures call for the device to be rendered harmless by blowing it up, but since it could not be removed, it was destroyed in place.

Further investigation found similar suspicious devices in each of the classrooms which were likewise rendered harmless. At the conclusion of the operation, there was nothing left of the former school building.
One parent commented: "At least our children are now safe. I am thankful that the police acted swiftly before anyone was harmed. In this day and age, you just cannot be too careful."

The Texas police are now recommending that all students bring guns with them to the new school for their continued safety.


I laughed.


Ahmed doesn't look Sudanese so much as he does South Asian (India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka/Bangla Desh). I wonder where his family came from before Sudan.