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Obama Signed Into Law Controversial GMO Labeling Bill. Now What?


Obama Signed Into Law Controversial GMO Labeling Bill. Now What?

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

What's an advocate of clear GMO labeling to do now that President Barack Obama has signed into law the food industry-supported measure dubbed the DARK Act?


Remember that under the TPP Domestic Governments will no longer be able to encourage consumers to buy products made in their own country.

Give them exactly what they want. Given Russia has banned GMOS and the use of GMOs in food products , buy Russian.


I read an interesting suggestion;

Have the checker check the codes for you and leave the GMO laced products at the cash register.


Obama is going to give Quick Response codes (QR Codes) a bad name.
Of course anyone can easily read this QR code and know that their food is not safe.
(For the QR illiterate, this brings up a page on DDT handling)


Another pro-corporate move by Obama.

I agree a boycott is the next move, if you haven’t done so already - for your health and the health of the environment.


Vote Green!


We can also boycott Obama and the political party that dumped him on us! We can boycott all of the hack politicians of either party who voted for it. IN FACT, we can even boycott the TWO political parties that filled our Congress with such hacks. This is OUR government and OUR country and OUR lives being so abused by those worthless sell-outs. Begin studying now how to recall your senator. Your Representative is much easier: just vote that person out come November. And if he/she tries to become a scumbag lobbyist, citizens’ groups should sue the scumbag repeatedly in Civil Court for damages caused by Legislative Malpractice. THIS is what democracy sounds like!


Sorry, but how the hell is anybody going to “buy Russian”, makes no sense? Even if you could, it would be easier to buy local rather than have some food sent half way around the world via carbon based fuel.


That’s not a bad idea. Another idea I heard was to have someone go through the store with their smart phone and just put “contains GMOs” labels on all the products they find that are GMO-containing. Or would such a person get arrested for “unauthorized labeling” or “labeling without a license” or maybe the horrendous crime of “labeling with intent to inform”, punishable by $2000 fine or 2 years in jail?


The problem with boycotting GMO foods is that we may all starve to death.
But, if you can find some real food to eat, by all means boycott the agrochemical slime balls.

Maybe they’re hoping we will all go on a hunger strike and die, thereby ushering in the full ascendancy of the now dominant technocratic oligarchy. In the year 3022, history will hail these great agrochemical giants as we all suck green slime engineered from the radioactive waste that increased yields by .025%, pleasing investors greatly. The EPA will process the toxic corpses while verifying departmental transparency and accountability, flushing the waste into sewers. Presidential nominees will ignore the topic like they did in 2016 and the crowds will roar their approval. People will walk across the Great Lakes between the U.S. and Canada (now a territory of the U.S.), sure footed on the solidity of the condensed chemical waste. The ease of travel will clinch the election for the one party, a Republican-Democrat merger.
lol :tired_face:
May we see better days very soon.


Speaking of which, just discovered this:

5 Percent Of Americans Would Vote For Harambe The Dead Gorilla As President



Hell no, this injustice will not stand! I spent September 7, 2007 till December 5, 2007 with the people of Burlington, Vermont. Vermonters are good, caring people no doubt about that. FU Obama, and all the rest of you Republicans, and Democrats who supported this legislation. People all over the state of Vermont worked very hard, traveling around the state in harsh weather, spent their savings accounts dry, etc. to get the Vermont GMO Labeling law passed. Now Obama, and all the rest of the crooks puts the knife into the hearts of every Vermonter, and every American across this country. What else do you need to know America? Republicans, and Democrats will keep screwing you up one side, and down the other, till there is nothing left. Go Greens!


Seems like the lesser of “three” evils to me.


Once Obama signs off on TPP after the election, product labels of any kind on any product (not just food) will be in jeopardy.


Absolute jail time … surely they would somehow term it espionage and you’d get life in solitary. lol, though don;t you wonder?


Obama has proven to be a F>>>>>G Liar, a Whore to Corporate Greed, and a COWARD. I would strongly suggest that all of us need to mount a campaign to Write and Call our Grocery Stores and DEMAND that products we will buy MUST BE LABELED, or we will not buy them.


Well - we all carry phones, so what we now need is a little app that can read barcodes & tell us what they say - then we can figure out what any special codes mean. We need to figure out a work-around because this is a real betrayal of our rights ! Don’t worry we will figure it out, they will not win unless they just stop putting the barcodes on as well !!


Should be of interest to all who do not favor GMO. http://www.globalresearch.ca/why-hillary-clinton-wont-allow-her-corporate-speeches-to-be-published/5533094 Video included. And she will continue his policies?


The work of lead lawyer with Center for Food Safety, Andrew Kimbrell, is coming to the rescue.
He is making this a federal lawsuit.
Stay tuned Americans.
He has won MANY BATTLES on food issues.
I believe his team will prevail.