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Obama Suggests Donors Line Up for Clinton


Obama Suggests Donors Line Up for Clinton

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Barack Obama is quietly urging Democratic donors to get in line with Hillary Clinton, the New York Times reports.


Donors?? Bernie has no donors except for the little people like us, and we’re not falling into line for Obama …


War-mongering neoliberal suit encourages amoral wealthy pig backers of corrupt old capitalist party to donate to war-mongering neoliberal pantsuit.

Slow news day.


Predictable. One neoliberal to another. What is most irksome is that Bernie has picked up where Obama, promises not withstanding, feared to tread. Bernie is the hope and change Obama promised. Hillary the stale bread we are sick of swallowing.


SO the President that put Social Security on the Chopping Block and has rammed the end of US sovereignty and the end of the Middle Class down our throats (TPP) Murdered Civilian women and children (Drone Strikes) committing his very own WAR CRIMES wants Bernie Supporters to line up behind a corporate puppet that wants to continue his policies? Why the hell does he think we are supporting Bernie in the First place?

At this point in the Primary process Bill Clinton had LOST 11 states. Bernie has WON 9 some by landslide. It ain’t over till it’s over Barry.


Obama is smart enough to know that the subject “donors” will never give the time of day to Sanders and the subject donors have not slowed the flow of cash into the Clintons’ campaign war chests, foundation and speaking fee coffers since Bill was Governor of Arkansas during the 1970s.

Another case of change we can believe in ?


Experience? Like Honduras and Libya…


Bernie doesn’t want their stinking money anyway. He’ll take his “Twenty-seven dollars at a time”. About $100 Mil. now and counting!


I would still like to see her emails. It would show how much she knew and when. Like after Fukushima when radiation was raining down on the US and she told her staffers to stay indoors, but didn’t bother to warn anyone else…

Hillary Clinton’s Emails About Fukushima – And Then A Black Out As She Goes to Japan to Support US Nuke Cartel


Just another symptom of Establishment Head Up the Backside Syndrome. Does Obama or anyone else actually think that the droves of people who have been energized because finally, FINALLY, there is someone representing our views and our values in a major political race will suddenly say, “Oh yeah. We should now throw our support behind a candidate who represents everything we hate–you know, the war-mongering, devastating-trade-deal-cheerleading, Netanyahu-loving, death penalty-accepting, regime-change-in-foreign-lands facilitating, Big-Pharma/Big Ag/Big Bank-sellout–that one”!!! Such an assumption is no surprise within the Democratic-Republican-Establishiment, of course, but definitely out of touch. If Hillary becomes the non-Republican option on the November ballot, I think a bunch of people who, without Bernie in the race, would be staying home now, will be staying home then. And who might be those “donors” who will be rallying behind the Billionaire’s Darling? Not the everyday folks funding Bernie!

Now that Hillary has racked up piles of delegates in states that will mostly be Red states in the fall anyway, I guess the Democratic Establishment is feeling desperate over Sanders’ growing popularity elsewhere, so they’re pulling out Big Gun Obama and calling for media black-outs again. Well, I say it must be about time for a whole bunch of people to donate another $10.00 to Bernie!!!


President Obama also used poor judgment in Colorado primary between Andrew Romanoff (the most popular Representative congressman) and outsider Michael Bennet when he came to the state and campaigned for Michael. Bennet was superintendent of schools who with the treasurer invested their teachers’ retirement fund in derivatives, betting that the tax rates would rise instead of lower. Pension funds should be invested in long-term, conservative funds and not speculation. Outcome is bad: the funds must be invested each year (banksters get great commissions) and last time I heard a Bank in Belgium bought the “investment.” In order to get out of the deal, the teachers’ fund would have to pay a fine of over $1 million.

States should elect without interference by President Obama. He apparently put the finger on the scales for Hillary in Texas. Bernie has way better judgment than either President Obama or candidate for President, Hillary Clinton. This is clearly pandering to the rich and looking out for a good job after his tenure is over in Washington!


Oh yeah, and Hillary should be pestered to death to release those speech transcripts!


The transcripts must be damning. I can’t think of any other reason why she would withhold revealing them. As Bernie said, they must be really great speeches to have received the $$$ that she did.


This is also the President who kept Hillary’s career alive by appointing her Secretary of State. Without that appointment, she could not be running right now.
Go Bernie


There’s another reason why I gave money to Sanders today. I get these emails from time to time asking if I will stand up for President Obama. When has President Obama ever stood up for me? NEVER!


Amen, brother! I mean sister. Ciao, cara.


Which is the primary reason I’ve sent him checks for over 20 years. He’s only got us.


THESE are the rotten oinkers Obama is talking to, the same as he has from the day after election (the same day he visibly sold-out the 99%). Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, UBS, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, Barclay’s, JP Morgan Chase, CIBC, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and Morgan Stanley.

Obama now wants these criminal parasites to fund his neoliberal co-conspirator/sellout partner - Clinton&Co! Where are those speech transcripts Hill?

“The Clintons’ $93 Million Romance with Wall Street: a Catastrophe for Working Families, African-Americans, and Latinos”

"For 24 years Bill and Hillary Clinton have courted Wall Street money with notable success. During that time the New York banks contributed:

$11.17 million to Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign in 1992.
*$28.37 million for his re-election in 1996.

*$2.13 million to Hillary Clinton’s senatorial campaign in 2002.

*$6.02 million for her re-election in 2006.

*$14.61 million to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2008.

*$21.42 million to her 2016 campaign.

The total here is $83.72 million for the six campaigns,i ii disbursed from eleven congenial banks: Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, UBS, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, Barclay’s, JP Morgan Chase, CIBC, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and Morgan Stanley.

Then there were the speeches. Sixteen days after leaving the White House in 2001, Mr. Clinton delivered a speech to Morgan Stanley, for which he was paid $125,000. That was the first of many speeches to the New York banks. Over the next fourteen years, Mr. Clinton’s Wall Street speaking engagements earned him a total of $5,910,000

*$1,550,000 from Goldman Sachs.

*$1,690,000 from UBS.

*$1,075,000 from Bank of America/Merrill Lynch.

*$770,000 from Deutsche Bank.

*$700,000 from Citigroup"


The Clintons’ $93 Million Romance with Wall Street: a Catastrophe for Working Families, African-Americans, and Latinos

After she resigned as Secretary of State in 2012 Hillary Clinton took to the lecture circuit as well. Some of her income has come to light during the current presidential campaign—the infamous $675,000…


This from a sitting President who only 48% of the voters want to pick the next Supreme Court justice? Another strong vote of confidence there, no doubt. OhBummer is a complete sellout and a " jaded centrist ". Just like the guy he’s pushing us to rally around, too. The Corporatist Wing of the Democratic Party is selling their " stratejery " but nobody is buying, anymore. The Republicans, by refusing to hold hearings on Mr. Garland, are doing us all a favor, as well. At this point we can see that Hillary and OhBummer have been in cahoots on Election 2016 for years. Triangulation has gotten us into this awful mess, btw. Sen. Sanders needs to go all the way to the convention and demand it stop, immediately. Sen. Warren needs to do the same, as well. Enough with these DINOS, already.


Like I give a Flying You Know What what SellOutObama thinks about the race. I know,I know, he wanted to live to see his kids grow up-no JFK-Bobby Kennedy he-but he has been a big disappointment to me. I don’t care what his recommendations are; I don’t give to the DNC; I think DWSchultz is a big ratfink; Hillary is a serial liar and warmonger [ye shall know them by the company they keep/birds of a feather, e.g. Kissinger/Albright]
I’m giving my $$ to Tim Canova [running against corrupt DWSchultz in FL; to AlanGrayson-both these guys will help carry out BERNIE’s agenda; to Mark Pocan; to Zephry Teachout-and other Progressives. Obama can go straight to hell w/his recommendations.
I’ll continue to wear proudly my BERNIE button, here in bloodyredSC; I’ll phonebank for BERNIE, I will encourage the Sanders campaign anyway I can. How dare BO downplay ‘the authenticity’ deal!! WTF–give my precious vote to somebody I don’t trust from the gitgo? I haven’t lost my precious mind yet, either.