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Obama Task Force Calls for Significant Changes to Policing in America


Obama Task Force Calls for Significant Changes to Policing in America

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Rights groups and others are welcoming the release of a report by the president's policing task force on Monday, saying that the policy recommendations are the best chance the White House has for improving the relationship between law enforcement agencies and the communities they are meant to protect and serve.


Answer " progressives " are clueless. Why don’t Progressives ask Obama to advise Black youths to not act like fools.


Can’t remember how many articles I’ve read just like this one. The idea you can change the behavior of a secretive sub-culture (responsible only to itself) by demanding it recognize the law, is stupid. First of all, policemen are not a cross section of society. They are selected for their peculiar characters. Penchant for violence and a sociopathic disposition towards society are major pluses to get the right to beat citizens with hickory wood clubs. The same stuff baseball players use to hit home runs.

There is a tribal unity against anyone not a member. And you NEVER tell the truth if it exposes another policeman to punishment. But, it’s all about the political establishment it “serves and protects”. City councils could stop police violence in its tracks. I wonder why they don’t?


Actually, police departments and city councils do work very hard to train their police departments to act according to the law. What is the community doing to train their young people to act in a more civil manner?
If Michael Brown had simply stepped onto the sidewalk, or Eric Gardner had complied with police request when he was told that he was under arrest, then they both would be alive today. But instead of complying with legitimate commands by police they chose confrontation instead.


Yeah, I read the article twice, looking for some mention of demilitarizing the police forces or even stopping any further militarization. Nothing. Just some bla bla bla from a task force.