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Obama Task Force Recommends Array of Measures to Curb Warrior Mindset Among Police


Obama Task Force Recommends Array of Measures to Curb Warrior Mindset Among Police

Kevin Gosztola

A task force on policing setup by President Barack Obama issued its report and a number of the recommendations appear to be geared toward reducing the warrior mindset adopted by officers in police departments throughout the United States.



In this case, even if Obama does what he says he is going to do it will at best mask one of the many symptoms of income and resource inequality that Obama’s regressive agenda has exacerbated for the past 6 years and will be further exacerbate when he signs his Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).


“Reducing the warrior mindset” will be quite difficult when many law enforcement officers are ex-military. There is preferential hiring for veterans. Transitioning to civilian life is difficult for some of them, they are bored and want to be where the action is.


There are studies showing that the tendency toward excessively punitive approaches to enforcing the law is often a cultural tendency, and localized by demographics. So for example, Maricopa County, AZ, which has a large older white conservative population, supports the racist, violent, and cruel methods of their chosen (and continuously re-elected) sheriff Arpaio.


Is this some kind of publicity stunt that Obama is trying to pull off? Is he trying to tell us that he is going to save us from something he helped to created?

We all know that the militarization of our local police departments have come out of Washington. One of the largest coordinated militarized police actions was to end Occupy Wall Street. Oakland’s mayor spilled the beans on the government having conference calls with mayors of most large cities. The mayors were given instructions on how to end the Occupy Wall Street Movement and do it in a way that they would have the public’s support. What was done was violent, brutal, and UN American.

Is anyone stupid enough to believe that our military had a lot of extra military hardware and thought that may be the civilian police might be able to use it. It is our Federal Government that has been sending heavy military equipment to our local police. I cringe to think why. It certainly isn’t to make us more safe.

Obama to the rescue. Thank goodness he is going to save us from the bad cops. Thank you Mr President for promising us, no more tanks.