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Obama: Too Cool for Trump’s Crises


Obama: Too Cool for Trump’s Crises

Ralph Nader

Say the right thing and the people won’t mind so much when your words don’t match your deeds.

It isn’t as if Barack Obama doesn’t realize what he is doing and what is happening to him in this self-enriching bubble he has shaped, post Presidency. He can’t seem to help himself, and going to nearly 500 fat-cat political fund-raisers outside Washington, D.C. as President didn’t help to change or expand his chosen circle.


Once again, the “trump is not as evil” line from so called progressives.


Right now Hillary Clinton is speaking out against Trump on her book tour. The book provides her a vehicle. One option for Obama could be to become involved with Organizing for Action. Their funds have dropped off and could probably use his help. They use his image to raise funds but probably need the real person.


Obama’s legacy stands as a testament to what honorable people can do in the face of abject, craven denial and obstruction. Despite McConnell’s lawlessness, standing athwart what benefits American citizens, and being succeeded by the F***ING MORON in the White House, Obama has served us well during his eight years in office. For that, he deserves our respect and honor his right to conduct himself anyway he chooses (and within the law, although I can’t imagine him violating that).

If people are willing to pay him to hear what he has to say, it is his right to accept that money. If it makes him rich, that’s a more moral way to do it than the Republicans do by accepting bribes and “campaign contributions” in order to slither back into office again by outspending opponents (really, Roy Moore for SENATE???).

Attacks on Obama universally come from those who can’t hold a candle to his accomplishments, nor his honor, but who resent him for not being Caucasian. His record is not perfect, and some of us have disagreed with some of his policies, but as President, I am proud to have voted for him…both times. The idea that Republicans have the kneejerk reaction that he was not a good President is rooted in their contempt for anyone who doesn’t wholly agree with their own positions…a posture that ADULTS do not take, but schoolyard bullies (think Orange Hair) DO!


C’mon Ralph, do you really think Mr. Hope and Change is suddenly going to start caring about the common man? You have better things to write about than wasting your time on this fraud.


Indeed. Obama’s status quo approach paved the way to Trump. People should look elsewhere for support.


Which begs the question - is there a real person behind Obama’s facade?


The man is unfortunately a murderer and war criminal. Nice to look at though!


Anyone know if Mr. Nader is still hanging around with Grover Norquist? Remember all the wonderful attention he got himself for doing so? Words and deeds . . .


Hard to believe that there are still even faintly progressive people who admire Obummer. He and Kerry and Hillary betrayed us. I think of the coup Kerry manufactured in the Ukraine, using troops with nazi symbols on their helmets, or the endless parade of lies and obfuscation on the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight 17, or of the sarin attacks in Damascus we tried to pin on Assad. I think of the calculated destruction of the functioning state of Libya and of the bayonet rape of its leader - and of Hillaryʻs subsequent sick little victory gloat. Lately, I have been thinking of Hillaryʻs 2009 right wing coup in Honduras that according to Guardian articles has caused a massive spike in random murders of women - femicide - with police never showing the least interest. One of Obummerʻs last acts in office was to move 300 US tanks and support personnel into Poland, to augment those already in Lithuania, and the missiles he placed in Lithuania and Romania.

The moron with orange hair is a disaster for the nice domestic bubble liberal Democrats have created within the US borders, no doubt. However, once we look outside our borders, there is surprisingly little difference between Obummer / Hillary / Kerry and the moron.


Lrx, you never stop shilling for the failed, corrupt, crooked Dem Establishment. Isn’t it time for you to start promoting progressive candidates, and Our Revolution, instead of Organizing for America and Hillary’s pathetic excuse for a book? She, Bill and their Third Way Dems are what destroyed the Democratic Party. It is time for a sea change, or it’ll just mean more losses, more Republicans and more Trump until it’s entirely too late for the country, and the entire world.


Say the right thing and the people won’t mind so much when your words don’t match your deeds.

So what else is new? Obama was the master of this ploy for eight years, often doing the exact opposite of what he said even just a week, later. As “evil” as Trump? Certainly not, but he does bear some responsibility for creating and sustaining the economic conditions that caused so many desperate voters to turn to Trump, not to mention protecting the very fat cats from prosecution that Trump voters so hate. And then there’s the powers he bequeathed to Trump, powers no president should have, compliments of his staff of lawyers who worked overtime to dodge the constitution. Yes, Obama has a right to enjoy the benefits of his retirement, but Nader is right in that Obama should at least spend some time and effort cleaning up a mess he helped to create. Pretty sad when 93 year old Jimmy Carter steps forward to try to talk to North Korea to avert a war and defuse Trump, while Obama rakes in big dollars for his say nothing speeches and spending time cavorting with the celebrity set.


Ralph Nader should know better than to ask Barack Obama to get real. Barack is a puppet directed by much larger western oligarchs. The few Windsor, Rothschild & Vatican aristocrat trillionaire majority share holders of the privately held US-Federal-Reserve, Bank-of-England & Bank-of-International-Settlement, who in turn have total control of the World-Bank & IMF ‘select’ all politicians & set all policy. We don’t know who Barack is as a person, only as a very good & convincing actor, which is why he was ‘selected’ for his leading role in the colonial political false-democracy charade & oligarch continuing command for local & foreign murder.

Has no one on this Common Dreams discussion group been exposed to:
-The Secret World of the US Election? by John Pilger

  • interview Julian Assange 10 million WikiLeaks over 10 years?,
  • CitiGroup appointing Obama’s Cabinet?,
  • Libya’s destabilization Podesta emails? Sydney Blumenthal in Libya 5Nov’16, 24m52s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sbT3_9dJY4

Ralph should know that; the change to the system won’t come from the top-down or from such as Barack departed. If Barack had backbone & not puppet-strings he have headed with his family (for safety) to Russia along with ex NSA agent Ed Snowden to tell the truth fully about who the world’s & his same masters really are. Its up to all of us to organize ourselves economically in the Multihome-Dwelling-Complexes where 70% of us presently live & investing in the businesses, industries & other workplaces where we work to take back our fundamental economy out from under oligarch control & back into our own hands.

The 1st Nations we genocided & our own ‘indigenous’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) European Celtic, African, Asian, Australian & American hemisphere ancestors who were genocided & subjected to this same oligarch mismanagement of people & biosphere, hold the knowledge humanity needs to move forward. All of us as refugees from ecological & economic oligarch mismanagement, genocide & war, were manipulated into genocide of many 100s of millions of indigenous people worldwide. As abused we also became abusers. Imagine our own ability to deliver such as Multihome delivery of health services meant for a level of care-intimacy & continuity across one’s lifetime. Multihome economic organization is the missing ‘fractal’ (‘building-block’) needed to empower humans at all levels, if we are to restore our collective intelligence & relational-economy. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/relational-economy


Isn’t Obama essentially following in the footsteps of the presidents who came before him?


If we had a revolution, who would fight whom, and for what? We’re rich vs. middle class vs. poor, further pitted against each other by race, deeply divided by political ideology. I heard those those to the right are just as divided today, too.

On your final point, no, I don’t accept collective responsibilities for the evils committed through history by those who had the same general skin color as me. Most of us really don’t have the luxury of pursuing that right now, given the extreme stresses – and very dangerous situation – we currently face.


Ralph, give up on this guy as he is a loser.


That statement is complete bull. These benefits, as you describe them, are simply bribes after the fact; they should be made criminal offenses.


DHFabian, Thank you. Yes Obama is “following in the footsteps”. Obama, as his public image portrays was never in the presidential office, on his own regard.
Since oligarch colonial invasions including very expensive shipping of Europe’s refugees is all part of a grab for world power, which never stopped to this day. Through the Finance-Media-Education-Military-Industrial-Legislative-Complex oligarchs keep a tight hand on the rudder to this very day. The USA & Canada have never been without active involvement in warfare their entire histories.
The false colonial ‘revolutions’ etc have all been orchestrated with the illusion of ‘democracy’. Democracy from the Greek means ‘power-of-the-people’. All humanity’s indigenous peoples, our ancestors knew that the only real power must include everyone in their homes & work. Our indigenous ancestors before the violence of colonization, built community on ‘privacy’ or free-choice of involvement but as well intergenerational, female-male ‘proximity’. They organized Economic Democracy based on multistakeholder progressive ownership in the diverse ~100 person Multihome-Dwelling-Structures (Longhouse-apartment, Pueblo-townhouse & Kanata-village) architecture & urban planning.
RE: "who would fight whom . . .? Revolutions in the colonial sense are completely false. The only real revolution is proactively organizing our individual, family, extended-family, multihome, village & community resources in positive collaboration. Young & old are able to collaborate with their complementary talents. This is the fractal kind yet powerful sovereignty which European economic-ecological refugees arrived to in the Americas & worldwide. Europeans were fleeing from dysfunction, yet transported this same murderous genocidal nature-destroying dysfunction, wherever we have gone. American 1st Nations fed, clothed, housed & healed colonists for many decades before settler-invaders turned upon them in ingratitude, in cowardly subservience to oligarch colonial rule. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/relational-economy/extending-our-welcome-participatory-multi-home-cohousing
So Fabian, the only real responsibility, is as you already conceive it, not to keep on repeating the same false reactive negative revolutions & to master our own positive talents, goods, services, resource & dreams individually & together in our natural associations in multihomes & workplaces. Our group the Sustainable Development Association & Indigene-Community ‘Do-we-know-who-we-are-?’ open-source web-based neighbourhood & multihome software development is over the past 42 months been coding ‘Community Economy’ accounting so folks can learn about their neighbours talents, goods & services as well as build local economies of investment & exchange. Can you imagine a Human Resource Catalogue where you can share your gifts, make some side income & benefit from each other? Can you imagine your condo with a community kitchen, dining hall & green roof with food perennials, trees & growing plots? https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/structure/9-do-we-know-who-we-are


Shame on Ralph Nader! After the way many people have treated the Obama’s, I wouldn’t do a thing to help either, if I were him. His family, and children have suffered, and been abused enough while he served with dignity and got nothing but abuse. Why should Obama, stick his neck out there, or stress himself out in the obscene filth, that is Trump’s daily lies, crimes, and ignorance, as no republicans do a thing to stop Trump’s ruining any progress Obama worked to create. If America wants poverty, ruin and another world world war, if America wants to lose the world’s respect, allies, and trust, expect America to never be trusted again, then they have what they deserve in Trump.
Obama was the best president we have had in my lifetime, as an adult, and he probably will be the last decent president we’ll see. With this GOP hacking away at workers safety regulations and rights, under Trump, allowing deregulated corporations to cut workers pay and benefits, and handing the country to anyone with a dollar, refusing to end the Russian hacking of our elections, and doing nothing to stop the Russian hacking, why should Obama stick his neck out?

I wish Obama well and hope he enjoys his life and family. Goodness knows the man worked harder than ANY president I have seen in years! Obama’s integrity, and intelligence, is unmatched, as was President Obama’s dignity. While Obama was chronically attacked by racists, and bigots daily, few stepped forward to help. . Media was no help, and in fact, neither were the Democrats really! They didn’t help him push his Healthcare in midterms, that saves millions of lives today, and Democrats have lost elections ever since. They didn’t stand by him, and they should have. Obama can speak, unlike Trump, and Obama make sense, and saved this nation from the debt the GOP left us, by cutting our debt in half while he served. Obama did well by repairing the country from GOP ruin and wars, without their help. All the GOP did was obstruct Obama at every chance they could. The GOP have shamed the country… Unlike Trump’s ignorant, limited remarks and cursing on national TV, we can do better than Trump and this GOP.

Children shouldn’t have to be asking. “Mommy why is the President swearing on TV”?.. When has Trump ever spoken more than 200 words or sounded remotely like he has any education at all? President Obama owes us nothing. The GOP chose Trump and ruin, and ruin is what they deserve.


Every day we are closer to a constitutional crisis because of Trump’s ignorance and daily embarrassments for all the world to see and hear… The man can’t speak without undermining himself, and has no “Policies”. Even his own Base is turning against him, except for a few people with little intelligence (KKK, White Supremacists) that still need to believe “they didn’t screw up by electing him”. Trump has encouraged a form of stochastic terrorism, and glorifies violence, at his rallies. He’s violated the Emoluments clauses with his Cabinet members staying at his Trump Hotels while taxpayers pay for it, as well as the Military Jets the Cabinet members use to travel, when anyone else in office, uses commercial flights. . He’s lying about Iran, and is only going to break trust, because of his own jealousy of Obama’s many accomplishments, while Trump has done nothing but undermine workers safety, and if he goes back on America’s Treaty, no one will ever trust the country again. Trump speaks few words and admitted on TV that he “Fired Comey because he doesn’t believe the Russians hacked our elections”. Other countries have been able to stop Russian hacking while this GOP do nothing, have done nothing to protect our elections. They know Trump is a danger to the country. He called NFL players SOB’s on national TV, then Trump proceeded to divide the country claiming “They disrespected the flag, then a song, then the soldiers, and then he had the VP waste taxpayers money going to a game and leaving”? That’s pathetic! The NFL were exercising their rights, that soldiers fought for, not a song or a flag. They fought for freedom in our Bill of Rights, one being the right to peacefully protest, and what’s wrong with silently kneeling? I have no idea what anyone sees in this ignorant pathetic excuse called Trump, and his trophy wife, who wears heels to see flood victims, a wife who he cheats on. Dozens of women came forward about Trump assaulting them sexually. He hired Flynn knowing Flynn worked with the Russians, and yet so did Donald Jr, and Trump himself work with Russians. No American Bank will loan Trump a dime! He’s a deadbeat, yet called Puerto Rico “Ingrates”?? . Trump obstructed justice when he fired Comey, and then proceeded to threaten a witness, Sally Yates testimony. Trump leaked information to the Russians in the Oval Office with no one else there and upset our allies in Israel. Trump braggs and pats himself on the back…How many times has he lied and said, “Believe me”? The man is a bottomless pit of insecurity and lacks empathy. Anyone who can tolerate that needs their heads examined. Obama doesn’t need to get anywhere near this mess