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Obama: Too Cool for Trump’s Crises


Every day we are closer to a constitutional crisis because of Trump’s ignorance and daily embarrassments for all the world to see and hear… The man can’t speak without undermining himself, and has no “Policies”. Even his own Base is turning against him, except for a few people with little intelligence (KKK, White Supremacists) that still need to believe “they didn’t screw up by electing him”. Trump has encouraged a form of stochastic terrorism, and glorifies violence, at his rallies. He’s violated the Emoluments clauses with his Cabinet members staying at his Trump Hotels while taxpayers pay for it, as well as the Military Jets the Cabinet members use to travel, when anyone else in office, uses commercial flights. . He’s lying about Iran, and is only going to break trust, because of his own jealousy of Obama’s many accomplishments, while Trump has done nothing but undermine workers safety, and if he goes back on America’s Treaty, no one will ever trust the country again. Trump speaks few words and admitted on TV that he “Fired Comey because he doesn’t believe the Russians hacked our elections”. Other countries have been able to stop Russian hacking while this GOP do nothing, have done nothing to protect our elections. They know Trump is a danger to the country. He called NFL players SOB’s on national TV, then Trump proceeded to divide the country claiming “They disrespected the flag, then a song, then the soldiers, and then he had the VP waste taxpayers money going to a game and leaving”? That’s pathetic! The NFL were exercising their rights, that soldiers fought for, not a song or a flag. They fought for freedom in our Bill of Rights, one being the right to peacefully protest, and what’s wrong with silently kneeling? I have no idea what anyone sees in this ignorant pathetic excuse called Trump, and his trophy wife, who wears heels to see flood victims, a wife who he cheats on. Dozens of women came forward about Trump assaulting them sexually. He hired Flynn knowing Flynn worked with the Russians, and yet so did Donald Jr, and Trump himself work with Russians. No American Bank will loan Trump a dime! He’s a deadbeat, yet called Puerto Rico “Ingrates”?? . Trump obstructed justice when he fired Comey, and then proceeded to threaten a witness, Sally Yates testimony. Trump leaked information to the Russians in the Oval Office with no one else there and upset our allies in Israel. Trump braggs and pats himself on the back…How many times has he lied and said, “Believe me”? The man is a bottomless pit of insecurity and lacks empathy. Anyone who can tolerate that needs their heads examined. Obama doesn’t need to get anywhere near this mess


lol…Now that was unintelligible rubbish…


The people in here are really freaky stupid…“Nazi symbols on helmets” with Kerry? I won’t be visiting this site again…too many Fox viewers drinking some seriously thick kool aid…


What part of “puke” don’t you understand Bill? A four-letter word should be right up your alley. (That’s an expression, in case you’re looking out your back window for a four-letter word).


Plus he could shovel his Wall St. money and bloated advanced book fees their way. What a friggen genius suggestion LRX.


Not to mention all the pension, office staff, security, etc. that taxpayers put out.


Fox News? Please. I get my facts from Consortium News:

However, I do have to agree with you. There is at least one comment here that is “freaky stupid.” Wake up.


REALLY, Nader? Enough already with your sour grapes! You have already cost progressives at least one election - go back to doing your own thing!


Obama’s role while he was in office was to make as many fat cat friends as he possibly could. He refused to tangle with hateful republicans, often caving in to their desires without even the hint of a fight for the policies the nation needed. He proved almost from day one that he had lied to the voters about change. What he wanted and got was change for his family, change for his own life. No one else mattered then, and we don’t matter now. Obama was a FALSE GOD, and is acting still on behalf of the WEALTHY who lead/control the DNC. He is the one who installed Perez, and he is the one who DID NOTHING about Wasserman-Schultz’s horrible, treachery against the whole Democratic Voting population, when she undermined Sanders and assisted in getting democrats removed from states/local voting roles. In my view, she criminalized the entire election, right along with the Russians. There is no way in hell I will give money to the DNC, after all of this. My support will go directly to those who’ve proven repeatedly to be sponsors of The People’s Policies. Obama is a coward and I do feel betrayed by him.


Here we are in the midst of an existential crisis as a nation, with an orange baboon steering the ship, and Ralph Nader attacks…Obama? GET OUTTA TOWN!


I just can’t agree w you re. Obama. I will always think of him as the great betrayer.


People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. While this is a reference to Ralph ignoring the One Demand campaign financing approach I will not post my petition to get Ralph to address the One Demand campaign financing approach again on this article (you can find it through my comments on his previous recent articles).
But I will post my new petition to get Colin Kaepernick to run for the Senate as an independent small contribution candidate in California in 2018 against Dianne Feinstein.
Citizens that want Ralph’s words to match his deeds can sign these petitions and encourage Ralph to address or support these efforts.

Think of your millions of supporters, Mr. Obama. They want you to regularly stand up for them and fight the Trump-led assault on our weakening democracy.

gee, i do wonder just how mr. nader defines the word democracy. if we want democracy, we the people must stand up for ourselves.


Read your own comment. Don’t stop at puke.


This stuff is more RT and Sputnik than Fox. You will find nothing in the comment that doesn’t align entirely with putinist propaganda. Happens quite a bit here.


So what has Ralph Nader done since he gave the presidency to George W?


When you claim, “The man is a murderer and war criminal”…you surely must be referring to Bush correct? Bush illegally invaded Iraq, tortured in our name, and killed millions of innocent Iraqi’s when he invaded their country, under the false premise of “WMD”…(which no one ever found). This was done because Cheney wanted Iraqi oil, and it cost us soldiers and massive debt (debt which Obama cut in half)…

Our surviving Vet’s of Iraq suffer still, and commit suicide in record numbers, because of the "Forced multiple, unprecedented, redeployments that Bush forced on our soldiers, in spite of them suffering with known PTSD. He did this because Bush “laid off most of the trained soldiers” in Bush’s first year in office, “to cut costs”… Let’s not even get to the thousands of amputee’s he caused, or the post 9/11 First Responders, who to this day, can not get funding to pay for their lung diseases, caused by the smoke on 9/11. This year again, the GOP lead congress refused to fund First Responders, who die daily.
While Military Corporations, like Halliburton, got blank checks, our soldiers got whatever was left over, in unsafe, outdated equipment. Many built their own shields to protect their trucks-cars etc. from land mines.

The GOP sent “children to war”, and we’re still paying for this illegal, undeclared war today. Invading Iraq caused instability in the middle east that still goes on today, created many factions of terrorists…and we’re still paying for this as well with mass migrations, due to a war torn middle east…
The only “murderer and war criminal” is Bush-Cheney.


Attract attention for himself in the mid-2000s by hanging out with rightwing organizations. His dalliance with Norquist and Cato was enough for me to see he was losing touch, just seeking headlines.


Would that apply to the GOP who also go to work for corporations, after leaving any office, then use their government connections in congress, and the senate, to help them pass “Pollution at will” Bills for corporate abuses by ALEC?


Yes, I mean it for all government officials. These payments for bs talks and primarily for just showing up is a form of bribery. Our government is turning the United States of America into what was once used as a derogatory term for so-called “third world countries”, a Banana Republic. Our treasury is up for grabs to the Defense Industry and its corporate contractors; the Deep State along with the corporate news media calls the strikes for what our government does on the international and domestic fronts; Citizens Untied legislation has turned any semblance of democracy by the people to a re-enactment of the old Donald Duck cartoon books with Scrooge splashing about in an olympic sized swimming pool filled by the dough from billionaires. I personally detest the shenanigans, better described for what it is as corruption of both political parties. There is no best of the worst; they are both detestable.