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Obama: Too Cool for Trump’s Crises


No, I was referring to Obama, Bush’s successor. You know, the guy who chose extrajudicial executions of American citizens and escalated the Bush drone murders.


I agree, 90%, but you have to admit, as much as I detested Hillary, ( and took a shower after voting for her because statistically, the others had no chance). Hillary wouldn’t be as dangerous as Trump’s love for nuking and his “No policy, policies”. I doubt we’d catch her in Emoluments Clause violations, as most of the Cabinet of Trump is doing, or with Military jets. Right now Trump is guilty of at least 8 known impeachable violations, (besides the 25th), to impeach him. From witness tampering, firing Comey, then admitting on national TV, that he did it to make the Russian investigation go away. Then there’s threatening Sally Yates, before she testified…There is the matter of Mnuchin, McMahon and Cohen using Trump Hotels Monday-Thursday, making him money on we taxpayers, that also goes to Trump. The Sec. of Treasury seems to love nothing more than to skim off of our tax money. Hillary couldn’t, and wouldn’t, have done these things, and she has no known foreign investments that could alter her paycheck, as Ivanka does with China, and Trump does too. Trump got 33 more investments with China, including a “Escort Service”…Something else Hillary wouldn’t do!
The Iran deal is another concern. Trump’s lying on this. After 8 inspections in 2 years, Iran is in compliance fully, and even Israel agrees. The Iran agreement takes out 98% of their ability…there’s no cause to have the US go back on its word, (our Treaty) since the rest of those who signed on ( our allies), will still be in the agreement, and the US would find itself isolated and could lose allies.

How are we ever going to negotiate with North Korea if they see the US go back on our Treaty’s with Iran and undermine Tillerson, (not that I like him either)… Something to think about. I had hoped Bernie would win, but then, I’m an idealist who wants it all. An educated country, with everyone having free healthcare, to me, is a right, and could only strengthen our own economy. In Canada and France, my relatives tell me they get the same healthcare as any millionaire could hope to get here, the best! Here it’s dictated by how much, and what kind of Insurance you have. I know from experience.


Trump has NOT “always been naked about the puke he is”.

If that were the case he wouldn’t constantly lie to position himself to continue such constancy.

As you know I’m no fan of Obama, but it should be pretty damn clear by now that Trump is THE most dangerous President in our lifetimes, no matter how old you are.

Yes, more dangerous than Nixon, Reagan, Bush and son, and the rest. And that says a lot.

The jerk is trying very hard to stoke a war on the Korean Peninsula.

Oh yes, kudos to Trump for being “naked” about his intentions. “You will see”, as the puke says.


Daily Kos your hangout?

I mean Obama is a fucking saint.

Before you call me a FOX shill, or a Trump supporter read my posts.


I’m not positive, but I think you mistook a sarcastic post. I looked at a few of Llaws posts in this thread and a past thread and the writing style and tone are pretty different. Also, I’m sure he knows that the debt went up quite a lot during Obama’s presidency not down (as a percentage of GDP it went from mid 60s to over 100% - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_debt_of_the_United_States#/media/File:US_Federal_Debt_as_Percent_of_GDP_by_President_(1940_to_2015).png).


Here is the problem with “progressives” of your stripe.

You don’t yet understand that the current power center of the Democratic Party is aligned with the Corporate State as are all Republicans.

That’s why Wellpoint essentially wrote the ACA out of Baucus’s office in the Senate through the corporate servicing hand of Liz Fowler.

Corporate State Democrats, including Saint Obama scammed the US citizenry over the so-called “public option” that was in reality never an option to begin with. The scheming Corporate State servicing Obama made certain of that.

NDAA? Obama gets a pass on this from you?

How about letting the Frackers write the fracking rules. That was okay with you?

How about Obama blocking any criminal investigation or prosecution of torturers in the CIA, Pentagon, or the architects of it? He prosecuted the CIA torture whistleblower, Kiriakou. You okay with that too? He also prosecuted and jailed more whistleblowers than all other Administrations combined.

He also oversaw the treatment of whistleblower Chelsea Manning’s TORTURE, and made that good human being SUFFER before finally acting to set her free.

Oh yes, the Republicans made him do it!

They also made Obama set up a fucking Cat Food Commission to come up with insidious ways to cut Social Security benefits, right. They made him appoint longtime Social Security enemy Alan Simpson to head it.

How about Obama along with other Corporate State Democrats blocking any criminal investigation into the many crimes of the Bush Administration, including leading a nation to war based on demonstrable lies. Nope, he Nancy Pelosi, and even Bernie Sanders would have none of it.

Ending decades long moratorium on oil exploration in large areas off the Atlantic Coast? Obama!!!

Now Obama will make his rounds as a superstar advancing corporate power.

But I watch FOX for all of this, which is the typical response from those venturing to Common Dreams from Daily Kos, when there is any criticism of the Corporate State Democrats for who, and what they really are.


Appreciate the perspective, but I’m confident the post I responded to was not intended as sarcasm.


And you cheer Obama having protected these war criminals from prosecution? What?

And the people who were whistleblowers exposing such crimes, Obama prosecuted and jailed.

Yeah that Obama is a fucking Saint.


Yeh, when Trump was being Trump, before he was a politician, running beauty pageants, running with the Clintons, bankrupting businesses, defending racism and sexism – well that didn’t matter because he wasn’t a politician. And that was before the Age of Tweet so you actually had to read and watch to see his vile being. I guess that’s why he was elected. People are incapable of/don’t want to to actually read or exercise our critical capabilities (both of which take some effort - I mean lifting newspapers, magazines and books is hard work, not to mention actually trying to understand what the media says). We never new. Bull.


Huh? I was addressing INTENT.

Trump has NEVER had any INTENT of being “naked” regarding who he is. Quite the contrary.

You were contrasting the “pretending” Obama to Trump being “naked”.

Okay then. Trump has pretended to be personas he has never intended to be in actuality. Same difference consistent with the point I was making.


Trump has no intent at much of anything. He’s a classic narcissist, nihilist and general puke who doesn’t care about anything or anyone.


I didn’t call you, or mean to imply “you”…were “A fox shill”…or a “Trump supporter” You have to admit, Trump cutting healthcare for kids,(this week), was shamelessly cruel, and was previously a bipartisan issue. Trump not paying the premiums, that even the Markets say will destabilize people’s health care is pretty awful and CBO states will double premiums for people like us, that buy insurance privately. Exchanges in groups, often went bankrupt or were underfunded. Obamacare made those company scams illegal. I personally feel what the GOP are doing is looking out for out of control insurance premiums, not the people of America.

. Obama did the best he could, with little support from any Republicans, and not that much from Democrats either to make it "Single payer. After all why should our premiums pay for 39 million dollar salaries for one chairman of one company alone last year. Did you know Mylan pharma. paid one just ONE Chairman, 39 millions for pushing paper! There’s where our premiums increases go! If the GOP cared about their own states, they’d regulate what these Insurance salaries are paying their CEO’ etc., compared to their ability to drive up costs to us.
The GOP claimed, “They’d give everyone healthcare”, and yet when they had a chance to “Replace it”…It came out they never once, in all of the 8 years, and 60 attempts to Repeal, had a single replacement planned at all, beyond going back to when people were being fooled by the Insurance Industry, selling policies, that people were buying that, when used, covered nothing. Also, these cuts hurt small business with less than 500 employees and ( as usual) helped only large corporate donors.

Another words, the GOP all along meant to undo any legal safety and progress that protected “We the people” over greedy insurance profits. Under Obamacare, even if we agree it needed tweaking was better than what we had before insurance companies could rip off people by selling useless policies… The mandate saved the taxpayers 100’s of billions, because young people don’t understand that if they have an accident, or get sick, and had no insurance, that we all will once again be paying for their care, when they won’t buy available insurance. GOP run states that didn’t participate also hurt their own, in defiance.

2nd… The fact is Obama did cut US debt in half…but don’t believe me…Look on line under and.gov site and see for yourselves…


We were discussing Healthcare, not the issues you refer to. No doubt many of Obama’s decisions were stomach turning, and angered many… I was referring to the good he tried to do. In comparison to what we have in office now…I’d have elected obama again if he could have run…or wanted to go through that hell again.
Trump and the GOP are in this for themselves, shamelessly hurting the american people, voting 60+ times to undo healthcare laws meant to keep us safe from the insurance industry greed, that we had before Obamacare. Personally, I don’t think we need an insurance industry to pay. We could pay government employees on a salary, who aren’t paid 10’s of million a year to raise premiums. While the GOP haven’t done a single thing to investigate russian hacking our elections to destroy Democracy and end freedoms we have. We lost enough freedoms under Bush when he used 9/11 to spy on all of us.Deregulated Banks, etc…


No. Obama did not do “the best he could.” There were areas in the ACA especially that he could have greatly improved before signing, and chose to give the INS industry a big GIVEAWAY. He betrayed us in many ways, but this was the most direct deal he could have improved upon and chose not to. A deal that impacts millions of Americans. Obama was not the angel of mercy you pretend he was.