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Obama Touts 'Historic' Climate Plan, But Does It Go Far Enough?


Obama Touts 'Historic' Climate Plan, But Does It Go Far Enough?

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

President Barack Obama declared Sunday that his administration is poised to unroll greater-than-expected cuts to greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants, in what he called "the biggest, most important steps we've ever taken to combat climate change."

However, as some leaked details of the plan circulate ahead of Monday's slated unveiling, some climate campaigners say the measures, in fact, fall short of the president's pledge to take aggressive action to curb the global warming crisis.


20 years ago this would have been great news… now it seems almost a joke. Cap and trade? Is that con still being run? Shell drilling in the arctic? This has to be a joke because it isn’t much of a climate plan. Most of it appears to be voluntary compliance (even ignoring the obvious loopholes permitting voluntary non compliance).

We waste precious time and make ourselves fools.


I’m going to read this article more closely after C-Span’s “In Depth” interview with Medea Benjamin ends. What a woman!


“Obama Touts ‘Historic’ Climate Plan, But Will It Go Far Enough?”


That question should only be used as a rhetorical device, not as an actual question. As if one does not know the negative answer!


In order to salvage any respectability, I must say I only voted for this guy once his first term.


Legacy schmegacy.


Barry the Liar’s “legacy” includes OKing Arctic drilling, more oil drilling in the Gulf of Texaco, and his speech back in 2009 when he bragged that the U.S. had greatly expanded its efforts to become “energy independent” by more coal, fracking and oil extraction. He also shook hands (no binding agreement) with the Chinese leaders to reduce our CO2 emissions to 2005 levels by 2025. Ooooh, wow, that should take care of it. Now, our grandchildren are saved.
Meanwhile, the actual planet is burning. Hundreds of fires in California, a very large fire in the Olympic RAIN Forest west of me and hundreds of fires in British Columbia which turned the ski here yellow-brown for days. Also, the state meteorologist of Alaska recently stated that the weather systems over Alaska are “broken”.
All of this with less than a 1 degree C change in overall global temps and we are trying to achieve no more than 2 degrees C which climate scientists say is highly unlikely with the positive feedback loops that have been set into motion.
Obummer represents no real threat to any of the vested interests that are making billions off of this plunder. He is the “more effective evil” and he has done his job well. He will also clean up big time when he leaves office and starts schmoozing in front of corporate get togethers, just like the Clinton did. This isn’t the bold, courageous leadership we need. It is the same old dog and pony show. Let’s get to the truth of it -
The hundreds of billions of profits to be made by energy corporations are more important to the Powers That Be than the future of the planet. An energy corp exec was asked last year what we should do with the estimated 75% of energy “resources” that are still in the ground. His answer? “Burn it all.”


We make ourselves dead.


Slow learning beats no learning.


takes a tremendous amount of gall to give a speech like this within a few days of unleashing big oil into the Arctic. I mean, this dude’s trolling now. Daring his deluded faithful into trying to remember an event from a mere week before.
And the worst part is, he’s probably right. His defenders will do anything to believe in this charlatan. Anything.
I’m at the point where I just treat them as a gaggle of cultists who need to be deprogrammed.


Yes it is just “legacy theater”. Any real climate action must be global. That means good faith negotiations with our invented enemies like Russia and China. It means ending, ending, ending wars and using those financial resources for climate mitigation. It means an end to creating terrorists through bombing brown people and funding Al Qaeda and others for the purpose of the perpetual “long war”. It means an end of weapon sales to the worst regimes on Earth like Saudi Arabia and redirecting the Murderous Industrial Cannibal towards renewable energy. It means an end to the permanent influence of the terrorist neo-cons (or put em in Gitmo as I like to say).
And that is just for starters. Other suggestions are welcome.
Yeah, it is just theater, I wish it meant something but it doesn’t.
Sorry for the rant.


Me too, and my only excuse now is that I was PROFOUNDLY sickened by the Cheney/Bush regime. Turns out that the great Gore Vidal was right - anyone who secures the nomination of either party of our rigged duopoly has already sold their soul ten times over. Barry betrayed the “public option” before he was even sworn in the first time and the ACA is a dysfunctional and expensive healthcare “reform” that assures that for-profit medical coverage is institutionalized in the U.S. Hope and Change ™ was just another cynical ploy to gain power and I fell for it. The real nightmare will begin next year if the American voters install even more wingnuts into Congress and elect a Rethug president. Then the words of George Carlin will come true - “And now they are coming after your Social Security, and they’ll get it too, sooner or later.”

“Its money that matters in the U.S.A.” – Randy Newman


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“Voluntary compliance”. That’s a good one. In the Bush years they had voluntary compliance of energy corps. I think it was called the “Clear Skies Initiative” or some such BS. The result? Houston overtook LA as having the dirtiest air in the country but George Bush’s pals made even more money.


There it is and more is yet to come. It seems so unlikely that anyone would ignore such dire warning signs of what lies ahead but we do. How is it possible to do so little in the face of so much?

And though the Golden Goose was ill and surely dying, still they squeezed and squeezed hoping for yet one more egg, even if it killed the goose and meant that this would be the very last egg. They were content that the last golden egg would be for themselves alone.


Why is the fossil fuel industry and states like West Virginia and Wyoming going totally apoplectic-ape-shit over these admittedly inadequate measures, then?


Not mentioning the life-killing nuclear powerplant as a viable (so-called clean) alternative energy substitute was a puzzling relief. Coal, for sure, must go - yesterday. But fracked gas and oil! Come on! Carbon is carbon. All fossil fuels must go. Nuclear has been a pretty and very ugly lie, from the get-go. How did governments become so lame? Air Pollution? GMO’s? So mean. So selfish.


“Aggressive action” from this administration & Prez? Haven’t seen any yet, sir…except for sellout after sellout to big-money, corporate desire, the oil & gas cartel, big-pharma, or war-machine, predictably & often right after some minor feel-good sop to environmentalists or progressives or one group or another is announced with great fanfare. I expect addressing the accelerating crisis of man-made climate change (or any other environmental protection issue) in really substantive ways or in a timely manner will be no different. “Hey, we’re going to reduce/change/stop/fix/reform Y by X% by 2050”…or 2075…yeah, that’ll git 'er done…maybe he’s decided to approve the XL pipeline…


And with The Queen of Hell, you are going to get the same in spades. The woman seems hell bent on starting a nuclear war once she’s in office. All the others, excepting possibly Sanders and certainly Stein, seem simply content with bombing the crap out of Iran.


WWWWwwwwwooooooowwww, how do we wake you up…???