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Obama Vetoes 9/11-Saudi Legislation Setting Up Potential Override


Obama Vetoes 9/11-Saudi Legislation Setting Up Potential Override

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As expected, President Barack Obama has vetoed legislation that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue nations, including Saudi Arabia, for any role their government may have played in the terrorist attacks.

The move on Friday means Obama will potentially face the first veto override in his presidency.


"The White House also says, as CNN reports, that it "could expose U.S. diplomats and servicemen to litigation in other countries."

Including Obomber:



This veto has nothing to do with anything but BS! What a travesty! When one of the most egregious, dictatorships in the world, is being protected from a lawsuit by American citizens that lost loved ones on 9/11.


"White House press secretary Josh Earnest also previously said, 'The whole notion of sovereign immunity is at stake.'"
* When they get the Toilet Paper Plan passed, sovereign immunity will be be a joke anyway.


Actually, sovereign immunity will still be in play--only it will be the multinational corporations that enjoy sovereignty...


I don't dare say what I would like to say on topic. (gosh what might be said? It's a mystery!!!!!!!)

Me cryptic? Nah.

That said (whatever was said) hopefully this latest attempt to stifle any further investigation in the form of lawsuits by families against the House of Saud, will fail, and his veto will be swiftly overridden.

Biting my tongue, biting my tongue, biting my tongue, ad nauseum.


"[U]ndermines core U.S. interests,": such as endless wars to steal other sovereign nation's resources and turning these countries to rubble so corporations can go in and "rebuild" for profit? Such as keeping the war manufacturing--essentially the only real manufacturing base in the US--humming?

"The whole notion of sovereign immunity is at stake.": of course The US is not really bothered by this little thing called "sovereignty", the need for nations to be immune to unnecessary attacks, to protect and control their own resources.

"It will deter terrorism and hold accountable those nations that support and fund it": Shouldn't this begin with the USA whose global interference, especially in the Middle East, is supporting the recruitment of militants?


The US Fourth Reich has become the biggest and most vicious terrorist organization since Genghis Khan.
* And, it takes great pride in this.


At this point the picture is perfectly clear to anyone willing to look at it. Our government and the House of Saud are one and the same thing.


I'm all out of shocked face masks.


Our leaders sell their soul for the petrodollar.


There will be no override. The first vote was easy and popular with constituents. The next vote will be dictated by politics so the people lose again.


That was during the Bush Administration. I suspect that the Saudis could shed light on the complicity, which would likely involve criminal intent for Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Maybe we'll never know the truth.


My deep sympathy goes to 9/11 families. 9/11 families deserve our utmost respect. SA is in the same position as USA. In fact, over the last 14 yrs SA suffered from series of AlQaeda and ISIS attacks. Mind you all that government has strict rules when it comes to supporting and funding such and similar activities. So passing such a law would do nothing in reality to the Saudi government. Some think that Obama's stance on such a law because of SA relations. I doubt so. He aims to protect US national security in one way or another. Thus, SA whether the law is passed or not wont be in danger since they are innocent from such attack as provided by the 28 report.


This could be a missed opportunity to rebrand family values.


28 pages released by US intelligence committee showed that SA has nothing to do with 9/11 deadly attack. In fact, the government is in no way supports such activities whether by funding or any other way. As for the rest of the point, SA suffered from similar terrorist attacks since 2004. So SA and USA are on the same page. As for Obama's point, he is right. If the government has nothing to do with that attack why would USA pass the bill? If Saudi government along with USA have gone through such deadly attacks, then why would shift the blame to SA? Aside from that it would allow other governments affected by USA crimes to sue them. Japan and Afghanistan and the list is long.


Would it also allow foreign nationals to sue the US government for misconduct


Hello Green1991,

A) I agree that families deserve our sympathy and our respect, and I'll add that individuals deserve the same - no matter which government rules them.

B) Denying anybody justice is not sympathetic or respectful.

Please provide links or a means by which we can read the 28 pages you mentioned a couple of times in you post.

"Aside from that it would allow other governments affected by USA crimes to sue them. Japan and Afghanistan and the list is long."



Genghis Khan? A terrorist? He was a ruler with a conquering army. I suppose you can call it a terrorist organization, but then, what isn't?


We know more than enough of the truth. We will never "get to the bottom" of it. There is no bottom.