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Obama Warned to Defuse Tensions, Avert Wider War in Syria


Obama Warned to Defuse Tensions, Avert Wider War in Syria

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity


FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity



This is terrible news for Hillary and her chief-executioner Samantha Powers.
If Russia isn't our enemy, what ever will the neocon warmongers do?
Go after China I suppose?


Demonizing Putin gives the military industrial complex (MIC) two wins: 1) Clinton in the White House, and 2) a restarted cold war with Russia.


Jesus said, "no man can serve two masters". The neocons serve two, "Israel and the US". While havoc or regime change in Iraq, Syria, and Iran (hoped for) serves the interests of Israel, it does not serve the interests of the US - we (and the people of tHe Middle East) don't have surplus reserves of blood and treasure to squander in the pursuit of neocon goals. Whose interests were served by the "Assad must go" mantra?
The neocon record is a clear loser for us. Let's not repeat and be lead into un-necessary, profligate conflict with Russia.


Many thanks to this esteemed group, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity and the wisdom they are offering Obama. It has come down to whether the military or the president is in charge of US policy. Obama needs to fire the one's that made the decision to bomb the base, for insubordination.
The Clinton campaign and MSM have this drum beat against Russia and are going ahead as if HRC is already the president.
When we say Hillary is not the lesser evil, this is a perfect example of why she is more dangerous than carrot top. She has to be stopped. She is crazed with power and way too wedded to the neocon ideology. Scary.


Seems we are headed down the path of a military coup. While the 1934 plot was funded by bankers and big business, this one could very well be attributed to the military-industrial complex and the zombie-sycophants that trail in their path, each hoping for riches and positions of power. http://www.counterpunch.org/2011/12/02/wall-streets-failed-1934-coup/


"It should not be attributed to paranoia on the Russians’ part that they suspect the Sept. 17 U.S. and Australian air attacks on Syrian army troops that killed 62 and wounded 100 was no “mistake,” but rather a deliberate attempt to scuttle the partial cease-fire Kerry and Lavrov had agreed on – with your approval and that of President Putin – that took effect just five days earlier."

Immediately after the U.S. violation of the cease-fire agreement, the U.S. called the bombing of Syrian troops an error, then, in response to Russia's statements on the issue, began upping the anti-Putin propaganda blitz.

Did the U.S. military deliberately ignore the peace agreement?

Are they that out of control?


The US military and our intelligence organizations complained bitterly to Obama and Kerry about their agreeing to comingle our intelligence with Russian intelligence in order to wipe out the al-Nusra Front and ISIS.
Somebody in the military and in intelligence is hiding information that they don't want anyone to know including Obama.




That report was from April. How interesting.
Obama gave Ash Carter the job that he currently holds as Secretary of Defense.
Clearly that was another blunder by Obama.
Or was it?
You can't make as many bad decisions as Obama has made throughout his presidency by coincidence. Nobody is that stupid.


I also posted this comment on another CD article:

Insanity. Serious ramifications. Why? Greed. Setting us up for the next "Commander in Chief."


I have no faith that Congress will debate or pass an AUMF, even now.


Not having been in the military, Obama doesn't know how to lead it. He may feel that not having been in the military makes him subservient to the military brass and can't assume his authority to fire some generals. That besides the fact that the Republicans will criticize him for it. Boohoo (although secretly Republicans admire authoritarians). Letting the military lead is a sure fire way to get us into more wars.


Of course, WashPo/Neocon Central doesn't bother to mention the U.S. violated the ceasefire first and "accidentally" killed Syrian troops in the process.

But buried in the article is an interesting admission:

"The Syria agreement was part of a year-long effort spearheaded by Secretary of State John F. Kerry to persuade Russia to help bring a negotiated political end to the war. In exchange for using its leverage with Assad to ground his air force and allow aid to flow, the United States said it would work to separate U.S.-backed opposition groups from terrorist forces with which they have become increasingly intertwined."


"Kirby said the Russian and US militaries will continue to use a communications channel set up to ensure their forces do not get in each others’ way during “counterterrorism operations in Syria.”

But the United States is calling home personnel who had been sent to Geneva in order to set-up a “Joint Implementation Center” with Russian officers to plan coordinated strikes.

And US diplomats will suspend discussions with Russia on reviving a September 9 deal reached between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov."



The USA is run by the exact type of bloody fools who managed to get us into the disastrous First World War and who, in the aftermath, created the ideal conditions for the rise of Hitler and the Second World War. Those two diplomatic hiccups cost around 80 million lives between them 20-odd million being Russian.

The USA has effectively invaded the Ukraine, pushing NATO to the Russian border. Never forget that the Ukraine (Kievian Rus) was where Russian civilisation started in the 1200's or earlier and it has been the site of repeated invasions from Poland, Lithuania, Sweden and Germany, apart from the Tartars.It was after the Tartars had been driven out that Moscow became the centre. Meddling in the Ukraine has compelled Russia to seek alliance with China, an aggressively imperialist country pushing its boundaries south into the South China Sea and now an impending area of conflict with the USA and other nations with legitimate interests in the area.Here, the USA needs good relationships with Russia. But what with idiotic and damaging USAian interference in the Middle East and in the Ukraine, the USA is has made some very stupid mistakes, because of the stupids in the Pentagon and the White House.These stupids have the same shortness of sight and lack of brainpower suffered by the British, French, German, Russian and Austrian leaderships in 1900-1914, during 1914-1919 and afterwards from 1919 to at least 1924; they set the world ablaze for 30 years, at least.Now, we don't just have machine guns and barbed wire, we have nuclear weapons.