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Obamacare Repeal = $7 Million Tax Cut for the Rich


Obamacare Repeal = $7 Million Tax Cut for the Rich

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Repealing Obamacare, which Republicans on Friday appear closer to doing, would deliver a sizeable tax cut for the rich, a new report shows.


GOP tax cuts for the uber wealthy--such about-face behavior.


I understand the lede is supposed to create uproar but let's look at it in detail. $7mill divided by 400 that's about $17k per "rich person". I do not think any of those rich guys care much abut that. It's probably less than they give to charity in one month. A gallon of Jet A is about $9 and a Citation X burns about 350/hr. So going to Aspen will pretty much burn the $17k they got back.


So they're going to turn down a free trip to Aspen at the expense of the poor? Not likely.


OK, so let me get this straight. The repeal of "Obamacare" will save some rich assholes 7 million dollars and could add as much as $9 trillion dollars to the deficit, take away an enormous number of jobs, and also eliminate the heath coverage of tens of millions of Americans with NO replacement in sight. This is a triumph of the most cold-blooded ideological extremism that I have ever seen in the U.S. and we should be deeply ashamed about this regardless of whether we voted for these Regressive scum or not. This crap has come about for a variety of reasons and I fear it is just the beginning to a series of horrors that will be unleashed on the American people. "Make America Great Again" is just another contemptible lie from the Orange Mussolini and it will go down as the most tragically ironic campaign slogan in U.S. history.


You should read more carefully as the article states that "EACH of the top 400 highest-income taxpayers—who averaged incomes of roughly $318 million in 2014—a tax cut of about $7 million a year." Why do you post here?


Good point.... missed the each. Too bad i don't get a 3.8% tax cut.

Sorry you don't like me posting here. There's lot of stuff i don't like in life and it still happens. I try to live with it.


I wish Sanders would go for the soft underbelly of this political debate on public healthcare. The best argument is that Congress votes itself a healthcare policy for it's members...and a very nice retirement policy, too.
So, let's have a level playing field.


Your "take" of the article interests in its defense of the uber rich finding the take cut meaningless for them. An alternative "take" would consider the magnitude and meaning of the corresponding loss to those insured under AFC. I infer - perhaps wrongly - you haven't an inkling of what life is like without health insurance in the richest nation on earth. Nor any sensibility of what - in walking in the shoes of someone suddenly without insurance - knowing that the already rich gains from your loss of protection.


We don't need "health insurance", we need universal, affordable, quality medical/dental services - patient -> doctor/dentist. Fighting for sh*tty insurance will get us nowhere, but insisting upon what we really need and want will eventually work. Even Medicare is not really affordable (or comprehensive); it reduces the Social Security that many elderly live on by 10-20% before any actual care is sought or received. Sorry for soapbox - the whole thing irritates me a lot.

Also, I wonder how exactly how this continues to be "the richest nation" when there is so much evidence to the contrary?


Yes Trump will make America great again. The America that earns in the upper 2% Seriously I don't know how you came by your figures of saving the superrich 7 million dollars could ad to as much as 9 triliion dollars to the deficit. Noticed you use the would could vs will How did you get your figures? Not necessarily doubting you I would like to know where did you get those exact figures? What are your sources? You very well could be correct but I can't tell from your comments. I wholeheartedly agree that it was a horrible move to repeal the ACA with absolutely no replacement plan to be implemented in replacing Obama's landmark health care plan.


Got me there. I was fortunate enough to be employed so i had someone pay my insurance for me for the last 20 years. didn't really have to use it, aside from broken bones and other minor trauma.

As for the rich, personally, i am thankful to them. Why? Well, let's put all of us on this board together and add up all the taxes we paid in our lifetime. I am certain we could not pave 10 miles of freeway with that money.


I apologize for the error. I must have misread an article on one of my favorite websites. I just checked and the Office of the Budget says that the repeal of Obamacare will NOT reduce the deficit as Rethugs claim (gee, what a surprise) but it could add about $200 billion to the deficit in the next several years and perhaps much more.
BTW, remember when the Rethugs were going on and on about the deficit crisis and how we needed to cut funding for social services (no military cutbacks, of course) so as to avoid a fiscal meltdown? Well, now that they are back in power Lyn' Ryan is saying that deficits don't really matter after all. Just like Darth Cheney who said "Ronald Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." Yeah, and The Gipper ended up tripling our national debt.


The do not give to charity.


I agree! A rich nation is one that raises the standards of its poorest- not by enriching the coffers of the wealthy


That is a good point about the taxes. However, when the wealthy commit fraud and millions of jobs are lost due the behavior on Wall Street then that's just disgusting, and I am not thankful at all.


Medicare needs a supplement.


I think they do, and that includes all sorts of grants supporting arts, medicine, the environment etc.


The Republicans are considering a rule to have the CBO not score their health "plan." Neat trick, right?


Not too surprising. I expected all this to cost a lot more. But the good news is that not only did we pay for the AFCA to be put in place, now we get to pay for it to be taken away. And considering its through taxes, we seem to be looking at a double tax on a product we don't get to use as well as lose aspects of Medicare. Politicians receive free health care, so I see why it's easy for them to take paid healthcare away from us. Besides, they have to be reelected, and that doesn't seem to happen without money from wealthy donors or rigged redistricting at the state level guaranteeing their victories.