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Obamacare’s Health Plan Choice Benefits are Vastly Overrated


Obamacare’s Health Plan Choice Benefits are Vastly Overrated

Philip Caper

It is well documented that many other countries have created health care systems that are more popular than ours, cover everybody, are more effective as measured by better health outcomes, are better able to restrain increases in costs and, therefore, have per-capita costs that are a fraction of ours.


“Apathy often characterizes people who already are well covered and don’t see any reason to worry about those who aren’t. They include the 55 million beneficiaries of Medicare and roughly 140 million covered by employment-related insurance who like it so much that they are frightened and angered by any program designed to expand coverage for others…”

What?! I’m one of the 55 million and certainly do care deeply about the urgent necessity for universal access to quality medical/dental services; I seriously doubt I’m in the minority. An otherwise good article is deeply flawed by such a presumptive statement. I would urge writers to to substantiate their disparaging characterizations of various segments of the population or desist from snide remarks.


Thank you for caring about others.


I agree with the article main point whole heartedly. I am neither qualified or lucky enough to choose among different coverages for different fees and such an arrangement serves only to advantage insurers.
I want my doctor to be able to help me decide what treatment i should get, not an insurance company who profits off my inability to judge insurance policies in part due to the time and energy I spend increasing my ability to repair automobiles, or design them, or administer health care, or design buildings,or any of the other jobs we are all busy doing, instead of writing and reading misleading insurance policies.


Extortion Care: Keeping Insurance Companies Healthy Since 2013


That’s an outstanding post, JonnyJames, and I’m glad CD selected it to represent comments on page 1. As well-stated as it is concise, and you don’t waste a word.

Having worked as a volunteer for Obama in 2007-08, I’m sickened that he selected the rightwing Heritage Foundation’s health care plan to usher through Congress.

Obamacare doesn’t work for my family. We pay an expensive monthly premium for a plan with high deductibles and no office co-pay; it is catastrophic coverage for a large fee. It’s all that’s available to us here.

Jill Stein and the Green Party have a much better plan, and I’m with them.


OBAMARAMACARE or as its called in the area of criminal law EXTORTION. In the political world its know as Fascism.


Dear America,

We regret to inform you that in 1995, with the creation of the WTO, and the signing of the GATS and NAFTA and now soon even more with fast Trick, which is five years of irreversible TTIP, TPP and the most secret TISA global anti-services and global temping bill and probable other even MORE secret FTAs, your democracy has been terminated.

Your future violated.

And soon the game will be over. As it already has been for hundreds of thousands of Americans who died in misery because of intentionally bad health care PreventCare so that the world could be forced into the same broken system. Because of ISDS, and “indirect expropriation”, you Americans have to get the worst deal of all. (on drugs too, see bilaterals_dot_org/?±medicines-+ And the Obama Tauzin deal and probably fake Vermont “single payer” and Harry Reid’s “stepping stone to single payer” all were likely part of a (corrupt as can be) “bipartisan” good cop bad cop cover up of bad trade policy)

Not a single Senator with the possible exception of the timid but honest Elizabeth Warren has mantioned any of this. And even she doesnt seem to know it all.

It does not look good. the patient is in mortal danger!

We are sorry to inform you that 2008-2009 events appear to have been not the first but the second good cop bad cop- sham debate.

(the first being in 1994)

it appears that way back then a chain of events began which basically has made it necessary to simulate a health care debate and democracy, and your healthcare freedom was replaced by the General Agreement on Trade in Services’s (GATS at www. pnhp. org/sites/default/files/Nick%20Skala%20GAT%20and%20Health%20Reform.pdf (and NAFTA at www_dot_law.harvard. edu/programs/lwp/nafta.pdf, and CAFTA and now TPP, TTIP and the most secret of them all, TISA’s unequal rights imperative.

Please disenjoy this simulated insanity and see the following documents as well as the WTO-GATS, and its additions. The text of TISA at www_dot_policyalternatives_dot_ca/publications/reports/tisa-versus-public-services, TTIP, etc. likely contains much more information but to be understandable you need at least a few glossaries ( better ones than this one at tip2015_dot_eu/files/content/docs/Full%20documents/factsheet_tisa_and_financial_services.pdf - ones which contain ungoogleable trade terms like “water” - i.e. leverage in trade talks- I think) Especially because of facts about health care at citizen_dot_org/documents/Health%20Care%20Memo.pdf which arent commonly known- like single payer has to be single, not an option or its both financially sound and GATS-illegal- the sections which refer to GATS must be referenced against the GATS and the relevant sections of the GATS Googled - because without access to a large body of [arcane relevant WTO jurisprudence see the essay GATS and Public Service Systems at www_dot_iatp_dot_ org/files/GATS_and_Public_Service_Systems.htm
and especially the critical writing on same, you will be unable to understand what is going on. ( but its worth the effort because this is the big one )

Be aware that the fast Tri/ack legislation must be stopped AND it is a sham/deception too of course- traditional for national laws and their texts as well as the Preamble texts of trade deals to be various combinations of advisory only, non-binding, and subsequent to the approval of the five year deal, democracy effectively ends and an endorsement of the monster you are about to read about becomes essentially carved in stone forever, it seems to me virtually unreversable by future elections.

The beginning of the current problem: GATS and NAFTA

  • [The potential impact of the World Trade Organization’s general agreement on trade in services on health system reform and regulation in the United States - International Journal of Health Services - by Nicholas Skala (2009) at citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=

  • [PUTTING HEALTH FIRST: Canadian Health Care Reform, Trade Treaties and Foreign Policy at www_dot_policyalternatives_dot_ca/sites/default/files/uploads/publications/National_Office_Pubs/putting_health_first.pdf (seems only canadians can be honest about this - sadly

  • Please read GATS and Public Service Systems at www_dot_iatp_dot_org/files/GATS_and_Public_Service_Systems.htm

  • Facing the Facts a Guide to the GATS Debate | Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives](http://policyalternatives.ca/publications/reports/facing-facts)

  • Maine - Health Care Subcommittee- ctpchlthcaresub.pdf at www_dot_maine_dot_gov/legis/opla/ctpchlthcaresub.pdf)

*(Note - the “Friends of Services” group at the WTO they discuss in that document is now "the really Good Friends of Services - the quasi WTO body that is negotiating TISA in geneva - TISA is a huge danger to both public services of all kinds, including health care and education, and also living wages and a viable future without corruption for both developed and developing countries’ workers- because TISA is a divide and conquer strategy to preserve and increase inequality - its arguments for promoting an under the radar series of ratchet maneuvers [to achieve low wage “labour mobility” based as they are on a race to the bottom - see paper Rising powers’ venue - shopping on international mobility

) are dishonest and its implicit claim that minimum wages and hard won laws and licenses and citizenship rights to work in developed countries are discriminatory market access barriers that the WTO should overturn as soon as it has jurisdiction are specious)*

Additionally, automation is likely to arrive much faster than economists and politicians are estimating, therefore every job is a precious job and we should dump the neoliberal WTO/GATS based frames and predatory “Free Trade Agreements” for a fair trade model that - instead of exploiting workers, gives everybody an opportunity to both spend a significant portion of their time on professional skills improvement as well as (temporarily) places both workers and executives from around the world in one anothers shoes at regular intervals, with the goal being for all humanity to survive and thrive in the 21st century with a gradual reduction in inequality and hegemony, to be replaced by sustainability and a retreat from the worship of unequal rights- which the trade deals stealthily replace democrcy with NO LESS.

Additionally, recent research indicates that Obamacare/PreventCare itself, can be seen as a cover up by using debt to deny access to doctors to patients, channeling their subsidies to the wealthy, and arbitrary sudden unexpected bills preventing access to health care by the por until its often too late, and then stripping their survivors equity to “repay” when in reality its the survivors of deceased cancer victims - as so many cancers now are apparently caused by toxic chemicals who should be getting repaid. Note how everything is backwards. this is a sign of the two most sophisticated and evil of frauds, extrinsic fraud and control fraud.
Example statement of EUA- >850 EU universities- note that their #1 listed problem is GATS Article 1:3- this shows how TTIP and TISA are threats to education and science]http://www.eua.be/Libraries/Publication/EUA_Statement_TTIP.sflb.ashx
Obamacare model of ISDS creation of corporate entitlements to PreventCare

Obama and ObamaCons beginnings in Chicago Real Estate privatization racket led to knowledge of GATS 9which blocked new public housing by its standstill) this must have led to overtures by the health insurance and drug industries, the insurance industry written ACA, with its skillful smoke and mirrors campaign of misinformation.

Unfortunately could somebody please explain this](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWBZz070m-k).

in the context of this?](http://www.pnhpillinois.org/pipermail/activists_healthcareil.org/2009-August/date.html)

GATS+ISDS+ExponentialIncreaseInAutomation+TISAModeFour=Global PreventCare = GlobalUnequalRights=global endocrine disrupting chemicals cover up=global poverty=eventual genocide=global environmental catastrophe=species extinction

make no mistakes- the three secret trade deals all attack democracy directly, and their core weapon is GATS Forced mandate to Disinvest government from the public interest and explicitly create a new superior goal which is basically a goal of “liberalisation” which is basically putting corporations and their profits above all else, and explicitly disclaiming the importance of humanity’s interests and indeed very existence as people only exist in the trade deals as markets - the rights to which can not be devalued by “trade distorting” subsidies let along the fiscal intelligence of divorcing important essential services from money entirely. (that is in fact what GATS demands](http://www.ciel.org/Publications/PublicServicesScope.pdf)
but - sorry, it had to occur and be completed before 1995- because of [standstill, ratchet, rollback](Standstill and Rollback- Definitions from MAI- dg2953r1e.pdf
), and indirect expropriation, which are the so called “Trojan Horse Clauses](http://works.bepress.com/matthew_rimmer/178/)”

and Investor State Dispute Settlement. ISDS is nothing less than a coup against democracy, and a war on the public interest, which frames human rights as a crime against corporations’s inequal rights- GATS Article 1:3’s use in TTIP and TISA’s mandates is s supreme act of deception which will go down in history as the pearl harbor of teh 21st century- Should Hawaii be warned, and save ten million lives? and one thousand billion dollars? YES so listen up- the FTAS are a crime and a lie, that frames as a theft the free provision of healthcare and education](https://bctf.ca/IssuesInEducation.aspx?id=5944&printPage=true), should be seen as an attack on public’s ability to gain and develop new knowledge itself and the existence of a corporate censorship free open scientific community.

the Biggest lie?

A mark of pathological liars is the incredible complexity and amorality of their lies. FTAs represent the biggest and most elaborate and potentially most destructive lie ever.

When caught they invariably claim that “they had to do it” one crime begats the next crime until they are exposed.

In this case at least part may be driven by fears of crimes against humanity prosecutions (due to *millions killed by medical neoliberal economics “experiment” they already knew would fail. and legal liability, because they knew. They knew and they still did. they are not government, they are people and they should be jailed as such. its sordidly clear driven by a fear of being held accountable for a huge criminal attack on health and future of the world](http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4399291/?report=printable) in the form of toxic endocrine disrupting chemicals that build up in the environment.

the trade deals are a war on public higher education and access to a future by the non wealthy, a putative theory of Obamacare might also see it as a shallow attempt at preventing an adequate cohort of those made most ill by the chemosphere of increasingly dangerous man made chemicals around us. Obamacare is truly PreventCare. Contrast Obamacare with Canada’s single payer, which the global hegemons apparently see as a mortal threat given their willingness to pollute, they wish to prevent any adequate record being created of their misdeeds even if people must die for it.

Additionally, we must remember that the helsinki and Nuremberg treaties prohibit medical experimentation on humans - unless there is informed consent- as a crime against humanity. However, we already know from state healthcare program failures](http://www.pnhp.org/states_flatline/State%20Health%20Reform%20Flatlines%20IJHS%20-%202008.pdf) that Obamacare would invariably fail in 3 or 4 years, which is exactly what is happening.

Basically, on january 1, 1995, the World Trade Organization was founded and the US is one of its founding members. The WTO’s General Agreement on Trade in Services, NAFTA and other subsequent trade agreements all bend over backwards to set up irreversible, impenetrable obstacles to human rights, and create inequal rights for corporations.

Americans should but unfortunately are unlikely to remember the URA, however that legislation basically committed the United States to a healthcare future which they already knew would be unaffordable to most Americans, however, it was essential for the export of the US health insurance system and the global privatization agenda of both US and EU corporations for the US system to be seen as the only future. in short, its a camaign of intimidation and coercion. A Control Fraud. Another goal is clearly rolling back financial regulation laws (and insurance) to 1998 perhaps covering up a massive financial scheme](http://www.democracynow.org/2014/6/20/a_plan_only_banksters_will_love


Agreed. It is too bad that more people didn’t read the detailed and rigorous expose of this corporate giveaway by Dr. Margaret Flowers and her colleague Kevin Zeese in Truthdig. She called “Obamacare” the greatest insurance scam in history. I read recently that 53% of people who signed up for the ACA last year have dropped out because it was just too expensive. Compared to what other industrialized nations like Canada provide, this coverage, which insures that healthcare in the U.S. will always be based on profit, is a disgrace. This will be remembered as Barry the Liar’s signature “achievement”. This and his general sellouts for Wall Street and corporate America (especially his support for the TPP and “Fast Track”) make me ashamed that I voted for him even once.


A measure of the corrupt political system we have was that Jill Stein couldn’t even attend a presidential “debate” without being hauled away in handcuffs. Next year we will see many billions spent by the chosen ones in another dog and pony show designed to sucker us once again into believing that we can change this country by voting for a new president. Remember “Hope and Change”? Yeah, that worked out great.


dus7: The author could have hedged his statements with “most”, “a vast majority”, etc. and then he’d be okay, right? He’s allowing for the exceptional human, like yourself, while recognizing a stochastic truth from the behavior of the society as a norm.

You represent one end of the empathy curve, but do know that there is another end, and the bell curve humps up somewhere between you and this person.


Yes, Americans are a greedy and self-centered people and most of them are my friends. They are their own worst enemies. Their wanting to stay so ignorant of the facts is beyond my understanding. No amount of my trying to explain to them or giving them information will suffice.

Trying to explain the present system and how it works or that how our taxes are being squandered on multiple wars and not being used to support a better life for us all is beyond their understanding.

They see the rest of us in terms of lazy, and if you want more you should get a job even if you are in your ‘golden-years,” and in poor health, or you are a commie and if you don’t like it move to Denmark.

Then there is the blind racism that rears its ugly head. This is where I have to remind one of my well off friends that her adopted grandson is black. This is where I had to have a serious talk with her.

I told her to speak softly on this matter to me because she is oblivious to some possible serious consequences. I said there may come a day when her grandson…say after he gets his driver’s license, there comes along some asshole Simi Valley cop. (Simi Valley, CA = Racist Capital of the world.)

Then this cop will surely pull over her grandson for just being black. If this wonderful little boy has not been prepared by his parents on taught how to act ‘under the color of authority’, and if his white up bringing has made him seem uppity or obstinate to this officer then ….then she and her family may just lose this child to law enforced street violence.


Everything in Obamacare is vastly overrated. It was sold with a pack of lies and continues to be sold as such.

Many Democrats and those who push this monster plan always bring up the benefits that more and more people are now covered under Medicaid. They do not mention that people on Medicaid have to wait months to even see a doctor and once again end up int the ER sitting for hours on end to be seen for a cold.

It was sold via puppies, kittens and bunnies telling people about free birth control pills and one free mammogram a year. What they did not say is that those free things cost an arm and a leg every month in premiums and don’t even kick in until the high deductibles are fulfilled.


Please folks, go back and read my long reply, especially the links and you will realize that they gave away our right to have affordable healthcare in 1995, and are continuing to attept to make that even worse and more difficult to reverse, do it irreversibly with trade deals which lock up our future in a way we cannot change.

The US is intentionally trying to force a dismantlement of global safety nets and tying its own hands on health care with the trade deals.

**While the Senators and Congress are basically playing good cop bad cop in a phony drama, (ALTHOUGH TPA must be stopped, because its a trigger to hell- literally) REAL negotiations are going on in Geneva over TISA, Trade in Services Agreement- which is likely to give the WTO jurisdiction over our service economy as it becomes world trade.

TISA negotiations are proceeding with 600 corporate lobbyists and TISA uses the by now hopefully understood by you - mechanisms - ISDS, and ratchet, and standstill, and rollback, and “indirect expropriation” clauses - those are their tools of thievery - They are arcane trade terms you all should look up…

Some are described in the “glossary” of this TISA financial services fact sheet

BUT BE AWARE TISA IS ALL SERVICE JOBS, NOT JUST FINANCIAL SERVICES… Tisa privatizes healthcare and education as a likely prelude to globalizing them (More profit, also the developed countries can trade jobs for markets)

TISA and its ilk make ONE WAY commitments which will enslave us to ever growing health care bills, make college unaffordable to all but a few, lock up the creation of new science to hide a poisoning of the planet, by making healthcare as data collection unaffordable then steal education globally just like they did health care.

Perhaps by making healthcare so unavailable to the poor in such a way, they hope to hide the burden of costs - hide the data that there are major issues emerging with endocrine disrupting chemicals?

Read this authoritative medical paper to see this problem that currently costs hundreds of billions of euros a year for the EU - probably more in the US, and because they build up in the environment, its one which will only get worse.

Part of TISA’s attack on health care affordability- notice how Obamacare is structured to prevent care- until its too late- Part of the reason for the attack on public higher education in the future is to stop the flow of new science!

Read here how the TTIP tries to delay much needed regulation of toxic chemicals in 38 countries.

Read here how the US is trying to limit regulation to the least common denominator

If the future after trade deals is one where giving poor people health care is framed as a theft from corporations, and the same with education. Irreversibly. This also makes all legislators liars because they cannot tell the public this. Its a criminogenic “control fraud”.

The trade deals are poison to the global future, because by 2045, according to the IEEE and they should know, almost nobody will have a job. Forever, unless they are the best in the world at what they do. Machines will do 90% of the jobs people do today and most of the new ones too. That is what the trade deals are trying to do, accelerate the race to the bottom and prevent democracy and prevent compassion and prevent ADAPTION to the situation by preventing Democracy. And its urgent that people understand the evil of GATS in the trade deals MUST BE REMOVED AND REPUDIATED.

This is what we need in health care, a system like Canadas.

But GATS standstill slams the door shut - a process which began on that when GATS was signed in 1995.

And the politicians in the US, ALL OF THEM, have kept that
HIDDEN from the country since then. And continue to try to fool us.

GATS Article 1:3 will force a gradual privatization of all government services which do not pass its two part test.

That’s what’s happening in the UK with the NHS. And will deepen and choke with TISA. TISA will also set up a global procurement system to award contracts to global services firms. Under so called Mode Four - “the fourth mode of supply”. Read up on that and you will see why they are fixated on this. They want to trade jobs for markets.

Wake up and smell the lying. Please read Skala and take him seriously. He saw the Neoliberal and phony Obama Administration for what it was and is, nobody else gets it. Read up on neoliberalism. Obama and Cameron are examples.


That was intentional, the idea is to “manufacture consent” so the quite horrible and unaffordable US for profit system here can be marketed to the rest of the world as “successful” and those frames can be used to tear apart and privatize (a far better word used in India is Disinvestment) and monetize - with for profit being explicitly and quietly endorsed as the only valid future so that the vision of the future embodied in the WTO GATS agreement can be successfully forced on the rest of the world - despite the fact that GATS is so controversial it has failed on two attempts already. See this paper on the pending Trade in Services Agreement negotiations in Geneva- basically GATS II and Google these words to find out why the GATS - especially the so called “exercise of governmental authority” exclusion and other similar definitions from TISA mean- definitions which are imported by reference into TISA and TTIP - and why they are SO controversial - Basically, everything that does not pass this test in signatory countries, thats part of government has to be privatized.

"For the purposes of this Agreement…

(b) 'services' includes any service in any sector except services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority;

(c) 'a service supplied in the exercise of governmental authority' means any service which is supplied neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more service suppliers."

How is the GATS incorporated by reference in these new secret trade deals?

Like this (That is the TTIP so called “mandate” document)


like this (the even more vague but much more important, TISA “mandate” document)

Please look up the relevant sections of GATS- here are several examples, good references to bookmark.

First- on scope-

Interpretation of Article I, Section 3 (b) and © of GATS and GATS and Public Service Systems

Here are two much more health-care specific articles:
The potential impact of the World Trade Organization’s general agreement on trade in services on health system reform and regulation in the United States (2009)

PUTTING HEALTH FIRST: Canadian Health Care Reform, Trade Treaties and Foreign Policy


We humans all supposedly have an ‘empathy gene’, but of course, genetic predisposition does not mean the gene will be automatically activated.

The data point of one person desiring (demanding) equal treatment and basic human rights for all of the species only proves one is on the bell curve, not where on it. I think the majority of us are reasonably decent, but we are bombarded daily throughout life with propaganda, misinformation, the lure of ‘success’, and ‘advantages’ of narcissistic greed. We are not proof against our own culture and must make conscious efforts to maintain our values.

It’s just bad writing to state negatives about groups of people because it’s probably a gross generalization (that reveals the writer’s bias), it antagonizes the targeted group, and it does not help solve the perceived problem.


Thanks. Your post is what brought it to mind. :smile: