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Obama's Advice to Trump on Election: 'Stop Whining'


Obama's Advice to Trump on Election: 'Stop Whining'

Jon Queally, staff writer

During a lunchtime press conference at the White House on Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama offered some advice to the Republican candidate trying to win the nation's highest office: "Stop whining."


Pompas statements like that give me a case of red ass. The nerve of him acting so smug when we all just watched a national election get rigged. Does he think we are all stupid or something? OMG he makes me so sick.
Wouldn't be quite so bad if he hadn't played an active roll in the theft by covering for Hillary and Shultz.
Trump has every reason to scream rigged elections, we just had one and I feel confident if she starts to lose they will start to fix this one too. I worry about the violence but if that's what it takes, so be it.
Jill Stein, absolutely.


Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving to these Democrats who are dragging us further to the right and turning Democrats into a bunch of red-baiting, xenophobic, pro-war stock market watchers. He's the ideal distraction from any discussion of real issues.


Certainly Trump won't listen to Obama. Probably most of Trump's supporters don't believe Obama was born in the United States and most think he is Muslim, not a Christian. Trump seems to be playing to his paranoid base. And he seems to be paranoid himself and probably believes the election is rigged since he believes he is a winner. Lucked out in the gene pool or something. It is the paranoid leading the paranoid with conspiracy theories being spread among Trump's supporters as the polls mostly show Trump's chances of winning are rapidly shrinking.


Not acknowledging that elections are rigged is only fanning the flames and validating Trump and his supporters. Wikileaks thoroughly exposed the corrupt and rigged primaries. Trump is horrible, however this is some amt of truth in all his hyperbole; sad and pathetic Trump is the one calling it like it is in this particular instance.


Does billionaires buying elections count as rigged?


Trump is definitely the wrong messenger of complaining about rigged elections, because if he could arrange for a rigged election to make him dictator the jerk would absolutely do so.

Intention matters, and in the case of Trump, one can assume that his intention never actually considers the benefit of anyone other than himself. I mean, here is a guy that intentionally stokes the hatred of millions for political gain so those rushing to his defense that he is somehow genuinely opposed to rigging elections based on the principles of fairness just don't know who they are defending, or Hillary Clinton made them become defenders of this clucking jerk.

That said…

Obama is not a legitimate messenger of anything having to do with standing for democratic principles, or fairness either. I mean, listening to this fraud speaking AS IF he gives a flying cluck about democratic principles of fairness, in this instance, in regard to the fairness of elections is rich indeed.

This is a man, who insisted that the provision in the NDAA that allows for indefinite detention of US citizens by the military upon the order of the President. Talk about rigging something.

This is a man, who rigged, completely against the Democratic principle of Constitutional law, the freedom of consequence for Bush Administration officials who intentionally committed war crimes including intentionally devising programs of torture. Talk about rigging something.

This is a man who of course, didn't utter a peep about the revealed rigging of the Democratic Primaries by Clinton's political machine turning the DNC into a PAC.

This is a man who has rigged the system against the Democratic principles of open and accountable governance, when he systematically pursued criminal prosecution, and even jailing of whistleblowers calling out wrongdoing in government including illegal mass surveillance, and war crimes including torture.

This is a man, who rigged the system to ensure that the ACA was written almost entirely by a Wellpoint (nation's largest human illness exploitation company for profit) former executive, who would ultimately become an executive at Big Pharma company Johnson and Johnson. This rigging is completely consistent with Obama having rigged the message of his campaign for president heavily on the idea of a public option, and of employer mandate, not individual mandate, then met in private to promise Big Pharma and the Big Insurers that there would be no public option in the bill he would sign but there would be an individual mandate.

This is a man, who rigged new rules from the EPA, so that companies involved in fracking, don't have to reveal any information on chemicals being injected deep underground, until AFTER the drilled wells have been abandoned, and such rules make it almost impossible for citizens suffering the health and environmental impacts of air and water pollution of such operations from being able to do anything about it in court.

And the list could go on for this Consummate Con Man.




On MSNBC this past weekend Obama demonstrated gross hypocrisy by criticizing Trump for being a faux populist,

I guess it takes one to know one ?


Obama the con man is right on the money.
This clown pretends to care about his fellow citizens, when for all intents and purposes he could care less about any of us.

In 2010, 2011 and 2016 there was no increase in Social Security payments for those receiving benefits.
Next year, 2017, benefits will increase by .03%. So if you get $1200.00 bucks a month you will get a $4.00 a month raise in COLA.
But that's not the worst of it. Medicare is going up .05%. Which means that many seniors will give their SS increase back to the government plus an additional $1.50.
This may not be meaningful to everybody, but for the least wealthy among us it means life and death.

Don't unbutton your shirt Mr. Obama because if you do your heart will fall out.


"Amen", comes from Amenhotep IV the Heretic Pharaoh. The people (and Nefertiti) loved him and the 1% hated his guts.


Whilst this election has very funny (and surreal?) episodes, it has descended into a dangerous farce. Both candidates are so politically damaged and bruised that whichever is elected they will lack the credibility and moral authority given what daily disclosures reveal.


Isn't that a good thing?


Only if Guantanamo is kept open so they can be jailed there once they are brought to justice.


Umm, Obama doesn't decide if Social Security payments will increase. This isn't a defense of Obama, by the way. Bush didn't decide, either. It's not the president's job.

There's a law that was passed, I think in 1972, that links the COLA to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the COLA is automatic, unless the CPI doesn't increase. Sometimes, it actually goes down. This was the case in the last few years, when oil prices dropped dramatically. It's not strictly linked, because SS payments actually would have decreased if it just followed the CPI, but the law also states that SS payments can't be decreased.

Now, it can be argued that the CPI isn't the best measure to use, and that may very well be true, but either way, it's not because of the President, no matter who is in office.


And the Im in Imhotep comes originally from Imbecile,


What a foolish person you genuinely are.


"...the person who loses the election congratulates the winner, reaffirms our democracy, and we move forward," Obama said. "That's how democracy survives,..."

"One way of weakening America and making it less great is if you start betraying those basic American traditions that have been bipartisan..."

Weakening what aspect of America and making it less great for whom? Our form of "democracy" survives because the tradition of bipartisan corruption has allowed politicians over the last 35-40 years to ignore the will of the people and to advance neoliberal and neocon agendas.


I don't think that I said that Obama set the percentage increase for Social Security.
I did say that Obama was a con man and that he was heartless. He is both of those things and I stand by that sentiment.

I would suggest that the price or cost of everything has gone up over the last 8 years. Except for the price of oil.
If you've experienced deflation or even price stability where you live, and I'm sure that you haven't, then I'd like to move to where you are.
Therefor the current system used to determine if a cost of living increase is justified for those who receive SS is worthless and should be correct by legislative action.
That the Republicans won't do and neither will most Democrats.
Obama even had the balls to suggest that the change needed was the "chained-CPI" which would have made matters even worse.


Your post clearly suggested that SS payments weren't increased because of Obama.

As for the CPI, which I think comes from the BLS, like I said, that may not be the best way to figure COLA increases. But that's the province of Congress.