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Obama's Education Secretary Pick a 'Lackey of the Corporate Machine'

Obama's Education Secretary Pick a 'Lackey of the Corporate Machine'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Noted intellectual Noam Chomsky, author and activist Naomi Klein, and education historian Diane Ravitch are among those urging the U.S. Senate to reject President Barack Obama's pick for the next education secretary, saying the policies he's supported "have been ineffective and destructive to schools, educators, and most importantly students."

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It is precisely for moments like this, that Obama is such a prized tool of the neoliberal Clintonista DLC “Third Way” cabal: Install (with zero resistance from the Republican Senators, imagine that!) another corporatist privatizer to continue the dismantling of public education as head of the Department of Education.


And speaking of Clintonistas: Didn’t the present NEA “leadership” (not based on a vote of the rank and file) endorse the Clinton in this election? What is HRC’s stance on public education? Not her platitudes; her actual stance, toward the corporatization and privatization of public education? We know she is a supporter, and yet the corrupt “leadership” of the NEA supports her. Paving the road to hell, one brick at a time.


This kind of rubbish is representative of the contempt for ordinary people - the 99% Obama has delivered, especially those he conned into believing he was progressive - simply infuriating! So many of Obama’s cabinet appointments have been corrupt, incompetent failures.
A proven DINO tool for big-money, for-profit health care, insurance and pharmaceutical thieves, TBTF banks and Wall St, global corporate domination via the TPP.TTIP, et al, and on and on and on!
This is the kind of presidency we can expect from Hillary, a DLC corporate-whore, war-tool administration!

REALLY? Ya gotta be freakin kiddin me!! 8 years of Bill “slick-willie”, 8 of “Dubya”, 8 of Obama, and 8 more of Clinton II - BS! We definitely do not need four more years of DLC DINO (or RepubliCon) sellouts, warmongers, and corruption! Go Bernie!


Bernie Sanders, get your name on that letter! A.S.A.P! President Obama, shameful record here. Duncan was the worst possible D.O.E. choice. Vouchers, corporate charters and standardized mind control testing - What a scam! And for those who snuck this in on your watch ______ (Fill in the blank.)


Thanks Obama! Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out!


We have got to get Bernie elected! Too many people, I notice, seem to be ok with Hillary…not enough know the truth about her!


". . . a lackey of the corporate machine… . . " chosen by (!!!) a lackey of the corporate machine…

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Think the Republicans will stonewall this nomination?

How’s the weather on Mars?

I dont understand how Obama can be so blind…He must also believe what the lackey believes…Or He is just to dam stupid…Hard to figure a Man like Obama would put someone who is not qualified in that position…But then he loaded his cabinet with lobbyists…And they were not qualified either…I guess we can expect the same shit from Hillary…From the GOP we would expect nothing less…They are predictable.

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Because these debates are a shame…No one asks good questions just the usual pandering BS to keep viewers entertained…Like some science fiction movie of an apocalitic time in the future…a craziod real life movie…

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Obama the Blue Dog, in exact same pattern as he’s been from day one, trying with all his might to support and be a FRIEND to the GOP rich boys. Disgusting.

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this is always teh best advice you can take. if someone repeatedly does the opposite of your expectations, it’s a safe assumption that the problem isn’t that person, it’s your expectations.
This has been the curse of rank and file Democrats for 2 generations running.

Are Slick Oily’s daughters attending a no child’s ass left behind, Race to the bottom, Common core school? Just because they both seem just a bit too well educated, as compared to everyone else’s kids!

How utterly shocking and amazing that a ‘Lackey of the Corporate Machine’ like Bummer I the Maleficent should appoint another guillotinable ‘Lackey of the Corporate Machine’ to his cabinet of servants of Wall St and the MIC! Surely this is a new low, even for the former constitutional republic that is the failed hyperpower.

It is painful for me to see the smiling faces of people (black, white, Hispanic) who attend Hillary rallies. She offers us nothing but the same failed positions and policies we have endured/suffered - whether Republican or Democratic presidency.
As a member of the 1%, Wall Street insider, Monsanto lover, Walmart board member, Goldman-Sachs darling, anti-gay marriage, pro-prison expansion, “$12 minimum wage” as opposed to a more reasonable $15, early (and probably continuing) support for the “gold standard of trade deals” TPP, support for NAFTA, Bill’s “crime bill”, and welfare “reform” as first lady, her war-like stances, failed “nation-building” strategies, support for the illegal Iraq invasion, support of Kissinger, war criminal, her “mentor”, her role in the overthrow of democratically-elected government of Honduras. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Bill Clinton and the oligarchy. I wish people would wake up and pay attention to what this election is really about. Hillary and her shill Debbie Wasserman-Schultz don’t give a sh*t about me or you.

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“What was educationally significant and hard to measure has been replaced by what is educationally insignificant and easy to measure. So now we measure how well we’ve taught what isn’t worth learning!”
– Dr. Arthur Costa, Cal State Sacramento

I’m a teacher and mistrust for-profit charter schools. But there is plenty of rigidity in education, which charters can help break through. For instance, Waldorf Education graduates are sought by top colleges for a reason—they are well-rounded and innovative thinkers. Waldorf Education deserves tax dollars here the way it does in Germany and other countries.

It would be news if Obama DIDN’T pick a lackey of the corporate machine to “serve” in his administration.