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Obama's Fast Track Attack on Women


Obama's Fast Track Attack on Women

Martha Burk

The President is asking for "fast track" authority to let the White House be the sole negotiator on the Trans Pacific Partnership, a giant twelve-nation trade agreement between the U.S. and Pacific Rim nations. Fast track passed the Senate in May, and could come up for a House vote as early as this week.


“If the president and congress really want to help workers…”.

When was the last time the author found any evidence that the president or congress wanted to or wants to help workers ?


it says a lot about our priorities when only one person chooses to comment on an article that endangers women.


Isn’t it amazing how many women elected to the US House and the US Senate hate themselves as women so much they actually and eagerly vote for that Fast Track Attack on Women!

And Nancy Pelosi will also vote for that very same attack on women.

And Hillary Clinton will refuse to do or say anything about that attack because she is of the same self-hating character.


In addition to disproportionately endangering women, the Medicare cuts will also disproportionately endanger the disabled who depend on Medicare.

After failing to get their “grand bargain” Medicare cuts in 2011, Obama and Congress found a convenient back door to cut Medicare in the TPP,


During her two terms, Clinton’s Senate voting record was as anti-women as the records of Pelosi, Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell and other Senate women and other Democratic Party TPP promoters.

Do they hate themselves, or just love the corporate “campaign contributions”, speaking fees and lucrative post-Senate K Street jobs that await them ?


Based on previous “trade deals” the money that is sucked out of Medicare to pay for trade adjustment assistance (TAA) will go to consultants who train displaced workers for careers that don’t exist.


Another point is of course that women and men in countries other an the USA which has such weak labor laws will also be victimized by the so-called trade agreements, like all the others we already know about.