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Obama's Former Doctor Who Stood Firmly for "Medicare For All" Dies at 92


Obama's Former Doctor Who Stood Firmly for "Medicare For All" Dies at 92

Jon Queally, staff writer

Dr. Quentin Young, the Chicago-based physician who cared for Martin Luther King, Jr., Studs Terkel, and President Barack Obama and was described as "perhaps the nation's most eloquent and high-profile spokesperson for single-payer national health insurance" in the United States, died Monday surrounded by family. He was 92.


I am a long time admirer of Dr.Young, I often saw Dr. Young on Chicago media, long before national health care became a realistic possibility. During all those years Dr. Young was never in the "no we can't crowd, he was always "yes we can." R. I. P.


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Barack Obama betrayed many issues and people including Dr Young when he sold-out America to big-money health care, the insurance industry parasites, and big-pharma. With leaders like Obama who needs RepubliCons?


Quentin was the lifetime voice for the most progressive spirit of health care. HIs relentless dedication to social justice and ultimately health care for all as a human right, as the spine of our social democracy, as the spirit of unconditional tenderness, competence and caring sets a mark for us to finish his historic legacy. We must dedicate our most profound efforts to end the barbarism of profit driven medicine once and for all. We must birth a system that the cynics say will breed callous and mechanistic medicine if it is a right. This is a nightmare that must be rejected to awaken in those who choose to serve humanity, a love and humanity that is the raison d etre for choosing and living service. Our clear choice is universal national health care, Medicare for all, or it is fascism and totalitarian culture that makes us monsters and nihilists denying the struggle to achieve the genuine utopia in our collective reach! Otto Freundlich, a poet and radical said in 1919: "The more unspiritual, the more brutal the present, the more spiritual, the finer things one must do, That is Strength." We will see justice done in our lifetimes and remember Quentin as the harbinger of that sacred agenda! William Bronston, MD


This is how Obama took single payer and medicare for all "off the table".


Yeah, it's truly unfortunate that both Dem Pres nominees supported it and still do ...


Didn't Young know that he needed to morph into a bank, insurance or drug company lobbyist to get Obama's ear ?


He was a great gift to student health at the U. of C. in the 60's.

May light perpetual shine upon him.