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Obama's Last Chance to Take on Dark Money

Obama's Last Chance to Take on Dark Money

Daniel I. Weiner

During his time in office, President Barack Obama has repeatedly criticized the Supreme Court’s controversial Citizens United decision, and spoken out with particular force on the need to curb the tidal wave of secret money that has washed over our elections as a result.

The president has rarely if ever followed-up on his words, on this and many other issues. He remains complicit to the state terrorism taking place at Standing Rock with utter silence. To expect he will change his 8 year MO of deceit, political cowardice and service to big-money, the security/police-state, war machine and corporate/banker interests at the expense of the poor, middle class, workers or Native Americans and other minorities, and environment, is like expecting the scorpion to not sting the frog on the way across the river - hollow words and deception from the deceiver in chief…a collaborator and failure by any measure.


Had Obama made a recess appointment to replace Scalia last spring, perhaps the Court could have reversed Citizens United before the GOP kicked the appointee out in January 2107 ?


No politicians, no problems

Direct Democracy

Each day for the past week I received email solicitations asking if I would vote for Michelle Obama for POTUS.

I wonder how many recipients are responding to these solicitations ?

I’m unclear exactly what bearing this has but it seems that with this ruling/vote, that whatever obama does from here on out could ,en mass ,easily become moot(er) ?
Recent House Votes
“Midnight” Rules - Vote Passed (240-179, 15 Not Voting)

The bill would permit a new Congress to use the procedures under the Congressional Review Act to disapprove, en bloc, multiple regulations issued by a president in his final year in office rather than just a single regulation at a time for rules issued during the final 60 session days of the previous Congress.

Rep. Jared Huffman voted NO

Like asking water to stop flowing. Obama is the 1%, but lies about it almost as well as Trump.

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Nina Turner 2020!

Obama, money; money, Obama.

Somewhere someone must enjoy some bit of dark laughter after all these eight years of apologia.

Yes, silence is shocking to say the least. Perhaps he is more concerned about illegal immigrants.

There are people in the one per cent who actually care about others. However, then again there arre those who are selfish no matter how many assets they have.

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Also, he is working with a republican congress some of whom have said they would block everything no matter what ( McConnell).

Who is that and please stop campaigning and live in the present.