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Obama's "Legacy of Inaction" on Campaign Finance Reform Exposed


Obama's "Legacy of Inaction" on Campaign Finance Reform Exposed

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As the 2016 presidential campaign season hits full stride with hundreds of millions of dollars pouring in from outside funding groups, democracy reformers are zeroing in on the one person they say could stem the flow of money into electoral politics: U.S. President Barack Obama.


We want action Mr. President. Name your price.


"...just another politician..." Ms. Teachout hit the nail square on the head.


"Bold" isn't the first label that leaps to mind when pondering Dear Misleader's "legacy".

"Perfidious", on the other hand ...


When Obama took office in 2009 he and the democrats had the votes to cut the chains of the big donors influence. How many times these politicians complain that they need to spend all their time raising money? But the democrats had the power to cut the chains in 2009. Yet they chose not to act,why? The politicians like the big money-they like the chains. Whats even more amazing is how any of this can be legal-banks and pharma funnel millions of dollars to these candidates and we wonder why we have this broken economic system. This is a criminal enterprise!




No, the big money, post office bribery, will begin as soon Obama leaves office. He will get paid for a couple of hours worth of speeches more than his salary for an entire year as President of our country. These speeches will be made before wall street bankers, lawyers groups, insurance groups and the like. No, Big O's real rubber has yet to hit the road. After defrauding all of us with his forked tounge, the real dough will soon start rollin' in.


Obama's legacy of inaction.................. to do ANYTHING decent.