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Obama's Nominee for Securities and Exchange Commission a 'Victory for Financial Reformers'


Obama's Nominee for Securities and Exchange Commission a 'Victory for Financial Reformers'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Barack Obama announced Tuesday that Lisa Fairfax was his Democratic choice for Commissioner on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)—a nomination seen as as break from the revolving door between Wall street and financial regulators.


Don't let this announcement distract us from Obama's concurrent throttling up his TPP campaign that will render the SEC impotent irrespective of who is appointed to run it .

In addition to solidifying Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's TPP support, Obama is providing federally funded enticements to state and local governments if their leaders have press conferences where they repeat his worn out TPP talking points. The mayor of Tacoma, Washington is grandstanding for Obama on TPP this week.


Every modest step in a progressive, 99% direction (ostensibly) the Obama administration timidly takes, several steps are taken to empower global corporate fascism and usury over the worlds citizens or their murder at the hands of professional killers. "Free trade" scams, banker usury, financial parasites, environmental rapists, war made by us and our criminal proxies on tribal peoples employing numerous war crimes, all are the despicable MO of this administration - Not to imply that RepubliCons are any better - the're not - just that I expect to be screwed by them, not Dems, but increasingly Dems/DINO's are also neck-deep into screwing Americans and the world and fighting endless for-profit wars.

A nominee for the SEC does not absolve Obama of his wars (albiet partially lagacies), failure to fight environmental degradation and cheical poisoning, health care "reform" charade, corporate crimes andd greed, and his support for banker/Wall St/financial parasites maintaining the 99% as wage and interest slaves for the profit of the few.........


It would be great to have a strong cop on the beat, but the best deterrent might be to retroactively prosecute the crooks that stole billions of public money and got away with it. We need restitution of the money they stole from us, not a slap on the wrist. And there are many corporate trillions stashed away in tax havens that need to be recovered.