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Obama's Offshore Drilling Proposal Based on Fossil Fuel Industry Research



Well there's a freakin surprise....imagine, Obama relying on corporate data, evidence, and studies to make critical environmental (or other) decisions! Obama's first choice for Interior Sec was the odious Ken Salazar, a darling of the oil & gas industry, partly responsible for the Gulf disaster for diminishing & "relaxing" safety standards to coddle the oil industry - most notably no mandate for "Sonic Switches" on ALL Gulf wells! The "fines" for (supposed) clean-up was tax-deductible! Taxpayers paid for oil industry incompetence, government collusion and criminal negligence - some "Justice" dept!

Like the TPP that was "negotiated" and written by corporate lawyers, lobbyists with public and environmental, etc advocates excluded! The MO of this DINO administration has been environmental/animal protection ignorance - contempt, service to big-money, banker/Wall St parasites, and corporate exploitation and "deals" between his "Justice" Dept for crimes against society and the 99%. The most corporate lap-dog administration in recent memory!! Who needs RepubliCons when we have corporate-whore DINOS selling us out!!
Vote Clinton for even more (and worse) of the same deceit, lies and sell-outs!


This is protracted suicide, Even after the BP blowout, it makes no difference to these sociopaths.


The disconnect from reality (not yours, the "Democrats") is breathtaking, and with a pronounced aura of sado-masochism to (jack) boot.


Like Willy Sutton with the banks except this time it's Ecocide. That's where the money is.
Always remember, the sociopaths will murder all of humanity for the last dollar.



Is this any different than using a pickup line in a bar?


Exactly emphryio.

President Obama touted an “all of the above energy policy” from his days as candidate throughout his term as president. He was elected anyway which still boggles my mind( that "progressives" voted for this)

HC refers to Obama repeatedly while stumping-----saying that she wants to expand on his policies. This will most likely be one of them.

Obama took hypocrisy to a whole new level while sounding as smooth as silk: "I care about climate change . . . . but we need more domestic oil production". HC is certainly following in his hypocritical footsteps (although she definitely does not have the smooth sound!)

Duplicity/hypocrisy is the worst!! People still get sucked into it . . . as evidenced by the thousands of "I'm with her, breaking down barriers" voters.

From "barackobama.com":


Look at that face. Our "leader" has been compromised. It's written all over his face and the only question is how this can be thwarted in the future. The obvious answer is to close down all intelligence services and start over. Otherwise, we will end up with a putin look a like (hillary..they are physically quite similar). Or maybe it has already occurred and putin, or his puppetmaster, is already counting his/her rubles.


Of course he did. And you thought he was a good president. He's been saying one thing and doing another since he was elected. He has kids too, ya think he plans to take them off world to survive the climate devastation? Or he just insanely elitist and thinks it won't touch them. Vote Hillary for more of the same.


"Obama's first choice for Interior Sec was the odious Ken Salazar, a darling of the oil & gas industry, partly responsible for the Gulf disaster for diminishing & "relaxing" safety standards to coddle the oil industry - most notably no mandate for "Sonic Switches" on ALL Gulf wells! The "fines" for (supposed) clean-up was tax-deductible! Taxpayers paid for oil industry incompetence, government collusion and criminal negligence....."

Google WilmerHale law firm and British Petroleum; then Google Ken Salazar and WilmerHale law firm. Then do the same for Salazar's top man while Sec of Interior, Tom Strickland.

On another note why should a giant corporation, or any business or corporation for that matter, be allowed to write off fines levied as punishment for breaking laws and/or regulations? Maybe Bernie Madoff should write off his loss of income while in prison as a business expense. Or closer to home, why can't a working stiff write off his speeding ticket on the way to work as a business expense? Past time for that political revolution, eh?


I must see the tax-deduction for the criminally negligent spill and its consequences as a shift of some fundamental responsibility and compensation to the people - from the "business" to the tax-payers - not a "business expense" but an evasion of responsibility others will have to pay for via their taxes - either the business pays or others will. There shouldn't be any corporate tax breaks/deduction for criminal or negligent actions by corporations as I see it.......


Hello? Obama? Anybody home? (Picture Biff knocking on Obama's head) Remember Climate Change?


The fact that the Obama Administration proposed more off-shore drilling based on Fossil Fuel Industry Research comes as no surprise at all, given the fact that the Obama Administration allowed BP (British Petroleum) to totally run amok in the Gulf, with a 100-mile off-shore drilling, about a mile deep down, creating a real oil gusher (rather than just an oil spill), making already-bad situations in the Gulf worse, not to mention destroying the livelihoods of thousands of Gulf Area residents, and sickening many of them, as well.

I also might add that given the fact that the Obama Administration has re-invaded Iraq...twice, sharply escalated our war on Afghanistan, enacted a real POS "healthcare reform" bill that's a warmed-over GOP-written program, and starting parroting AIPAC's lines the minute he took office, and hasn't put enough pressure on Israel to pull out of West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem in order to allow the Palestinians to create their own independent, sovereign nation-state in those territories alongside Israel, his latest off-shore drilling proposal comes as no surprise whatsoever.


Way to go, Dede! You said it! Bravo!!


Surprise surprise Obama is a Fossil Energy shill after all is said and done. Like everything else this man has done or is doing in the end it's all window dressing and nothing else. The reality is he's owned by the BIG $$ lock stock and OIL barrel. So is HRC, so if she's elected ( selected) don't expect anything but lofty words. Just follow where her feet are moving though and the words won't fool ya.


The Obama Administration hasn't learned anything from the BP Blow-out! That's the problem, imho. Or, better still, the American people at large didn't learn from the BP blowout...they voted Obama in twice.


sure, we all,know how deep Obama s in petroleum. But putting the Gulf back on the chopping block is kinda too much even for him. the people down there have still not recovered from the last BP monster, plus the dispersant they used pushed the oil down to the bottom of the gulf, and remain a major contaminant. i do not have new info about this,but i am pretty sure there is little to no marine life left down there. BP is a capitalist power, and is therefore obliged to pursue profit ruthlessly. but Obama, in his part time hobby as president is free to act on behalf of the citizens. well he could if we ever got some democracy. looking at what i just wrote, i feel like polyanna


I agree with you, Emphyrio. Obama is so very disappointing. Just like Hillary.


The masses are uninformed. The information that does reach their ears is false.

They didn't do away with the Fairness Doctrine fer nuthin'. Then there was that Telecommunications Act of 1996 that Clinton signed. Now there is no investigative journalism, no journalism at all except in the corners of the internet where the masses never look.

That is why the people don't see what a sell out Obama is.


Obama knuckles under for the FF industry, just as every president and every nominee for president from the Dem/Rep War Party has done for more than a hundred years...