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Obama's Request for Authorization Stalls, But ISIS War Marches On


Obama's Request for Authorization Stalls, But ISIS War Marches On

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The Obama administration appears to be growing increasingly frustrated as its request for congressional authorization for its war in Iraq and Syria stalls on Capitol Hill amid continued criticism from foreign policy experts and grassroots activists.

However, the political roadblocks appear to be having little impact on the war itself, which is stretching into its eighth month, including at least 15 airstrikes from the U.S.-led coalition on Tuesday and Wednesday alone.


The best way for our members of Congress to support ISIS would be to approve the AUMF.
Unfortunately those so-called “patriots” who support AUMF are never never held accountable for their treasonous actions.
There is only one reason to support the AUMF and that is to support their war-profiteering friends and contributors.


Warring over who gets to do their brand of warring. How did we get here?


As long as Obama and the US/NATO media can keep US citizens from realizing this is a potential run-up to WW3, playing it as just more regional/religious squabbles is a distraction from the US/NATO economic/military war on the BRICS+.

Putin just ratified the Russian contribution to the BRICS Bank, China has nearly completed its own SWIFT international payment system, Russia already has its RuSwift system running. These will enable multi-currency transactions world-wide, bypassing the US$-reserve-currency system. The corrupted and bankrupt US/NATO/IMF/WTO/World Bank will no longer be able to choke countries’ ability to do international business, let alone have the NSA monitoring it all.

The US’s debt-to-GDP ratio is over 115%. Russia’s is 15%. A bigger number is NOT good on this ratio.

The US and its 0.01% masters have chosen a World war to reset the world economy, and ostensibly hand the US total global domination. Well, except for those pesky BRICS countries, led by Russia and China.

So watch the puppet show in Congress while the real anti-BRICS agenda goes unreported.


It’s amazing how many people/pundits still pretend we are living in a democracy. As if our corrupt Congress matters. As if there is such a thing as the rule of law, or morality. As if our country isn’t being run by a bunch of sociopaths.


See: The Predator State
How Conservatives Abandoned the Free Market and Why Liberals Should Too
By James K. Galbraith

Since my college days many years ago, I have admired his Father JK Galbraith and now James, continues to speak
truth to power…


Agree, but look around. Just about all countries are run by sociopaths - now and historically. It’s a species thing.


If you are correct and this is a run-up to WW3 ,one thing we know for sure there will never be WW4.
After millions of years of evolution mankind is close to annihilating all his possibilities and accomplishments.


This is the reason that all of us must stand up and not allow this insanity to continue. The question of what this political stalemate will have is meaningless. We all know that all of our protests and petitioning and marching around in anti war demonstrations is an exercise in futility. We must rise up in a powerful resistance and change our totally corrupt government. Time for the pitchforks and the guillotines.


Yeah, To paraphrase Einstein: The fourth world war will be fought with sticks and stones.


The Amerikan Empire has been in the war business for over the last 100 years and if the insane, greedy, politically, powerful, economic elite have their way it will go on for another 100 years.


Hate to be redundant, but the US has been in the war business since day one. The war against the indigenous natives, the war against Mexico, the war against Spain, etc., were all before the last 100 years.


True. Not redundant. Like many indigenous people say: WE HAVE BEEN FIGHTING TERRORISM SINCE 1492!


Heck, if sociopaths contradict your interpretive gathering of philosophy, why not call it, “name calling” and a “canard”?