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Obama's Support for International Law Draws Bipartisan Ire


Obama's Support for International Law Draws Bipartisan Ire

Stephen Zunes

Here’s one way to look at it: The United States was the only country in the fifteen-member U.N. Security Council that did not support a resolution passed last week criticizing Israel for continuing to expand illegal settlements in the occupied territories.


None of that "cuts any grass unless it id backed up by sanctions, especially by a weapons embargo.


Imagine that! Oh, the horrors! The US is actually supporting international law.

Jim Shea


Not a complaint about Prof. Zunes's good article, but references are made to "... 60% of Democats... "and their beliefs on two subjects.

I guess that now, once again, we, the rank and file, are considered "the Democrats".

During the Primaries, only the DNC and their operatives were, as we, the rank and file, were treated like adversaries, or sheep to be herded.


I think it's the rarity of the fact that is raising so many eyebrows.


I guess after he's been flouting international law for 8 years, drone-bombing, regime-changing, illegally arming terrorists and suchlike, this must come as quite a shock to some. Because, once you've convinced people that up is down and black is white, they get cranky when you revert to prior paradigms. I do note, however, that most are cheering his hamfisted expulsion of Russian diplomats and all-systems-go effort to torpedo any normalization of relations with Russia. It's enough to think the brouhaha over the Israeli settlements, where for once the Obomber has made the (almost) right decision (after, for example, famously saying nothing while the Israelis were slaughtering Gazans), has more to do with the personal slights he has felt from Netanyahu than from any kind of principled stance.


Thank you Prof.Zunes! This account of recent history re the Occupation, illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories, Israeli/AIPAC/Congressional subversion of the US (known as treason when performed by US citizens and Congress-Members), and both Israeli and US contempt for International law, UN resolutions, and human rights, is much needed - it is tragic that none of the so-called news media or the complicit or threatened Congress will stand-up for the law. The subversive influence of the pro-Israel lap-dogs is and has been a very serious threat to US sovereignty and domestic politics.
When religion (or use of religion) is mixed with political representation (as the Founders tried to prevent) the probable outcome is detrimental/destructive to all players eventually. The perfidy of Democrat turn-coats (or any) that hold first loyalty to a foreign nation/power (like Sen Schumer) and, in this case, side with a president that also does, should cause their expulsion and/or censure/impeachment - last I knew such actions were treasonous at the least!

I want to add to Prof Zunes list of Israeli contempt for the law the International Court ruling that holds the Israeli land-grab "Apartheid Barrier/Wall" illegal and demands its removal!

Where is the claimed "respect" for the rule of law so often touted by US governments? Nowhere, when Israeli/AIPAC subversion exerts its corrupt racist influence!

"The construction of the wall being built by Israel, the occupying Power, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including in and around East Jerusalem, and its associated régime, are contrary to international law”;
- “B. By fourteen votes to one,
Israel is under an obligation to terminate its breaches of international law; it is under an obligation to cease forthwith the works of construction of the wall being built in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including in and around East Jerusalem, to dismantle forthwith the structure therein situated, and to repeal or render ineffective forthwith all legislative and regulatory acts relating thereto"



http://www.icj-cij.org/docket/index.php?pr=71&code=mwp&p1=3&p2=4&p3=6 - ICJ decision on Israeli wall built on Ocupied Palestinian territory!


First let me say that I am not a Trump supporter. Second, let me remind you that Obama, and the government of the USA, has been breaking International Law and Domestic Law for many years. Nothing new there. Third, Hillary Clinton and her DNC, along with the MSM/NPR, put us where we are today. Enough bitching about Trump. Unless it is proven that there was fraud in the election of Trump, please shut up with this Trump bashing. We know there was corruption in the Democratic Party. Where was your voice then?


Interesting situation seeing that both Hillary and Trump, same same, gave unwavering support in their bow down to Israel during the campaign. Two parties one head.


I have long suspected Chuck Schumer's true allegiance. His loud support for Bush's Iraq lunacy was a hat-tip to his handlers. This disgusting critique of Obama's decision to not veto a just and moral resolution, however, is proof positive he has taken the baton from Joe Lieberman as our new Senator from Israel.


But Bernie seems to think he's a good guy ... (smile)


I suspect Bernie's assessment of Chuck is a 'sum-total' and would be entirely different if based solely upon his Israel leanings. You make an interesting point though... I wonder if Bernie views semi-jaded Democrats as just poor progressives who just don't-get-it because of their status quo blinders... and that they should be at least recognized for whatever meager positives they bring to the table?


Count me among those who are against the Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories. That Middle Eastern conflict will never be settled as long as the Palestinians don't have a Homeland--and the Israelis, of all people, should realize that. The continued US support of this illegal action has always been something that I, as an American, have always been ashamed of. I feel sorry for those people whose moral and ethical flexibility allows them to support such an obviously illegal and immoral action, especially of an ally. But I guess that slippery slope would lead to the Israelis supporting UN resolutions against illegal US actions abroad, and we wouldn't want that, would we?

So, while I would have preferred a vote to condemn Israeli actions, I applaud and am extremely grateful to Obama for finally doing something that's a step in the right direction when it comes to the United States' policy on Israel. It has always galled me the way Netanyahu has snubbed Obama on at every chance he got in spite of...how much is it we give Israel every year?...eleven billion? One would think that amount would bring some say in the matter, and yet the Israelis continue to build more and more settlements, year after year. This is what causes terrorism and only the Trumpsters among us buy into that "they hate our freedoms" BS.


Clovis: Did you miss the sarcasm in my comment? Seems like it!


Quite possible, Jim. In this post-truth era, one never knows what's what anymore!


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I'm not sure what you mean by "enough bitching about Trump" -- bitching that he was elected or bitching about how he is going to ruin the country? Obama has been a disappointment on many fronts, the Democratic party is corrupt, the Republican party is corrupt, and the oligarchy that runs our country is corrupt. I worked hard to get Bernie nominated and even if he had been I'm sure Big Money would have done whatever was needed to derail him. We the people have a lot of work to do. I will do whatever I can to stop Trump because he is CLEARLY a danger to us and the country, and the world too. You decide whether that is bashing or not. We cannot sit back and watch Trump and the Republican congress destroy every policy and regulation that has protected the rights and well-being of all the American people who are not part of the 1%. We need to continue the Revolution and reforms Bernie was talking about. And it is going to come down to us taking to the streets and demanding what we want because this election outcome is our reality -- the worst case scenario. And we need to show Trump and his nightmare administration that we are not accepting any of their bullshit.