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Obituary: Tariq Aziz


Obituary: Tariq Aziz

Hans von Sponeck, Denis Halliday

Tariq Aziz, former Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq has passed away. Twelve years of suffering in Iraqi jails have ended and he can finally rest in peace.

Unwell, deprived of adequate medical help and abandoned by the outside world, he was held hostage by Iraqi governments following the illegal invasion of Iraq by the US and the UK governments in 2003. Tariq Aziz was needed by a struggling authority as a symbol of victory after having inherited a destroyed nation following years of sanctions and a failed occupation.


He probably knew too much.
Disappeared by a tyrant. GWB.

That photo is a hoot. He probably didn’t know that Moon-Man was wearing a NSA bug…


I don’t know much about Aziz other then what the US media said and they lie all the time. I do know Mr. Aziz said there were no WMDs in Iraq and supplied thousands of pages of documentaion to that effect. All in vain as the sociopaths of Bush & Co. were not to be stopped. I know Tariq Aziz was the only person telling the truth at that time. If only someone had listened.


He wasn’t the ONLY one telling the truth. Hans Blix and Scott Ritter were among the weapons inspectors that also knew–and told the truth. And there were many more. But power unchecked that is BENT on war will only hear what it wishes to hear in order to FIX the case FOR war, as the Downing Street Memos exposed.


Dennis and Hans both pronounced the sanctions on Iraq “genocide” but nobody would listen to them then ether. keeping truth tellers silent is a huge part of the washington propaganda mill. In some ways perhaps its most lethal service to the empire


All the administrations since Bush the 1st, if there’s a hell they’ll be planted deep in its bowels. I remember when Denis Halliday, a UN career person for three decades, resigned in disgust and protest due to the vulgar and genocidal UN Sanctions Regime and the Mafia like ‘Oil-for-Food Program’. Hans von Sponeck, Halliday’s successor, also resigned a little more than a year later for the same reasons. Halliday gave a number to talks following his resignation and Free Speech TV broadcast just about all of them. People like Halliday, von Sponeck, Scott Ridder put themselves right on the line. Ridder, who spent a decade and a half in the military, was blasted by the right wing and Bush administration types. This was an administration that was packed with AWOL, draft dodger, deserter boys and deferment queens. The whole lot of them. And as a Vietnam veteran I got to witness first hand the vile perversion that passes for ‘state policy’. A person doesn’t stay 19 their whole life. Unless they’re the above mentioned prima donna frat boys, a la Cheney, who had ‘other priorities’. May their tombstomes be urinals.

Tariq Aziz, a person placed in truly difficult conditions showed that decency and courage can exist in a world populated by filthy cowards. Cowards. As their cowardly silence to make an effort in behalf of Aziz demonstrated. Efforts that others, such as Halliday and von Sponeck have initiated.

Today we are asking our representatives to show some backbone and vote against ‘Fast Track’. And this is with almost the entire population againt Fast Track. It’s only ‘then’ that we may/can expect some ‘courage’. Meaning they could get voted out of office dispite the campaign money from the dark side.

You’re a far, far better man than they’ll ever be, Tariq Aziz. History won’t forget. R.I.P.


A statesman and a true patriot. May he rest in peace and may his family find solace in his honorable memory.


Cogent and to the point…as usual.