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'Obliterating Record That's Stood for More Than Half a Century,' Anchorage Reaches All-Time High 89 Degrees

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/05/obliterating-record-thats-stood-more-half-century-anchorage-reaches-all-time-high-89


Thank you, Trump for your ‘Leadership on Environment Protections’. I doubt Wally World normally stocks window air conditioners in Alaska. Your toe suckers will definitely see this as a marketing opportunity.


them big butt alaska mosquitoes going to get even bigger. things are huge. they show movies on those suckers.


I remember seeing the devastation caused by the spruce beetles on the Kenai Peninsula when I visited in 2005. The infestation took off in the 1990s and was attributed to climate change. Apparently, the problem has spread northward all the way up to Denali. To watch a member of “the most deliberative body in the world”, the U.S. Senate, mock climate change by holding a snowball in the Chamber was to know how much greed can detach a person from the world in which they live. Senator Snowball and his ilk have consistently taken their thirty pieces of silver and delivered the planet to the exploiters. Pacha Mama has put up with our species for quite some time now. And now my random synaptic firing leads me to:


I’m 65 miles east of Phoenix at 3800ft, my high today is to be 100F.


This Global Heatwave woke May people up as they felt the oppressive heat for themselves, and know there’s more to come. So far the only thing that’s been accomplished is “Climate Chance is Real, not a Hoax.”

Your reply made me wonder if there is a website where anyone can send pictures and tell their story of how climate change is personally affecting them.


The refusal to address the coming catastrophe is ushering in the winds of Hell.


You might try Daily Kos, are you a member there? If so you can write a posting there. My site isn’t set up for it.

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Yes, I’m a member. I’ll look into it, thanks. My thought was if there was a dedicated site where millions of people around the world could share their stories of how climate change has personally affected them and then in turn these various stories could be sent to global leaders they MIGHT sit up and take notice I realize that’s a mighty big might.


I was in Fairbanks the winter of 75/76, they were outside the window at -20 and they were the size of my thumb.


The other long-term problem for Anchorage is that about 1/3 of it is built over permafrost. I used to live there in the early 80s and nobody then would have thought that this kind of future could come about. They have already experienced roads subsiding into the soil because of the increasing heat over the years. Now it is just more and more threatening. In the future the city could experience damage to its buildings as the heat increases and lasts longer every year. The Arctic in general is experiencing increases in temperature twice that of the mid-latitudes.
And how does this loathsome Trump regime react to that? Well, war pig Mike Pompeo stated recently that the rapidly melting Arctic ice cap means that there will now be even more access for oil drilling and mineral extraction! The insanity continues.


That was Sen. James Inhofe, a right-wing asshole who is also an energy cartel whore from Oklahoma. He will never change.


Yeah but accroding to one poster error that 90 degrees high in Anchorage , along with that record beating heating wave in France is happening because the Globe is cooling!

It a Chinese plot to take over Alaska!


One picture is worth ten thousand words, so the Chinese are reported to have said:


And I particulary like this Wikipedia pic of Anchorage. Apparently the Chugatch Mountains in the background get the highest amount of snowfall in the world:


There’s an inconvenient truth here. Alaska’s congressional delegation is 100% Republican, including the odious Don Young. Its governor is Republican. Its former governor used to bellow “Drill Baby Drill.” If the people of Alaska are concerned about the effects of the climate crisis they need to look in the mirror.


In Alaska some folks refer to mosquitoes as the “State Bird”.

Indeed. I have lived there in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and Sitka. I love the state (especially the Southeast region) but I can’t stand the politics. In 1990 when Walter Hickel was elected governor people were walking around saying “Welcome to Wally World!” I was working at a federal agency and two of his campaign workers came to the building to pass out campaign literature. I informed them that what they were doing was illegal. They didn’t have a clue. Hickel’s administration turned out to be deeply corrupt with many resignations, investigations and legal charges.
Long-time Rep. Don Young is an appalling right-wing asshole who keeps getting re-elected every two years and never met a “development” project that he wouldn’t support. He is alleged to have once said - “environmentalists are the most despicable people that I know of”. He must love Trumpo the Klown being in the White House and I’ve heard that leases for ANWR drilling will be offered up this Fall. Young is one of those corrupt assholes who claims that Alaska needs to “open up” its wilderness areas for exploitation. He is hopeless.


OH Ditton, how can you manage to sit through 10 minutes at Daily KOS, or Dem Underground these days? The majority are Third Wayers and share open hostility to leftists and progressive candidates like Sanders.

I used to visit there but after the 2016 election, if I attempt it, I’m left with less strands of hair on my head.