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'Obliterating Record That's Stood for More Than Half a Century,' Anchorage Reaches All-Time High 89 Degrees

We never had A/C in Alaska, but now we do because it does not cool off at night because of the sun being up most of the night in the summer months and we need it at night to sleep.

You are well informed but Beetle infestation is now a lot worse in Alaska than it was in the1990’s.

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BINGO! As an Alaska resident I can state that is the problem. Most of Alaska’s residents are insouciant to the climate crisis because they have been bought off by big oil…it’s called the permanent fund dividend!


But, but Trump said Climate Change is a hoax.
Impeach Trump now, Speaker Pelosi.

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Wow caroline that’s great. Thankyou for posting. It’s the insect thing that is really scary. Same here in spain. No bees, wasps, butterflies etc and a spattering of dragon flies and normal flies but some mosquitoes.

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Prudhoe Bay, Alaska oil – meet chickens coming home.

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In related news, self-made billionare coal mogul West Virginian Chris Kline died in a helicopter crash on the way from his Bahamas mansion to Ft. Lauderdale today. Six others were also killed.

I wont speak ill of the dead, but I will say this: I frequently have had to deal with his huge Illinois mines (recently sold to that other Coal Billionaire Bob Murray) over the years on my job in a federal regulatory agency. They have been the most evasive and difficult of the coal operators we have dealt with and they seem to have largely “captured” the enforcers in that district. Their huge slurry ponds keep me up at night.


:))) I have a site where I do a lot of work on climate and such, the other day I posted a comment on climate and got almost 100 recommends and a lot of replies. It was a lot of work responding to it all and left me drained for days but it was worth it to teach what must be taught. I don’t agree with a lot that is there but one does have to teach if we are going to change anything. Sometimes we have to do the dirty work.

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And the disaster capitalists will invest in the infrastructure companies that will be tasked to rebuild highways, etc.

So it goes (nod to Kurt).

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Best to avoid Daily Kos. Establishment propaganda will filter into your brain.

O I don’t think that is possible, I’m too old a mule for that.

I think that’s a great idea. Not just stories, but photos. It could be a project on a huge scale. A bit like the HIV quilt project was. It could tour countries. Slides could be projected onto government buildings while people read the stories. How does one get something like that organized?

I didn’t catch all of your reply…wordpress blogs are free unless you load it up with extra content, why not check out wordpress, contact them with your project idea to find out which theme would be best for such content.

Our central air gave out last spring (about 20 yrs. old). We put window air in each of two bdrms.
This year we put a 12,000 btu in to cover the kitchen, dining, and living rooms, all open.
80’s and humid. Staying indoors.

“My gal is red hot” 1958

Isn’t it rich? Don’t you approve?
Me here at last on the ground, you in the air.
Bring in the clowns. Send in the clowns.
Why who keeps sending aloud,
one who can’t approve.
Finally knowing the one who can’t last.
Send in the clowns.
They’re ought to be clowns.
Well, maybe they’re here.

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:))) yep, Superior-ish :))) I dislike A/C in the desert, give me an old fashion swamp-cooler any day, it’s dry heat and the moisture is a much needed benefit. I have A/C and the cost is not worth it. I don’t where you are but with humidity A/C is a must. I lived in Kaintuck for 4 years and it was a do or die thingy :)))

In have Dear Sarah Vaughn singing that live and it is O so bone chilling, a great song, there ought to be clowns, never mind …

Hi WiseOwl:
I remember seeing that stupid snowball man! HA since he’s from Oklahoma, I guess he has other things to fear from Nature—like Earthquakes. Apparently the OILERS suck out so much oil that OK now has earthquakes. I wonder, I suppose they frack there too. I wonder where Senator Inhofe will get drinkable water when the frackers compromise that. Maybe that snowball man will get hit on the head by a giant boiling hot temperature sign that crashes to earth from the heat! Perhaps that would wake him up! : 0

Yes, they frack there where the corn gets as high as an elephant’s eye. The earthquakes are caused by the injection of fracking wastewater into deep formations, which lubricates slip faults thereby releasing pent up forces.

Better get that ark ready while their are still a few animals left to save. No reservations for evangelicals.