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'Obscene': 70 Healthcare CEOs Raked in $9.8 Billion Since 2010


'Obscene': 70 Healthcare CEOs Raked in $9.8 Billion Since 2010

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Obamacare has been a nightmare," President Donald Trump said on Monday as he urged Republicans in the Senate to pass a piece of legislation that would strip health insurance from tens of millions of Americans. But don't try telling that to top healthcare CEOs.


A Billion Dollars is A Million Dollars a Day for Three Years.


But, can you live on it ?


Limit healthcare and insurance executives to a million dollars a year including stock options etc.


How about limit them to $0 dollars a year, and move on to single payer/Medicare for All with no deductibles or copays?


OUTRAGEOUS! That is what it is. No, it’s obscene, that’s what it is. Why? Three top reasons: 1) These people think they own the world and rights to everything in it; 2) This money is used to control our, purchase our, government! 3) It is our tax dollars that pays for all the socialized benefits these oligarchs use; the list is long.
No one is worth the kind of money they steal and the power it brings to them and the slavery it delivers to the vast majority here and the rest of the world. This kind of wealth used to be taxed at 90%.


This says it all about the entire system.


Yes, these are public corporations so stock holders should vote to do just that; otherwise, go back to taxing this kind of wealth at the former 90% rate.


This is during the ObamaCare debacle. All you lib/progs out there who are trying to “save” or “reform” OBCare because it’s " a step" oughtta think about that. It’s not a step to something better, but yet another jack-boot on the backs of the 99%.



Insurance stock skyrocketed after Obamacare – this and the obscene amount of health care dollars in CEOs bank accounts is Obama’s legacy.


Wonder how the NIMA Healthcare for All march went today on the West Lawn of the Capitol Grounds? http://thewashingtonsun.com/2017/07/nationwide-march-for-medicare-for-all-scheduled-for-july-24-in-dc/


Let’s be honest. Until such bloody heads roll, nothing will change.


We need the names and addresses of each and every one of those CEO’s.

Let the People decide which one’s head will roll first.

Sound fair JB?


I can tell you for certain that I volunteer to try.


While I never forgave Obama for his back room agreement with big PHARMA I knew that once the Republican’ts came out against Romney-care single payer was back on the table. The Republican’t s seem to be too butt ugly stupid to realize that it is the only option now. They could have removed the poison pills they put in but then it might work and a black Democrat would get the credit. Yes that sounds about as petty as you can get, especially when you consider the millions of real living people who will be adversely affected, depraved indifference comes to mind.


Not just obscene.

  1. What do we call killing innocent people for money? Because the job of the CEO’s is to maximize profits. How do they do that? Deny benefits and let them die. Deny, deny, deny.

They are hitmen (and women), and nothing more.


Yes but blame it on capitalism itself–that, not just Pres. Obama, is ultimately to blame for this entire fucked up system of greed.


It’s tough to think about this when the Senate is on the verge of wrecking millions of people’s lives just for a shot to give these guys a nice tax cut.


Of course it’s capitalism, but there are all kinds of prog/lib idiots who are wasting their time fighting to “save” OBCare" distracting from the real fight for SINGLE PAYER NOW!. That kind of stupidity undermines true progress and points out why the Dems are the more effective evil in the capitalist Duopoly, throwing up smokescreens and making people cynical so they just drop out.


A Billion Dollars is A Million Dollars a Day for Three Years.

Yeah, but nobody’s making a billion dollars in healthcare. The highest paid CEO last year made $22 million. Yes it’s a lot compared to a typical worker, but don’t confuse these guys with billionaires. They’re not even close.

That CEO who earned the $22 million, he headed Centene, a health insurance company with 12 million members and $562 million in income last year. So by my math the company made $47 per member over the course of an entire year (beyond covering their costs), and the CEO personally made $1.83 per member. This is not obscene.

And what would you do anyway… limit his pay to $1 million per year so you can give the rest back to the members? That would be a whopping $1.75 each. It’s not going to make a dent in anyone’s health insurance bill, it’s just going to make envious people feel good for bringing a successful person down.