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Observers Slam Corporate Media for Aiding and Abetting Hate Speech in GOP Debate



For those that believe 9/11 was setup, look how things have worked out. False flag war, then the false second Presidency of George Bush, then Obama, seventh cousin to Bush Jr, takes over promising an end to war, war profits sky rocketing each year, FBI busted for more than 50 staged terrorist events that was brought up in a congressional hearing,and now the police state is solidified. Whether people 'believe' it or not, this has been the sequence of events. Or, if you dont, nothing makes sense...evrything is always up in the air, never knowing what horrors lie for our people next. So, the next step is to protest when protesting itself isnt legal anywhere unless someone turns in a protest request. People that believe 9/11 was a setup will grasp this, whether it was or not, the others...well, they are lost to the BS that Obama spouted about how life is like an ocean and how he too is carried with the current, a Masonic statement. No matter what someone believes, there is a sequence of events happening very obviously. I choose the word sequence because of its definition. One way or another, the free folk are now oppressed, more so than before.


"It's horrifying to see our leading cable news network offering, as a litmus test for becoming president of United States, a willingness to kill thousands of innocent children," Naureckas argued. "To equate that with toughness and seriousness about protecting the United States is a violent fantasy of the sort that motivates the people who carry out mass shootings."

It's also a de facto recipe for selling wars (when not maintaining existing ones); and that means moving product for the #1 industry in the U.S.: War... and those who make the weapons used to destroy city after city, with a majority of the "collateral damage" being those very innocents so casually mentioned.

What's on display is something like the movie "Network" meets "Mad Max" or "Terminator."


If you think these so called "debates" are a money maker for networks, they are nothing compared to a full blown war when it comes to ratings. A lot of very wealthy people and politicians make a lot of money off of war. It is the one thing Amerika seems to be able to do.


This idea or frame that war is what "Amerika" can do posits that it was Labor that made that determination rather than the corporations who, through their financial windfalls purchased the politicians that made the exit of both capital and industry not only possible, but highly profitable and in many instances, subsidized by those same American taxpayers/workers who then were forced to compete for what jobs remained inside the Homeland.

This is not a choice on the part of ordinary citizens. It's the mechanics of the Protocols of the Elites. They want centralized power and they have cannibalized everything from the local mom and pop restaurant (now replaced with generic chain restaurants) to all other industries.

As big banks buy up the little ones, and big publishers buy up the former independent ones, and Walmart puts Mom and Pop businesses OUT of business, in just about any town you go to, the same chain stores exist. And they answer to corporations, and those corporations are now global. And THEY dominate the landscape and THEY pay off the politicians through the legalized bribery system of Campaign Contributions; and they have lunch with the judges and lawmakers, etc.

This is what THEY set up.


"The moderators of last night's CNN presidential debate provided a two hour platform for every Republican candidate to further fear and hatred against Muslims," said Renderos. "Debate moderators entertained proposals like carpet bombing children and innocent civilians, killing the families of suspected terrorists, deporting all Muslims in the U.S., and allowing corporations and law enforcement agencies to spy on anyone deemed a threat."

There's something else that is both subtle and profound when it comes to shaping mass consciousness.

When questions of this nature are asked, the premises are granted a form of currency... they are treated as if they represent legitimate, serious approaches. So there's a passive consent granted to ideas that are 100% outside of both law and the framework of anything remotely akin to The Geneva Conventions, the presumption of innocence, the right to a fair trial, and so forth.

These questions promote a "Law of the jungle, Might makes right" ethos. And that ethos is the driving ideology behind wars of aggression.

One wonders if the debate questions were designed to fit THAT purpose.

On the missing omission: The Republican conventions more and more come to resemble Hitler's spectacles when there, too, hatred of a Semitic people was ignited until a dark flame took possession of the land.


The debate in a nutshell: FEAR MUSLIMS! HATE MUSLIMS! KILL MUSLIMS, EVEN INNOCENT MUSLIM FAMILIES! The most disgusting display of Islamophobia that I have ever witnessed.

CNN should lose their broadcast license and access to OUR AIRWAVES.


I would also like to see Common Dreams refuse to use the word "debate" to describe these party promotional displays. Don't participate in the political theater that confuses people into thinking debate is taking place.


If you have ever wondered, why Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP clown show still receives such high voter support, this article may explain it by documenting the level of intellect still prevailing in the American ‘heart land”:

Here is another article concerning that arrogant dumba$$ and the environment:


You logic doesn't add up. However the reason(s) for 9-11 the “sequence of events” would have still occurred because the perpetrators for those sequence of events would be the same. The strong resistance to independent investigations after 9-11 by the Bush administration was undoubtedly to keep information from the public. Any independent investigation could open up a can of worms. Notice that there's never been anything in the ensuing years like the Church Committee. Little wonder. But any sequence of events gives no more weight to your suspicions in December 2015 than December 2009 or December 2004. Once the fuse was lit the rest was self sustaining. There's nothing new about such opportunistic behavior as history has shown. Naomi Klein's 'Shock Doctrine' gives a well research presentation on that fascist modality.


If Karma is a real thing, and if it applies to nations as well as individuals, I greatly fear that which may be in store for this nation. Yes, I know, it is not "we" the people, but it may be considered that we are not doing enough to rein in the psychos and their psychophants (mispelling intended). On the other hand there are different kinds of "99%". One of them is still largely asleep or in deep denial. Batten the hatches.


Wolf Blitzer, the new Tim Russert. Promoting the American war machine.


No Democrat complaints you say about Madeleine Albright's reply to the question on a half million children dying because of the sanctions on Iraq? Then the complaints had to come from independent voters since there sure as h*ll wasn't any Republican complaints that the sanctions were too harsh. Unless you complained. Did you?


If these questions were meant to reveal the candidates true colors, they were productive. If by "if it bleeds it leads" questions they were meant to increase viewer participation and the media's bottom line, they were a sign that we are closer to becoming the Hunger Games.


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An absolutely essential point; thank you for making it.


Bravo Sarah. Fascism and expanded war await us and you nailed it on how it is done. Who doesn't see the beginnings of the iron fist here? Xenophobia... the dehumanization of the other. No empathy for refugees. Not a trace. Dehumanization makes even the victims seeking to escape the enemy doesn't it?

Who doesn't hear the triggers? The I will keep you safe. The we need more military. The war is being forced on us? The us and them over and over. No distinctions just lump THEM all together. We are us and we are special and we are better off without any of them and keep them out and they are all the same and on and on.

Here's a paraphrase on history>>>

He who doesn't remember how easily fascism slips in is doomed to fight hard to try and remove it.


Sensationalism and yellow journalism continue to feed the ignorant while attracting more advertisers with their lucrative deals. Quintessential capitalism at work in all its ugliness. The show looked like a combination of The Apprentice, Maury Povich, Geraldo, and Jerry Springer episodes...Trash TV at its lowest. Could not watch more than snippets here and there as it was nauseating to watch.


The more astute posters in this forum share the understanding that both parties serve the corporations. And one major profitable enterprise to said corporations is war; and that is why both parties must bow before not just the industrial moguls, but the MIC, itself. JFK's assassination served the same purpose as did hanging the town thief from the public square several centuries ago. You know, deterrent, and all that...

So rather than return to the all-mighty sporting arena that the god Mars built as a natural segue way into soldiering and warfare, I am not going to play into which team said what. To repeat: both bow before the same temple gods... mammon and Mars.

The real question is how long would any viable politician live were he or she to do what Dr. King did: set up an obvious interface between poverty, racism, militarism... and the 4th pillar: sexism. For without demonizing all things compassionate, caring, feelings-oriented, and feminine (granted, some males resonate with these expressions and some women, conditioned by patriarchy, have done their best to exorcise these natural inclinations from their very beings, if not essences)... males would not be forced into an identification with a muscular form of masculinity that makes all forms of killing its sport, if not high art.

It is that image of the male that forms the psychological foundation necessary for building an army... any army. And it is always played down in the same way that any honest discussion about the lack of representational balance between both genders in every and all decision-making bodies is kept off the table, outside of discussion (if not branded irrelevant or unimportant).

The P.R. about patriotism and all that jazz comes AFTER the fact to dress up the already scheduled wars; while the financial implosions done in slow motion ensure a backdoor draft.

Yesterday I watched a program on young Ukrainian women seduced into thinking they had jobs waiting in Turkey. In reality, against their will and beyond what they might have thought possible, many of these young girls end up sold into sexual slavery. As is so typical of patriarchy in its myriad small petty enclaves of authority, when a girl actually managed to escape, the police would send her back to the brothels.

When there are no jobs, people are forced into desperate acts. It's quite interesting how the rise in prostitution (or its less seeming willful corollary, the sex trade) runs parallel with the rise or spread of wars. The soldiers are taught that it's manly to kill and risk being killed, and how sexy it is to learn to fire guns... while the girls from poor households still are tossed into the misogynistic role of Japan's "comfort women" and THIS, into perpetuity, redundancy, and reckless recycling... is what these imbeciles argue FOR?

And by playing the team A against team B so few recognize which entity transcends both in its command power (financial, religious-based, academic-based, industry-based, MIC-based).. and so they shed blood on the field, and in the stadiums, and inside all those "theaters of war."

And the elite, the old moneychangers inside the temple, count their money... as they count the dead, just pawns in their games. If they are not card carrying Satanists, they ought to be; and if there's no such thing as the living personification of evil in all this.... perhaps no where was its living witness more twisted and frightening than issuing from the mouth of Ben Carson.

The first commandment of the medical field is to HARM NONE; and this guy is suggesting that a surgical strike to kill the children of fellow human beings somehow is sane? And THIS is what the Evangelicals think is god's will? THESE people scare me more than ISIS. They are the type that always put on the brown-shirts and are capable of extreme violence...

For there are none so delusional as those that believe they are doing god's work in letting loose upon sentient beings with the same obsessive frenzy as genuinely-designated serial killers.


RE: "It's horrifying to see our leading cable news network offering, as a litmus test for becoming president of United States, a willingness to kill thousands of innocent children," Naureckas argued. "To equate that with toughness and seriousness about protecting the United States is a violent fantasy of the sort that motivates the people who carry out mass shootings."

Yes, Jim, that is correct. And how else will they win the GOP Primary? Besides, we do still believe in freedom of lying, because it is legal for corporations to lie all they want to, and politicians, and appointed bureaucrats. Welcome to the USA.

Of course, there is a legitimate concern with the GOP free-for-all racism, bigotry, stupidity, ranting and raving instead of deliberating. Think about it like this: with the Congressional Democrats hiding under the GOP skirts to pass all sorts of absurdities, like exporting US oil, and such boondoggles for Wall Street's most vicious speculators, why now welcome the GOP revealing just how rotten both parties and the government they run have become? We know the Democrats, okay, only 90% of the elected ones, cannot tell the truth.