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Observers Warn That Syria Attack is Trump's "Wag the Dog" Moment

Observers Warn That Syria Attack is Trump's "Wag the Dog" Moment

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With tanking approval ratings, a failed attempt at producing healthcare legislation, and a swirling investigation into possible collusion with Russia, President Donald Trump's first hundred days were looking pretty bleak.


What, you mean nobody’s talking about the tax returns today?


Bernie forewarned all of the world, “Trump is a pathological liar!” Like StarTrek’s George Takei, tweets, “Let us all pledge today not to let Trump bomb his way to popularity, or to let a foreign conflict distract from our ongoing investigations.”


This may have been Trumps ‘Wag the Dog’ moment, but it must now be America’s ‘Dump the Donald’ war cry.

Initiating new military agression after less three months in office is not acceptable behavior.

This world’s problems are many, however more death and destruction and human suffering are not prerequisites to Peace.


Gorsuch got confirmed too. And away we go!


Ah-yup.  Tweets no longer enough to distract attention from Russia question, personnel & policy problems, etc., so throw a BIG smoke bomb.   Hopefully this is enough to finally get Impeachment hearings front & center.


Ah-yup!   Expect repeal of the 1st, 14th & 19th Amendments any day now!  No more pesky protestors, greatly reduced need for expensive border wall, and put them uppity women back in the kitchen where they belong!!   Yee-HAW!!!


Given Ttrump’s history of using distraction almost on a daily basis this probably was a “Wag the Dog” action. The US was not attacked. There was no urgency to respond and it hasn’t been definitely established that it was Assad who used chemical weapons. And it isn’t clear how bombing an airfield is an appropriate response. Trump is being investigated by the FBI, the Senate, and the House. And, Democrats keep calling for an independent investigation. Also, Democrats keep calling for Trump to release his tax returns. It likely these investigations will turn up more things that Trump does not want the public to know about. Will the cover-up unravel? Certainly some missile strikes will help to keep people’s minds focused on something other than investigations into Trump’s connections to Russia.


What a coincidence.

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Surely you have noticed that Clinton and other war mongering Democrats support this right? There will be calls for “authorization” of course, but now they will love their Commander and Chief. It’s all about WMD and babies!

You think any powerful Democrats of Clinton’s ilk care whether or not conclusive evidence exists pinning Assad to the attack?

And no I didn’t just offer a defense of Assad.


hey, thanks for rectifying that!

White House petition
for Trump to release tax records
(million + and counting)


So, testosterone is now on 100-day, manly display by Tweety Bird. Putin and the Russians were provided with warning to get out of the way. The Syrians had hours to clear most aircraft from the tossed Tomahawks, and the runway is apparently operational. Nine planes at the Sharyat airbase ‘may’ have been lost to 59 cruise missiles. At a cost of around $100 Million ‘maybe’ nine abandoned planes were destroyed. Raytheon/McDonnell Douglas will be ecstatic, as will the producers and distributors of American motor fuel.

For more than a quarter, gas prices have budged little. Now, holders of Exxon, Koch, Shell, Marathon and related stocks can enjoy some immediate gains as pump prices offer opportunity for a ‘surge’ justification. Americans will pay coming and going. The mil/ind/cabal will have support for its extra billions in Defense Budget futures, and non-white visitors/escapees/refugees can be refused refuge in the US due to increased ‘terrorist’ reaction to our Potus assertion of ‘concern’ for children recently frozen from our borders by Administrative fiat.

SADly, I feel less safe, less proud, less brave, less wealthy, and less secure. Perhaps the oligarchs of Trump’s Cabinet feel a little manlier, somewhat more righteous, and many dollars richer. That, perhaps, is the NEW American ‘way’.


Great Article thanks

here was my response to the strikes on @joanrussow

In bombing Syria, Trump perpetuates the US disregard for the rule of international law
http://pejnews.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=10715:in-bombing-syria-trump-perpetuates-the-us-disregard-for-the-rule-of-international-law&catid=104:i-peace-news&Itemid=204 … … #Syria

In bombing Syria, Trump perpetuates the US disregard for the rule of international law


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Does anyone realize that this strike cost us between $25m and $100m. Thereare surely other things we could spend that money on.


The problem isn’t that Trump and his ilk can resort to a wag-the-dog strategy, it’s that it always works so well.

Hilary has her pom-poms out, Kissinger is basking in elder statesman glory, McCain has the next targets lined up, and the MSM is decrying the horrors of gas attacks while ignoring the horror of drone attacks. Mission accomplished, all hastily arranged with Russia and Syria beforehand to minimize the damage.

In the meantime, Assad remains the least terrible choice for leadership in Syria at present, which is sad but. What’s even sadder is the guarantee that in a conflict with no good choices, you can expect desperate politicians to make some choice anyway, and snicker as the dependably gullible public eats it up.


At 3:00 this morning I had a momentary flash of…WTF, What if this is all a hoax… So I call my brother up in the middle of the night and say, “This sounds like a conspiracy theory but hear me out. There were no surface to air missiles launched, even though they knew the attack was coming. The airfield had no relative value to the Russians. The warning was given with plenty of time to get important equipment and personnel out. Etc. I think this was a ruse to deflect from the problems that Trump is having… and that Putin was involved in the plan.” I get a text today around 2pm from my brother telling me that news organization are starting to talk about this possibility. What I thought was crazy, could end up to be one of the biggest cons the world has ever seen.


I get your point about “dependably gullible public”, but systematic propaganda whose deliverable is manufactured consent is definitely worth mention.


Despite my previous comment I think this was a good response. The question is what will the Russians do? If they attack we will take their jets down in a much larger strike. Russia doesn’t have the financial resources to start losing jets. The attack was away from a lot of third party civilians. We have to figure out what we do to resolve the problem before we have another very expensive immoral war. A bully like Trump never thinks about the consequences of what he does. Maybe his cabinet does. I think the result will be a divided Syria- probably the only peaceful step now.

“Drown the Dimwit” “Dump the Demagogue” “Dump the Donald” would make great bumper stickers but placing them on one’s car would incite his hard-core supporters to either break the windows, flatten the tires, or just remove their AR15 from the gun rack in their jacked-up trash-heap pick-up truck and open fire.

This brute-in-chief must be stopped before we all become cinders.


So what does international law say about saron gas attacks on children.
Did you see Haley’s comments before the United Nations?
Further the Russian were supposed to assure that there would be no more gas attacks by Syria. What is the right response when they didn’t do it?